Must View Video | Florida’s Fraudclosure Fighters Edwards and Clarkson Discuss Firings from Bondi’s Office

The U.S. Department of Justice has been asked to investigate the termination of two lawyers from the Florida Attorney General’s office. They had played a key role in fighting foreclosure fraud in Florida. Investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is On the Case.


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  1. Jim Bethea says:

    It seems as though some that have posted on this subject feel as though there are no hopes left???

    This is exactly how were all have been trained to think and this is normal, however, there are many options. The first being that if you feel that your constitutional rights have been violated by ANY sworn officers of the court, then you can file for impeachment ~ To do this you DO NOT go through the state Bar as they will tell you to do ~ You file your complaint with your state legislature and with the federal legislature ~~

    This complaint would be properly formed and would be simple and direct ~ no need to go on and on about this and that ~ YOU FEEL THAT _______________ A SWORN OFFICER OF MY STATE OF _________ HAS VIOLATED MY STATE AND FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS FOR THE FOLLOWINIG REASONS TO WIT: ________________________________________ [be brief and to the point ~ don’t include any possibles or maybes ~ this will only provide subject matter that will give them ammunition to dismss this – dismiss that ]

    You will also Demand a copy of a CURRENT / UP TO DATE SWORN DOCUMENT OATH OF OFFICE for the one that violated your rights [bet you they cannot produce a current one w/o forging one]

    So if anyone here has lost their property to foreclosure, this is not the end of the road for you ~~~ You can always file a New Complaint for Fraud [forget the foreclosure appeal idea] ~ fraud is always free of time limitations against the banksters ~~~ in this Complaint you will show how they have illegally stolen your property ~ how they have promoted fraud upon the courts ~ [I could give you a list as long as my arm] ~ and for your damages ~ you have actual damages [the cost of your property/ monies spend to relocate/ medical if you have documentary evidence since the foreclosure actions first started ~ and ask for Treble Damages [3 times the total of all damages] plus what the jury will award you ~~~~ [always be sure to include AND WHAT THE JURY WILL AWARD YOU [ if you ask for a certain limited amount and the jury awards you a hundred million dollars, then the judge will limit the award to just what you have asked for ~ leave it for the jury and do not limit yourself ~~ IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT ~

    Even if you think it is the end of the road ~ It really is the start of a new beginning ~ the banks are scared to death ~ the Fed Res is very scared that Ron Paul is going to get his abolishment wish completed ~~ and the judges are realizing that they are being watched and could lose their retirements ~~


    • Jim….Thanks so much for your words….they may soften the burdens so many hold within. I myself am not in foreclosure (never a mortgage) but I am fighting the good fight right along with everyone….I have baby grandchildren, the youngest 2 months old…and I will fight for them as they are always in my mind. I want them to grow up in America…the land of the free. But the fight is also for the country that has been taken down….but we are not flatten yet. AND WE WON’T BE IF EVERYONE FIGHTS THE FIGHT.

  2. J. Alonzo says:

    Its seems our country has become so corrupt that they no longer hide so much what the are doing.
    Bondi is a criminal just like any other and should be investigated and charged . Her orders came from the top and she followed willingly. If banks and our AG are allowed to commit fraud then why should the people be held accountable when they are raped and pillaged by law enforcement for committing smaller crimes. This country is at a stand still and We The People need to take it back from Corrupt Republicans and Democrats who only play us to the tune of their Fiddle. Vote for Ron Paul for President. Lets get real change!

    • Correct you are….the truth is out in the open….we just can’t sit back any longer…something has to start…the doors of the prison need to be opened…except for death row..there is no crimes in prison to match up to what has been done already and what is planned for the future will be the end….there are no laws…there is no justice…there is no government…the whole criminal fraudulent sham is here and now…we must stand for the sake of our country and our lives,,,,it has gotten to that point….I am sorry to say but this country cannot wait for any election….our fight is NOW….this is what has to be done….there will be no tomorrows if we don’t stand and fight for freedom today.

  3. LVLawman says:

    As a former federal Special Agent I can tell you how it’s controlled:

    If you are investigating a political figure, celebrity or well known business personality, it is immediately classified as a “Sensitive Investigation” that requires weekly detailed reporting on the progess of the case to, not your district US Attorney, but the Justice Department in Washington, DC.

    Now when they decide it’s one of “their guys” they don’t want investigated or prosecuted, when they see you’re on the right tract a getting close they simply order the case transferred to the National Office where it is never heard of again.

    This is how the political class controls the supposedly politically neutral law enforcers of this country. Just what Biondi did, but in a much more subtle and unaccountable way. Just like to Banking industry settlement that both the Dems and Repubs are trying to ram through. Only they got the NY and my NV AG gumming up the works with their separate real investigations that they won’t ket go of.

    That’s how it works. It’s just done more smoothly than the hamfisted way Barbi Biondi did it. Well look at her role model, Rick Scott……………………………another subtle guy.

    • lvent says:

      LV Lawman, Did you hear the FBI shut down GIBSON guitars for using wood imported from India? The CEO of Gibson was speaking out on RT NEWS yesterday and he said GIBSON employs thousands of Americans on our soil and he said the FBI shutdown is costing GIBSON massive amounts of money…He said GIBSON is doing the same thing many other guitar co.’s are doing and he does not know why they have been targeted by the FBI for over two years now……He also said if the FBI doesn’t lay off of them GIBSON may have to move out of AMERICA TO INDIA OR SOMETHING!!!!! WOW, THIS IS DESPICABLE…THE CEO SAYS HE THINKS THIS IS POLITICAL…… SO, THAT BEGS THE QUESTION, WHO PUT THE FBI UP TO THIS AND WHY????? How many large companies are still manufacturing in the U.S. and creating jobs for the American people? This is just awful!! Disgraceful!! It is not the FBI that I blame….Where did these orders come from? That is the question……

      • lvent says:

        No criminal prosecutions for Wall Street and why? Maybe because someone has the FBI busy shutting down AMERICAN COMPANY Gibson Guitars for B.S…I am going to try and post this you tube video, if it does not post please you tube search USA GIBSON GUITARS: RT INTERVIEW:

      • lvent says:

        Gotta watch this important video folks…Alex Jones says it like it is, Obama is nothing more than a teleprompter reading puppet….!!!

      • lvent says:


      • I vent…it had to come from Holder and the DOJ…they too may have orders from behind… come from those running this whole massive crime…..all are following those who are hidding…it may have come from the UN….the NWO…did you have a chance to read what I sent you? On that it explains how it has worked in the United States…with the Zionists calling the shots….with our government….they have an organization right here in America……..

      • lvent says:

        I didn’t get what you sent me Marilyn….Where did you post it? Rome is calling the shots….they are the UN. Ron Paul said years ago that the U.S. GOVERNMENT needs to remove itself from its U.N. membership….Bloomberg reporting that the U.S. banking system might go down and even the Federal Reserve.. Max Keiser said it best, they are suicide banksters and they blow up nations economies and then they die….Time for our own currency……There is alot of deception out there Marilyn but we are cutting throught the fog slowly but surely…We need to expose and rout out who our real enemies are from the inside and the outside and remove them and take back our hijacked country and hijacked homes and wealth…

      • I vent…right now I am so busy…but I will look where I posted it….at this point I may have put it on my grocery list…FRIG…my body and brain is in overdrive right now…LOL But I will later tonight re-post it or at least tell you…It is about the Zionists intervening with Congress on various issues…they have an American Zionist Organization in America…and apparently congress goes by their command….which orders are given by the ‘ the owners ‘…..we know all the orders are given by ‘ the head of the snake ‘…and the rest are the body and tail that follows the head….and you know what happens when parts of the snake is removed………………………..Thanks for keeping all of us informed…YOU are a blessing….

  4. Jim Bethea says:

    I am glad to see that these issues are coming out into the mainstream or awareness ~

    What does bother me is that Holder is asked to investigate the “behind the curtains” firing of these two ladies ~ Especially when he has done everything in his power to help the crooked banks who created this massive fraud in the first place?????

    This FL Atty Gen Bondi did not take this action via her own thoughts ~ she is definitely being controlled by outside sources much larger than herself ~

    The comment that she makes in this video about these ladies acting “too enforceful” against the parties that were being investigated came several weeks after these girls were fired and only after thousands of people were demanded the the head Atty Gen of their state provide a valid explaination of her questionable actions??

    With their sudden un-announced & unexpected firing along with a “lock-out of their office and supporting docuemtns” smells a bit fishy and fraudulent ~ hee hee

    These illegal cartels like the Federal Reserve have long tennacles that reach out control & silence their fraud ~~ It’s time to put a stop to all of their ongoing theft ~

    These victims of illegal forclosures LOST THEIR HOMES ~ FAMILIES UP-ROOTED AND DIS-ORIENTED ~ while these crooked lawyers used illegal documents & their judge buddies to steal their homes ~

    Were this hell is a thing called Due Process of Law these days??? These attorneys who promoted “fraud upon the courts” in using fraudulent and perjured documents should be disbarred and sent to JAIL w/o passing GO ~ And when Bondi is forced to admit that she and her powerful office was used by these criminals to commit even more fraud; then she should go to the JAIL as well ~~~

    • lvent says:

      Jim, from the looks of todays headlines, all of their mortgage fraud is going to cost them their lives..Max Keiser has a name for it, SUICIDE BANKING…..THEY BLOW UP ECONOMIES AND THEN THEY ALL DIE……Bloomberg reported today that even the Fed Reserve could be dying……They thought their counterfeiting ring could go on forever and they would never get caught…..they took this way too far and the ruling elite just got way too greedy….THEY NOW WANT_ EVERYTHING_ FOR _THEMSELVES_ AND NOTHING FOR ANYBODY ELSE…..DESPICABLE.

      • I vent…It is so hard for me and others to comprehend what is blocking others from seeing what is actually happening? What will it take to soak into their brains…this massive criminal deliberate crime of what has been allowed to form and spread the cancer in this country…..Yes..Bondi needs to be flung off the cliff…but that is where their brain stops…they see nothing of the ruins of our country….our freedom, our rights…let’s just sit and figure out why nothing is being done to Bondi. OMG…I need a stiff drink and I don’t even drink…….

    • Jim…everything is not the same anymore…everything has been taken from us…this is why this ponzi scheme is just part of it….everything will be and is now.. THEIR LAWS….doing right will be wrong….you see they turned all rights into all wrongs when it comes to us…that is why we have no courts ….we have no government…we have no protection…Pam Bondi and the 2 women is just a drop in the bucket…nothing will be done…to them…. Bondi followed their orders..and we are wrong to fight it..that is the way these sick monsters think….that is why there has been no arrest of the banksters…investigations are just to go thru the motions….they plan to continue their crap of take over…and the people still have not hit the streets…nothing.

      • lvent says:

        And of course, Fight the good fight!!!! That is what they hate……They hate fighters, they feed off of fear and victimization…..that is their sick power trip!!!

    • lvent says:

      Marilyn, I do think America is waking up….Just about everyone now knows what these crooks did….Most important we have to know who are real enemies are and we have to have alot faith and stick together. The truth movement is winning and it will set us free from this rotten tyranny….Violence and war is never the answer…just knowledge….that is the key….! Know your enemies…!!

  5. John Anderson says:

    Eric Holder will get around to investigating Pam Bondi, just as soon as he gets through KSMs trial.
    You see my friends the way it works is you don’t investigate things that you already know the answer too, ” and if you don’t want the answers/results revealed to the public ” and you don’t have a trial where sensitive national defense information might be disclosed. Or some smart lawyer might just ask some embarrassing questions. This is why KSM has been held without trial for 9 years, and has been interrogated via water boarding, seeing his son’s arrested, who also await trial, and phycological torture has been applied, as to no other human on earth, to the point he is no longer capable of defending himself. Soon they will claim he’s to old, or he will be shot trying to escape.
    I know of no other democracy in the history of the world, that has held someone so long without trial. It is a crime against humanity, and a smoking gun of government evasiveness of a real investigation into the event of 9/11.
    So as you read peoples accounts of their struggle to get a fair hearing on there foreclosure, their disbelief of the massive fraud committed by the Banks, Wall Street, the rating agencies, and other players in this scam, and the shock of discovering that no evidence has been collected by our 50 State Attorneys Investigation, into robo signing and document fraud, A/K/A ‘ The Bank Fraud Concealment And Forgiveness Commission ” and any thought of our government and courts following the law, and enforcing the rules and regulations, evaporates.

    The event of 9/11, the two wars based on lies, and the economic crisis of 2008, are all tied together at the waist.
    I believe that the same group of people who are responsible for this is the same group that killed Kennedy, the last real President.
    President Eisenhower in the final days of his presidency warned the public of the danger of the Military Industrial Complex, that was then, and is now owned and controlled by the Banks.

    Look at Dwight D. Eisenhower’s exit speech on Jan.17,1961. Warning us of the military industrial complex.


    • Antipodeus says:

      BTW — Eisenhower actually wanted to use the phrase “MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-CONGRESSIONAL COMPLEX”. But he was ‘persuaded’ that perhaps that would be ‘a letter too far’. I can’t imagine why.

  6. 2 Pirates Over 40 says:

    This happens to the the top 2 assit. Ag’s , yet when the Cullaro’s get caught with their hands in the cookie jar…. nothing happened to them from Bill McCullom… double edge sword…..

    • Understand….the forces that have attacked us… their beliefs are… wrong is right and right is wrong..just as they believe black is white and white is black. The picture is there for everyone to see…Bondi is nothing compared to what is happening to this country right now….it is a take over of all of us…a take over of America…there will be no America IF THE PEOPLE DO NOT STAND AND HIT THE STREETS TO FIGHT THE FIGHT…OTHERWISE WE ARE ALL DONE FOR….THIS GOES BEYOND THE BONDI ISSUES…THIS INVOLVES OUR COUNTRY….FEMA CAMPS AWAIT YOU AND EVERYONE…
      You must look outside the box……

  7. chunga says:

    This scandal needs to be made national news. Bondi and Scott must be removed from office. Today.

    • neidermeyer says:

      I agree 100% with Chunga , I supported Scott based on his campaign promises but it’s clear he hasn’t distanced himself from the “Pay to Play” lifestyle. Pam Bondi needn’t resign , the investigation will nullify her efforts to a great degree and I for one will enjoy seeing her twist in the wind.

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