Announcement Re: MERS® InvestorID Mortgage Loan Transfer Notice Service

Announcement Re: MERS® InvestorID Mortgage Loan Transfer Notice Service


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  1. eif says:

    RE: ” I told the judge there is fraud in the latest fraudclosure filing and tried to show it to him… and he told me show it to my attorney…. ”

    eif comment: (save your home attorneys are few.


    Hi lvent, I don’t post often because I am not sure about the off-shore plot thing and other theories of social causation and effect – but I do read your posts and appreciate your accounts of events and experiences. I’ve had very similar happenings; like some others here I feel hopeless at this point but do admire your “fire in the belly” (a high energy stance, which helps encourage and sustain others).

    I have a rising concern that the ones making money no matter who prevails (and of course this is likely to be claimant lenders or servicers) is the lawyers, the specialized foreclosing law firms who merely by filing suits make their money and throwing in exhibits (while the borrowers are denied anything in writing on which to frame exhibits to argue their side from) . As long as its clubby and monetarily/politically profitable, I see little hope. And their own clients – fear them too.

    Your thoughts?

    Thank you,

    • lvent says:

      Hi eif..I agree that pretty much everything is a rigged game and may I add, not in our favor…I went to my County recorders office a few months ago to do some more digging and was telling the clerk about all of the mortgage fraud.. He was really kind to me and told me to file a complaint downtown about it. He then went to print out copies for me of my fraudulent recordings and asked me how was I going to pay.. I said check and he said now you know if you bounce this check you will owe me your house….I laughed….Before I left he told me to come back and let him know how this all works out for you because I am all for the underdog… See what I mean?…He even went as far as to say,The U.S. Government is allowing this to be done to all of us……As for the offshore stuff and all of the NWO crapola..proof points to this giant conspiracy to overthrow America as being abslolutely true unfortunately…George Bush Sr., the Pope and many others have spoke about the New World Ordrer publicly. You can you tube search the words NEW WORLD ORDER and hear it come right out of all of their horses ass mouths.The ruling elite want a worldwide, one world Communist dictatorship..but no one else does…Bottom line with all of it….this is going to take all of us to stand up for our rights….and our freedom because the politicians are all a bunch of traitors…So far the only ones I see being defended at all here are the investors and the attitude of the U.S. GOVERNMENT just seems to be PISS ON MAINSTREET…..Only if we allow it….This is very sneaky strategic class warfare by the ruling elite and they are trying to sneak in this commie NWO dictatorship..first it is socialism….then communism comes next…. This was all well planned by a bunch of greedy rich bastards who think only their lives have any value…..and we should all be peasants and own nothing but debt….a nation of renters…Wake Up America…I believe this is the final wake up call for America….before these sick bastards actually all out steal our country..Good Luck to you eif…maybe we will meet up at a rally someday soon to fight for our Constitutional Rights…and restore our democracy….God Bless..

      • Fury says:

        ivent, i’m more a skeptic than a believer in conspiracies but i ran across this
        when i couldn’t get one of your links to load.

        maybe it all has been about the banking cartel and the members of the cartel making money from wars.

        this sounds convincing to me. i had not heard about the flares nor the 3 rich bankers
        being against the FED:

        this is why it is so important for us to fight the stealing of our homes and savings. it
        points out the importance of the role of each state AG.

        if our country is to survive, we must as everyday people stand up for justice
        and get control back over our lives.

        if you lose your property, everything else starts falling away. you lose every right.

  2. lvent says:

    Great pic….very true…MERS is a cyber sham, a fake and a fraud………MERS was put there to do nothing more than to help the Ponzi Schemers cover up for more mortgage fraud….

    • Fury says:

      plus, MERS was set up with no assets so you can’t sue MERS for money damages.

      the banks intentionally did this as part of their ponzi scheme.

  3. Tim Bryant says:

    I guess the 2009 Act had an unwritten 2-yr limitation.

  4. Ron Moss says:

    A pretender robber, As in my case.

  5. housemanrob says:

    Expose MERS for what it is……..s straw company and pretender lender hideout!

  6. Tim Bryant says:

    Another program with no accountability. Fraud is the new norm in the mortgage industry.

    • lvent says:

      Right Tim.. They never lent us any money…we did not get a check at closing…fraudulent inducements and fraudulent placements everywhere..THE TRUTH IS..what we really did was lend them our signature to gamble off of after they set us up to fail and now they want to try and then come back to steal our homes and businesses……..If they can’t get away with stealing our homes and businesses, then they want to make all of us a nation of lifetime renters..They never thought they would get caught, now…they must be forced to. rescind all of the fraudulent inducements…….clear title back to the homeowners…return all of the stolen homes…..with monetary restitution….for the Biggest Ponzi Scheme Swindle and Heist of our wealth in history…40 TRILLION in COLLATERAL FRAUD BACKED BY ZERO…UP TO 10 MORTGAGES CREATED OFF OF EACH PIECE OF OUR PROPERTY IN AMERICA….UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR…AND THEY ALL MADE HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OFF OF ALL OF OUR SIGNATURES…… AND THEY STILL HAD TO STEAL OUR WEALTH AND OUR HOMES……..DESPICABLE GREED…..UNBELIEVABLY EVIL….!!!!

      • Tim Bryant says:

        As long as the government turns the other cheek, I consider it state-sponsored terrorism.

      • lvent says:

        I agree Tim….I have felt that way ever since the unfair dealing and deceptive practices in my loan mod debacle..My pretender lender told me I was denied at the last minute for the loan mod by the U.S. TREASURY….After getting nowhere with the Ill States Attorneys office who told me to call the State AG’s office who told me to file a complaint but FRAUD IS HARD TO PROVE BECA– USE YOU HAVE TO PROVE INTENT TO DO PERMANENT HARM…..(.UH, HELLO,?)…So then I called the FBI who told me that the loan mod fail was the fault of the GSE’s….to call them and complain, they are the GSE’s….Fannie Mae told me Uh, we can’t do anything with the servicers…..It has been like one giant nauseating rollercoaster ride ever since……

      • lvent says:

        In court last week I found more foreclosure fraud in their latest filing…..they removed the allonge page and stamped over all of the fraud from the original filing…..I told the judge there is fraud in the latest fraudclosure filing and tried to show it to him… and he told me show it to my attorney….WOW, REALLY JUDGE?

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