Propaganda | Time for Deal on Banks’ Misconduct Since there were “Hardly any Victims”

Time for Deal on Banks’ Misconduct

IT’S BEEN months since the nation learned that some of America’s biggest banks engaged in dubious practices regarding loan modifications and foreclosures, including the now notorious “robo-signing” of what were supposed to be individually vetted documents. Yet in all that time, no one has produced evidence that large numbers of homeowners who were current on their mortgages were cast out of their homes because of bank misconduct. This looks like a case of spectacular wrongdoing with hardly any victims.

How do you handle a situation like that? For the 50 state attorneys general, the answer was: Use the specter of legal liability, however vague, to extract concessions from the banks. The banks, meanwhile, would prefer to make the whole embarrassing mess go away if they can do so for less than it would cost to litigate the principle of “no harm, no foul.”

And so the attorneys general — backed by the Obama administration — have been working on a settlement that would grant the banks legal immunity in return for reforms in their mortgage business and a large amount of cash to bail out underwater homeowners. The number under discussion reportedly is $20 billion from 14 large banks.

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  1. Tim Bryant says:

    My post in response…

    This is absolute propoganda, by an author who is so far out of touch with the crimes committed by the banks. There are many, many victims. The public land records have been so totally destroyed, nearly 90% of homes true ownership is in doubt. That should be ignored? Many defaulters stopped paying their mortgages when they discovered that they never truly had the title transferred. Why would anyone pay a mortgage on a house they could never outright own, without a clouded title? I, for one, have been victimized by this practice. I did nothing wrong. The banks used MERS as their scheme for their fraudulent practices, and now I have to take them to court just to prove I have a claim to legal title. Yeah, no victims….do alot more research before you start shilling for the banks again.
    Today 9/6/2011 2:40:41 PM EDT

  2. abc says:

    Who wrote this in the Washington Post? Begins with “By Editorial, Published: September 5.” I looked at three other articles and they were all “By Editorial.” Eventually I found an article that someone was willing to put a name to, something any journalist ought to do.

    “Yet in all that time, no one has produced evidence that large numbers of homeowners who were current on their mortgages were cast out of their homes because of bank misconduct. This looks like a case of spectacular wrongdoing with hardly any victims.” Big lie, the taxpayer has been forced to bailout the banks and Fannie/Freddie so far. The evidence regarding improper and fraudulent transfers of mortgages is hidden behind trust law and bank refusal to disclose – that is the whole point and we don’t yet know the extent of the victims because the mortgage transfers are hidden. Only investors that pool together and own a high percentage of a trust can force the trustees to let them look at the details of mortgage performance and transfers in and out of the trust. The problem is the investor can only look at chain of title in and out of the one specific trust they own. In most cases we know of, there was a complicated path of mortgage transfers before mortgages made it into a final trust (certainly some mortgages never made it into the trust properly). Only our government has authority to look into the entire chain of transfers to tell if a pattern of fraud occurred. Unfortunately, the attempted State Attorney General compromise has not bothered with an in depth investigation as the New York AG has made clear.

  3. lvent says:

    This is the direct result when 4 entities own and control everything by theft…They stole the worlds gold and natural resources and issue the world economy, counterfeit currency and counterfeit debt……..Time to uncover …..who the owners are and we will find…..the direct link is to the SMOM/VATICAN/JESUITS…they own and control all of these via the World Bank via many proxies…like Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, The central banks….this is their website…Read the Supreme Conveyance of All Property…….in section 4….of the Pactum De Singularis Caellum…..They “think” they are the TRUSTEE of everthing in the world….including ALL OF US….THIS LINK IS TO THE SOCIETY OF ONE HEAVEN, ALSO KNOW AS THE SOCIETY OF JESUS, THE JESUITS……
    and this is the link for the global currency..they are planning on blaming Capitalism for all of the worlds ills when they designed and manufactured this global financial crisis….GOOGLE; Trust Reg. 940100-000000-000000 which will take you to link of the Global Union Reserve Bank….This is why the had their perps dump all of our FAKE MORTGAGE DEBT IN A GLOBAL POOL….SECURITIZATION IS A SHAM, A FRAUD, A MIND GAME…..THEY DON’T OWN OUR SHIT….THEY DECEIVE AND THEN THEY STEAL, THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE EVER DONE THROUGHOUT HISTORY………SPREAD THE WORD….

  4. Tee says:


    Its sickening how the government wants to help these banks find a way to get off the hook. As soon as this settlement initiates, the banks with the very next breath are going to be off and running full speed doing the same things and counting on gov for for backing while the gov counts all their new found money. So where does this leave the people who lost homes or are upside down or have no equity left to live life. Where does this leave all the county registrars who are sweeping up a huge mess these arrogant pigs have created? Will the gov help the people caught up in hardship with the settlement monies? I’d like to think so.

    • lvent says:

      The only fair and just settlement for Homeowners caught up in this fraudclosure mess is full loan recissions with clear title back to the homeowner…..and all of the stolen homes given back to the people with monetary restitution….The homeowners are the innocent victims of this Global Scam by the ruling elite….Make Wall Street pay out of all of their ill gotten gains they have hidden away in overseas bankster accounts…..they don’t own our homes and I don’t give a damn what the Ruling elite claim they own….that is all a lie and a sham….This is all about Global Communism….by the ruling elite…and if WE THE PEOPLE don’t expose the truth about what this is all about and stop agreeing to what this tyranny has planned for mankind….life on this planet will be intolerable for all….

  5. housemanrob says:

    PROPAGANDA…..a little truth and more outrageous lies………all foreclosures must be halted….and the banksters held responsible! Don’t pay or support the big banks!

  6. CaitlinO says:

    The Washington Post is not a newspaper, it’s a corrupt tool of the banksters and corporate fraudsters who are using the government as a open season license to loot.

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