Her Bank Got Enough Help When It Was in Trouble. She Didn’t

Her Bank Got Enough Help When It Was in Trouble. She Didn’t

For those who live in the alternate universe that is New York outside of Manhattan, brownstone Brooklyn and assorted upper-income offshoots, Mimi Pierre Johnson’s story is depressingly familiar.

She and her husband bought their four-bedroom home in Elmont, on Long Island, for $413,000 in 2005. Then the recession blew in. Her husband lost his construction job, her real estate work slowed and their boiler wheezed and died. Their once-reasonable mortgage resembled a forbidding mountain.

She dialed her bank, JPMorgan Chase, seeking a lifeline. The bank gave her a temporary modification, but then canceled it. It lost her documents. It did not return her calls. Late fees and lawyer bills piled up. “I’m a Realtor; I know I’m doomed,” Ms. Johnson said. “But I want to say to Chase, ‘Hello!? The government gave you a bailout to help people like me.’ ”

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  1. pamelag says:

    Geithner gave the gang banksters 16$ TRILLION. it is in the GAO report (March?) sounds like our debt? $16 trillion!@#$%^! Gave.

  2. Well, Ms. Johnson isn’t alone, millions are in the same boat…and it is about ready to sink… if the people don’t unite and stand up for this country and demand Washington to either step up to the plate or get the hell out. Washington allowed this deliberate crime to be done starting years back and those now in Washington knew what was going to happen…the CONgress and Obama. Obama is the spokesperson for the NWO. At least she, Ms. Johnson, has an Attorney General who has stuck to his word and is fighting for the people of New York….she should live in Florida…our AG sides with the banksters..DON”T YOU MS. BONDI?
    So George W. Bush and Obama spent more than $1 trillion in TAXPAYERS MONEY to bail out the largest banks and corporations…according to the article. Did they ask the taxpayers if they could do this with our money? HELL NO…Rather gutzy I would say. They actually gave the criminals our money to save their rear ends …which was a lie to begin with. They did not need a bailout….If they did need money they should have gotten it from the IMF or World Bank….not from the very ones they were stealing the homes from…Is this not backasswards or what??? Nothing was a mistake in the mortgages…it was all planned…..premediated…they got caught …they are criminals…all from the top down.
    We need to end the FEDERAL RESERVE….this has to go now….their money is worth nothing….never has been worth anything….this money was a scam…counterfeit…..just as the mortgages were a scam….but where they were so greedy and dumb….our mortgages are paid ….and the banks owe the homeowners every cent we paid in the housepayments…..every cent……So eat that banks….
    So Ms. Johnson needs to jump in with the rest of us and fight the fight …she will not win alone…it will take the whole country to fight these whores…..they have committed every crime in the book….our book..not theirs.

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