Music Video | This Old House – Tomorrow Morning the Man from the Bank is Gonna Come and Take it All Away…

This Old House by Sister Ray


h/t talktotennessee

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  1. Wayne says:

    I believe President Kennedy was our last true president, I believe Johnson (Texan) killed President Kennedy or at the very least had a hand in it. Only through his actions after the assassination do I believe this to be true and the actions President Kennedy took in the way of signing a bill into law as not to borrow money from the Federal Reserve and not to go to war in Vietnam. Then came Nixon (California) with doing away with the gold standard and allowing the Federal Reserve to continue to fraud the American People. The came Ford who just happened to be in charge of the Investigation of the Assassination of President Kennedy along with President “ol man” Bush. Then came Carter who couldn’t posibly handle the Nixon mess which threw the country in a termoil with the debt from the Vietnam War. (Sound familiar) Then came Reagan (California) the man who sold the soul of America to foreign Countries, shutting down the steel mills, the copper mines, not listening to Olly North about a man called Bin Laden and then trying to convict Col. North in the Contra Scandal. Not to mention the Savings and Loan Fraud along with the land inflation of the farmers then deflation which in the 80ty’s a lot of farmers went bankrupt and lost the farms. (Sound familiar) Let’s skip Clinton … electronic age, fast moving with no oversight and 401K’s climbing upward and deficit going down then the BJ bomb. … Now comes the other bush … Kinda a makes me wonder what the twin towers were hiding inside … how much information was destroyed on that fatal day inside those towers. Two wars, weapons of no mass destruction, diverted attention from Bin Laden and the story goes the bond between the Bush’s and the Bin Laden Family. Ahhh then the Federal Reserve comes back into play along with the big banks to large to fail …… Is it me and does this just smell fishy. Lack of oversight, creation of MERS, Federal Reserve, Banks allowed to be created all over the country and into other countries which made them Too Big To Fail …… Wars we could not possibly fund and where are the wings and engine of the plane that hit the pentagon? Lord help us all …. We, the blind sheep of America … OPEN YOUR EYES and EARS and Smell it for yourself ….. ! This was a brief .. Don’t ask me for all the details … I don’t have enough room and time. This is not conspiracy at all ….. I just don’t understand why more people aren’t up in arms over all of this … or is it , if we don’t mess with it, it will all just go away and everthing will be just fine. mmmmmm That’s what he thought till the cancer killed him.

    • Wayne…Not everyone but most on here has been bitching of all what you just said….I know I have…We have talked till we are turning blue in the face….Everything has added up to today…from years back…..back before WW11….All the wars were fake wars…even WW11…both sides were financed by the same club….all wars are and were a money making scheme for the rich sicko’s….all wars put countries in debt…weakened them…than the rich took what was left to take….this country has never been attacked by an enemy country….yet this country has been in all the wars up front….with England trailing in the background…and the cost of all wars has been on America…wars for no reason…the war debt is on the taxpayer……taxes we pay to the IRS..who is nothing but a collection agent for the Federal Reserve who own the IRS…We have learned that all Presidents and Vice Pres…were and are for the NWO…this was hidden from the people…. Washington is corrupt…all of Washington….the Clintons both are NWO…the Bush’s..Daddy and Son…and Grandpa Prescot Bush…the Nazi lover…lived in Germany..Obama has many bosses…From the UN to Rome…brags of the NWO…and the rest of his crooked friends running this country…none are for the people…none are for America…this Wayne..has all been talked about and even more has been said…..It really does no good to keep repeating it….what we must do now is end the Federal Reserve…coin our own currency…drop the membership in the United Nations….the UN is the NWO. The past history helps to understand where this massive fraud and takeover started, who is involved, who is the enemy, BUT now this country better all stand and fight the fight….even those who rent, own with mortgages and homes paid for…WE ARE ALL IN THIS FIGHT TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY…OUR FREEDOM…OUR LIVES….We need to start somewhere doing something otherwise we are doomed….the clock is ticking……

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn and Wayne……Defeating the NWO is like dismantling the staging for a rock concert…….quick but efficient…….and most of all….piece by piece. First and foremost? Educating the masses and taking off the horse blinkers!

      • Rob……EDUCATING THE MASSES ….is the hardest part…..I have relatives who just don’t get it….like it’s something I imagine…..I stopped even talking about it when they are around. I know they see the mess this country is in….but it stops there. It’s like water on a duck’s stays on the surface and doesn’t sink in…Now I am talking of people who have gone thru college and have jobs….they have not felt nothing what people are going through and the media doesn’t help either. I fully understand fast, efficient and piece by piece…..but some would not even understand that. It sounds to much like work to them.

  2. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    Thanks for posting this;it’ll be passed on…says it all…

  3. talktotennessee says:

    Bravo! This says it all, doesn’t it?

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Whoever listens to this and does not feel pain and sorrow is sadly……ignorant!

    • lvent says:

      talktotennessee, I watched this last night after you posted it here and it is very moving……Satan and his cohorts have no soul….they love to see us all suffer…They hate everyone and everything good in the world….Family values to them are meaningless…they would just as soon see all of our family lives broken up and our homes stolen by these criminals and that includes Obama…..They are not human at all……You can look into their eyes, Obama, Geithner and Bernanke, the MSM and all of the politiicians for the most part have no souls or they sold them off a long time ago..I can see now that Obama has an axe to grind, a real hatred for America for whatever reason……..He has a globalist agenda and is not for democracy or America at all…..How else could he allow the criminals to get away with all of this??????……..This is WW III that has been waged on all of us by the NEW WORLD HORDER and it started on 9/11….This is a beautiful rendition of this song and I apprecate this post but these bastards just don’t give a damn about any of us….If we all died tomorrown they would not be happer…..

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