HUD: 101-Year-Old Texana Hollis Can Go Home and She Can Stay there for the Rest of Her Life

HUD will give home back to evicted 101-year-old Detroit woman Texana Hollis

DETROIT (WXYZ) – There’s been a positive development in the story of Texana Hollis, the 101-year-old woman evicted from her home . She will now get her southwest Detroit home back after a heartbreaking ordeal.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD asked a 36th District Court Officer  to go to the home and cut off the locks that were  put on the house on Monday. Texana will now be able to return to her house on Carbondale.

The 101-year-old is, however, currently in the hospital. She was rushed by ambulance to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit on Monday night. She was suffering from severe anxiety after being evicted from the home she had lived in for 58 years.

Earlier on Wednesday, Call for Action reporter Bill Spencer began digging for information in this case. He talked with Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnne Watson, who promised she would do whatever she could to help Texana.

Watson visited Texana in the hospital, knelt by her bed and prayed with her. Watson then went to talk directly to the Detroit Director of HUD, the agency that took posession of the home.

Action News also found out the background on what really happened and why Texana and her son Warren Hollis were evicted from their home.

At first, it was thought that Texana’s son had signed a reverse mortgage on the house or that maybe it was a back-taxes issue.

It turns out that Warren took out a second mortgage on the home in return for $32,000. He claims the money was spent on repairs for the house. He also admits to buying a car with the money and donating some of the money to his church.

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    I VENT…THAT HUD CONTRACT…….that sounds like the same contract people were complaining about in the modifying set up…maybe worded some what different……did it ask for your blood type too????? Tell me…on the total amount reduced the lawyer got 20% of that ..right? So you would have to pay him that when completed ??..on top of all the rest? Was the 750.00 retainer paid monthly also? If that was monthly he could take forever getting to the end……this is a scam all the way around…. This just is so far out….I just can’t imagine this happening in this country…’s a nightmare……when does the revolution start ????????????
    When is anything going to start? This just can’t keep going on….they are stalling and dragging this out to wear the people down….that is a joke….they are pissing the people off MORE….anger turns people in rioting…..that is why Obama does not bring all the military he said he would in all his frigen lying campaign…..they would be on the sides of the families…..I didn’t vote for this criminal…not a man of honor…a man of TREASON……what were the people thinking when the hand prints and writting was all over the walls……Course I must say the other choice was not much better either….it was a fake campaign..period.

  2. qny81 says:

    How does HUD own the home? FHA never insures loans on 2nd mortgages, they only insure loans in first place position. The facts are unclear – something worse may be uncovered.

    • lvent says:

      This is just more sneaky business by the criminal Oligarchy..They want to see what they can get away with….this is going on nationwide…no one is safe from them….There are no consumer protections at all…..I heard some politicians say on MSNBC last night that Obama did something to yet again relax and weaken the rules on Wall Street…Obama and his entire administration should be forced to resign…immediately…..they are all in on this evil plan for Global Tyranny…..Here is another story that the MSM is covering up and this article should definitely raise some eyebrows about Obama, Geithner and George Soros..The implications here are huge considering George Soros was a huge contributor to the Obama campaign…….there are many traitors hiding from within….
      Uh-oh Nazi Collaborator & Profiteer George Soros Makes A Billion Bucks Betting on U.S. Downgrade:

      • lvent says:

        I goofed up typing that link…I will repost because it is very important that the truth gets out about all of these schemes and scams:

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Ivent – thanks for the site address. I read the article…hmmmm! It looks like a lot of speculation though of it being Soros (not to say that he’s not the Nazi behind Obama) but according to the article they don’t have any real link tying to Soros but I’m sure that “investigation” being done will root out all of the evil, right? hahahaha. Isn’t he the one that Obama more-or-less lent American $$$$ to for a venture down in South America?

      • lvent says:

        So true Bobbi….. no one will probably ever try to prove any of them were involved. Another cyberscam no doubt…. I don’t doubt it is true though. I read on a blog that alot of politicians have gotten filthy stinking rich since the engineered economic collapse and there is a list of them and Obama’s on that list…. Like the UBS thing today where 2 billion dollars disappeared, POOF! and there was another scandal breaking last night about the Obama administration helping get an enormous loan approved to some green company who makes solar panels and now they are suddenly bankrupt! They have quieted it down today but I heard that scandal could last up to next years election… There is so much fraud it looks like they can’t keep up with the lies and the cover-ups…

      • I vent…that was also on another site a few days back….and it did mention Soros….I know I was taught not to assume…but this time I did assume and I would say it was him…I never did trust him long before now….he has been known for quite a spell.

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, I agree, some real sneaky stuff must have been going on to raise someones suspicion….There is still a ton of stealing and wealth transferring going on…These people truly are despicable and way out of control. George Carlin said they want more for themselves and less for everybody else….It is more like they want it all for themselves and nothing for anybody else….they throw us the bill for all of their crimes and some crumbs..Like Obama’s jobs plan….here peasants, here are a few jobs to fight for….Why are the American people letting them get away with it?.The NWO rang America up with 40 trillion in fraudulently induced debt with their perps, the GSE’s and Wall Street…They STOLE the U.S. TAXPAYERS credit card and committed massive fraud in our names and left all of us holding the empty bag of goods…Now they want us to pay for their crimes with everything we worked for our whole lives including our homes and businesses….that WE THE PEOPLE fully funded and paid for….They never lent us any money, never had any skin in the game and got rich off of our backs, rang us up with 40 trillion in unsustainable debt, collapsed the stock market because they could not keep up with all of their fraudulently created debt, stole our wealth, hid it all in offshore accounts, extorted the bailouts, sent our money to their criminal friends around the globe, gave themselves huge bonuses, got QE 1 & 2,…..and still kept stealing homes they do not own and they still are….! Between 9/11 and all of this the American People should be going freaking nuts by now.

      • BOBBI…..In the link I posted on here…it tells about the Brazil oil….Soros and Obama….10 BILLION guaranteed….for drilling in Brazil….read it….it will send the blood boiling….it did mine.

      • I vent…that solar company got over 500 MILLION in loans…not that long ago…and filed bankruptcy….

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        WHOA! Check this out: This is on those grants by Obama that he made available in July 2010:

        “Russell Kanjorski, the vice president for marketing at Abound Solar, was one of the principals in another energy company in northeast Pennsylvania, called Cornerstone Technologies LLC, which attracted $9 million in federal grants before it halted operations in 2003 and later filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As reported by the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, “Cornerstone reported $14,100 in assets compared with $1.34 million in debt” in its bankruptcy filing. The $9 million in federal grants to Cornerstone were earmarked by Kanjorski’s uncle, Representative Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania, chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance and Government Sponsored Enterprises.”

        “It is also worth noting that Nobel Laureate and former vice president Al Gore, who has accumulated a substantial fortune in the course of campaigning against global warming while investing in alternative energy and lecturing on the subject, has lent his name and support to Abengoa Solar and the parent company, Abengoa. The Spanish company’s stock jumped in November 2007 when an investment fund headed by Gore announced it was acquiring a stake in the company. (Abengoa also owns a biofuels business that is aligned in various ventures with BP, “the world’s first green petroleum company,” as it used to boast.)”

      • lvent says:

        Bobbi, I heard about this…This is a huge scandal….I heard this scandal will be going all the way into the next election….It looks like the media has toned it down already thought since the story broke the other day…….They are all robbing the people blind and trying to force all of us to pay for it that is for sure…!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      You are right qny81. I’m thinking maybe it was a HECM mortgage (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) maybe? That is a HUD/FHA program under the Reverse Mortgage program. All home equity loans are considered ‘2nd mortgages’ even if there’s never a first there….if it’s not a HECM then your question would definitely raise some questions. A lot of unanswered here….hmmmm!

      • CaitlinO says:

        What’s saddest about this story is that the turmoil has landed the poor old dear in the hospital. Once our older folks are disoriented like that, it seems like they often start fading fast. I hope that she is able to recover and that the news that she can go back to her home helps her re-gain her independence. I’d hate to see yet another lender with blood on its hands.

  3. lvent says:

    She can stay in the home for the rest of her life? But she does not own it right? This is commie crap…..this borders on Totalitarianism….This is a disgrace that in the United States of America anyone should lose their home for what amounts to a fraudulently created and fraudulently induced debt..I had a screaming match with the Illiinois AG’s office yesterday, I called and spoke to a woman from the mortgage fraud division and asked her why the attorneys for the banks are still being allowed to come into a court of law with fraud…I told her there is fraud all over my foreclosre……She said you signed a mortgage…. and I said they forged my signature and there is fraud all over the place so NO I did not sign..She said you did not sign a mortgage? I said I did not agree for them to commit massive fraud in my name so NO, legally I did not sign…..Then the exchange became heated….I told her any act of fraud in a legal contract nullifies the legal contract. I asked her to explain to me how is it in courtrooms across the United States Of America someone can say you owe them money and without having to show proof they lent you any money….which they clearly did not, they can then take a persons home? I told her that now there are attorneys who claim they will help homeowners and they are working for HUD….DOES THAT NOT CREATE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST BETWEEN THE ATTORNEY AND THE CLIENT WHEN THE ATTORNEY WILL GAIN FROM GETTING A LOAN MOD OR A LOAN WRITEDOWN FROM THE HOMEOWNER FOR THE PRETENDER LENDER WHO COMMITTED MASSIVE FRAUD IN OUR NAMES????…..AND NOT ONLY ARE THESE LAWYERS FLAT OUT LYING TO PEOPLE..FALSELY REPRESENTING THEMSELVES AS WORKING FOR HOMEOWNERS WHEN THEY CLEARLY ARE NOT…..ISN’T THIS MORE UNFAIR DEALING AND DECEPTIVE PRACTICES….. ???? She told me to file a complaint…. I then proceeded to call the IDFPR whose number is 217-785-0800 who told me they have many complaints against Fisher & Shapiro and PHH right now and to file a complaint with the AARDP against the attorney 1800-826-0625..and to file a complaint with the IDFPR as well….I then called the Ill States attorney’s office who told me to file a police report…. The real culprits in the here and now are the judges who should be ashamed of themselves in this country….At the end of the day…the judges are the gatekeepers of the property rights of the people in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…Their loyalties are not with their country or countrymen and that is treason…..

    • qny81 says:

      You must sue them in Federal court. They have no standing to foreclose (holder in due course of the note) and they have to prove damages by showing an account and ledger sheet where they gave you the money and now they are short that money.

      • lvent says:

        Thanks qny81…..I am working on it…first I have to find an attorney who will get me out of fraudclosure court……That alone is like navigating a mine field…..The judge wants me to get an attorney….and that my friend is a set up…to force us to negotiate with the pretender lenders….The attorney tells you yeah, we are going to sue them and this and that and then they turn around and hand you a HUD CONTRACT TO SIGN.. WHICH STATES THAT YOU WILL NOT EVER GO AFTER THE CRIMINALS FOR THEIR CRIMES AND WE WILL TRY TO GET YOU INTO A LOAN MOD OR A PRINCIPLE WRITE DOWN..THIS IS NOT ONLY EVIL BUT IS AS UNDERHANDED AND AS SNEAKY AS THE PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST ..FOR ME, THIS IS NO LONGER ABOUT SAVING A HO– USE, THIS IS ABOUT JUSTICE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…….

    • Katheryn says:


      I also alleged that in my complaint. Isn’t that contract law 101? I don’t get it. I state in my complaint and attached a copy of my note, that it state A lent me money with a secured interest. Unbeknownest to me, I later learn that my note was launched into securityville before I even left the table with the ORIGINAL note going who knows where and the mortgage going in another unknown black void to wherever. I further maintained that I had no knowledge that unknown people or entities would be making as much as three times and more on my loan which I find unconscionable and never would have taking the loan. I worded it much more professionally in my complaint but you know what I mean. I don’t know how any basic law of contracts would not make it at least, a voidable contract. I also was able to demonstrate with support docs that this bifurcated the note from the mortgage. It’s just all sickening. You are right Ivent, it is an EVIL EMPIRE.

      • lvent says:

        Katheryn, yes, this is a Global tyranny that is trying very hard to take over the world with many lies and deceptions…They steal, what they have no legal right to take and that is all they ever do. They have used many deceptive and evil tricks to get their evil work accomplished and they still are… one is stopping them. They have many agents that they put in place that are trying to stop all of us from getting to them. It is up to all of us to fight this. They want to tire us out…we have to be really strong and try and stay focused. They hate fighters, they love cowards..It is up to all of us to come together to fight the good fight..

      • dcromeo says:

        I’m not going to take credit for thinking this —– as I read it somewhere else while seaching about foreclosures. If someone is going to sue you, don’t they have to show “injury”?

        So the originator (Bank A) was paid by Bank B (sponsor/seller of MBS), Bank B sells it to Bank C (depositor), Bank C puts it into a bundle (trust) and sells it to investors. Where is the INJURY to either BANK A, BANK B OR BANK C? They were ALL reimbursed + made some $ and NOW one them wants your house too?

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Kathryn & Ivent – check out this article about the mortgage contract being invalid…..from a 1968 foreclosure case (Daly vs FNB Montgomery).

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Ivent – I thought you had found an attorney that you said finally ‘gets it’. What happened? Did he bow out on you?

      • lvent says:

        Bobbi, he pulled out the HUD CONTRACT for us to sign after he thought he had us sucked in ..I will admit, I kinda knew he was to good to be true…..It is unbelievable….I called the State AG’s office yesterday and had a screaming match on the phone with some woman from the mortgage fraud department about the fraud in my foreclosure and the unfair dealing and deceptive practices by this attorney..after some more phone complaints to a few other cabal members and the run around I am again back to fighting this myself……I am not giving up though…….I am meeting with another attorney next week..they might not think what they have done is a big deal but I do, and I won’t give up.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Ivent – What is this HUD contract he wanted you to sign? It couldn’t be a modification because that would come from the attorneys representing the lender. What did this contract say?

      • housemanrob says:

        Sorry to hear that Vent? Is there any integrity in your district? (serious question)

      • lvent says:

        Bobbi, it is long but I will tell you the more scandalous parts of it…
        First there is the monthly retainer fee of $750.00 plus the $1000.00 for a loan audit which I do not have a problem with at all..but then..there is a:

        CONTINGENCY RETAINER FEE…..If ATTORNEY is able to successfully reduce the principle amount of Client’s loan, then ATTORNEY shall be entitled to a fee equaling 20% of the total amount reduced upon the mortgage(s) AND will be wholly dependent upon the financing of the coningency retainer fee AND clients approval.

        COOPERATION: Client agrees to coooperate with ATTORNEY and agents of ATTORNEY to provide all information requested that without all the necessary information, the defense procedures may be compromised. Client agrees to promptly respond to phone calls, letters and e-mails and immediately inform ATTORNEY of changes in contact information. If Client fails to COMPLY, this may be basis for ATTORNEY withdrawing the case through MOTION IN COURT….

        NO GUARANTEE: Client acknowledges that they fully understand that when an underlying HUD action and/or FORECLOSURE id eminent or is filed, the Client is making a claim for Predatory Lending and other violations, requesting lender to cure and ultimately seeking all remedies available to the client:

        CLIENTmay be able to receive a modification of the terms of the mortage and then MUST abide by the agreed modification.
        CLIENT may have the entire action dismissed, but may have to resume payment under the original obligation.
        CLIENT MAY BE ALLOWED to remain in the home for the pendency of lawsuit..
        INDEMNIFICATION; Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ATTORNEY and associates, agents, venders who may have worked on clients file..


        WAIVER: Some resulting agreements may require the Client to waive any rights to future legal action against lender with respect to the original mortgage loan and subsequent modification. CLIENT IS ENCOURAGED TO CONSULT WITH AND INDEPENDENT ATTORNEY REGARDING WAIVER OF THAT AGREEMENT IF AN AGREEMENT IS OFFERED WITH THIS LANGUAGE…

        Does he sound like an attorney who I am hiring? They tell me to get an attorney to protect myself from a WAIVER that the bank might force me to sign…..then what exactly am I hiring him for? Its a joke!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, that attorney told me the banks own the place….It is all pretty ugly but I’m not giving up. You never know when we all might start really showing up and that worries them the most. Because in reality they are the cowards who can only win by lies and deception.

      • lvent says:

        Bobbi, that article is spot on….what we are all talking about…..the whole transaction was fraudulent…they never lent us any money….and this whole Ponzi Scheme was funded by the U.S TAXPAYER…..This was and still is the biggest Ponzi Scheme swindle and heist in history…The Foreclosuregate cover-up for this is as massive as the crime itself. That attorney I was telling you about with his sneaky little HUD contract told me that we could get a principle write down for as much as half and an all new note and mortgage!!!!…….All I can say to that is WOW, really? the pretender lenders want to commit more fraud and issue an all new mortgage and note and fraudulently induce another debt that we never owed them in the first place?…..The U.S. GOVERNMENT just won’t face the fact this massive fraudulently induced debt is unsustainable…they refuse to stop kicking the can down the road and make the criminals pay…If they never did what they did, none of us would be here right now…..and that is why I refuse to agree to anything these criminals may be up to…..They want some more notes to use in another Ponzi Scheme to create many more trillions of debt with and hang all of us with later?…This is a ticking time bomb and it is going to blow…. we would all have to take out ten mortgages on our one house, to even come close to covering the debt they created FOR THEMSELVES with all of their massive collateral fraud….no thanks…my recorder of deeds office told me my house is paid for…I can live in it, sell it, or do whatever I want with it……

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Ivent – OMG! I cannot believe the wording in that contract that the (scumbag) attorney wanted you to sign!!! My God, you would be signing away ALL of your rights and for what?? Another debt on top of one that was fraudulent in the first place. No, this is not an attorney for the people; this is just another lender sidekick posing in sheep’s skin but the real ‘wolf’ that will eat you alive. The one and only time I contacted an attorney when my foreclosure started told me “why don’t you just stop making your mortgage payments and pay me the monthly amount instead” after I told him that I don’t have funds to retain an attorney and then after that he said ‘well, then you had better just take those monthly payments and sock them away somewhere to use for your future rent”. That led me to pro-se defense and both cases have been dismissed! So much for that legal smegal crap. It’s too bad you don’t have some of the Mark Stopa or Matt Weidner in your neck of the woods. Here’s hoping you’ll find a trust-worthy and decent attorney!

      • lvent says:

        Bobbi, pretty despicable right? I would rather take my chances fighting this myself…I have someone who is a real estate attorney who told me he could advise me and help me but he could not represent me…This contract is part of the reason I called the State AG’s office…..I got into a screaming match with a woman from the AG’s office the other day…..This woman from the office said well, you signed a mortgage…and I told her NO I did not, because they committed massive fraud and I did not agree to what they did…..CNBC was talking with someone today from mortgage land about the fix for all of this mess…..The guest said, they want to write down principals and maybe give us a soft note, a side note of say 50 G to pay later like when you start paying down the principle…..What? So they want to put a balloon at the end of the road and call it a soft side note? The Greed is ridiculous, they should all be in prison…..I am settling for no less than a full loan recission and clear title to my home.. Because of what they did, they owe all of us a huge debt, not vice versa…Their Ponzi Scheme allows them to steal from all of us, commit massive fraud in our names, get filthy stinking rich and make all of us pay for their crimes when it all blows up….I will not participate in that scam ever again……

      • lvent says:

        In that HUD contract the attorney asked me to sign, HUD is acting as an agent for who? None of them lent us any money….This is an illegal and unconstitutional tyranny that the U.S. Government is forcing loan mediations with banks and they are using attorneys who say they are on the side of the people to work against all of us…I am afraid we are all perilously close to Totalitarianism..This is like when the Government tried to force healthcare workers in New York City to get the swine flu shot…..Thank God they refused….they are testing all of us to see what we will fall for…..The people have to unite against these HUD loan mediations that are being forced on all of us…..I was told by an attorney that Judges in Illinois won’t grant a motion to dismiss unless you have an attorney.WHAT? THAT IS TYRANNICAL, MANIACAL AND DIABOLICAL……It looks the Judges are using attorneys to try to round us all up for the slaughter and force mediations with the very people who not only harmed us but intended to harm us….We can’t let them get away with this or we are done for….They are trying to force all of us into a paying another fraudulently induced mortgage debt that we do not owe not only because they never lent us any money but they also committed massive fraud in our names in every way shape and form imagineable…This debt is unsustainable and this is all going to implode and when that happens we will all lose our homes for sure…..This is more frightening than the last Ponzi Scheme Swindle and Heist, at least then no one was holding a gun to our heads…..THEY ARE NOW… They are intentionally setting us all up to fail again…and this time they will have another contract that they want to force you to sign that will insure that when these fraudulently induced loans fail, and they will fail, we are for sure GOING TO LOSE EVERYTHING….THIS EVIL PLAN IS GOING TO PUT ALL OF US RIGHT IN HARMS WAY AND IS BEING — USED TO PERMANENTLY DESTROY US. SPREAD THE WORD, WE NEED TO REVOLT ON THESE FORCED MEDIATIONS…THIS IS JUST EVIL AND WRONG…NO ONE IS SAFE…..

  4. chinga says:

    The judges said they followed the law to the letter. Yea, I bet they did……NOT! ALL JUDGES LIVE…AND HIDE UNDER A ROCK BECA– USE THEY ARE SO ASHAMED OF WHAT THEY DO. AND ALL FOR THE STINKIN GOVERNMENT! This is an outrage!! There should be more coverage like this of other people and their circumstances. It’s not going to get out there unless you get more of the media involved!!

  5. Jenny Dale says:

    Foreclose on Shaun Donovan. This is an absolute outrage. There are many more elderly who have not been so fortunate, who have not had any media coverage. and have been thrown on the street by a Government for and by Banksters.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      What I don’t understand and what seems to be unclear is WHO held title to the property before HUD foreclosed? If it was joint ownership by the husband and wife how did the son place a 2nd mortgage? And if so, why was the communication dealt to the son (Warren) instead of to the homeowners?

      • CaitlinO says:

        I wondered that, too. It looks like Warren may have defrauded his Mom – but how could he do that without collusion from the lender? If she was defrauded, how can she lose the home? If I borrow money against my next door neighbor’s home surely they can’t lose it if I fail to make the payments. There seem to be a few things missing from this story.

        Regardless, to leave a woman sitting in her wheelchair on the sidewalk after more than a century on this Earth is a disgrace.

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