Mark Stopa | Letter to Judge Sisco RE Delays in Foreclosure Cases

Here is Mark again with another excellent letter to the court…


Delays in Foreclosure Cases

Respectfully, I’m tired of being accused of delay, of being curtly told I have 10 days to file an Answer, of being deprived of hearings, of being threatened with sanctions, etc., only to keep seeing plaintiffs get away with delays like this.  Hence, I wrote this letter to Judge Sisco.

Mark’s post and letter can be viewed in full here…

Copy of his letter is also below…



Stopa Letter to Judge Sisco

9 Responses to “Mark Stopa | Letter to Judge Sisco RE Delays in Foreclosure Cases”
  1. qny81 says:

    Shouldn’t we rally around the courthouses to remind the judges who elect them?

  2. Katheryn says:

    I hope you’re right eif! I know what you mean about pro se. I won’t be surprised if one of these days when someone asks for my name, I slip and answer Ms. Pro Se : )

  3. judge allslop says:

    C’mon Mark did you render a sizeable contribution to this Judges future? Objection denied.

    • Katheryn says:

      I guess sizeable is open to interpretation : )

      I wish you practiced in DE, Mark! The lawyers in this state are terrified to take on the banks.

  4. eif says:

    Greetings, and

    This present post (the letter) seems to me related to a matter which has concerned me for some time, so I raise the question here – concerning a desire for a level playing field.

    Assuming Courts are supposed to “help” resolve disputes where persons cannot or do not resolve them among themselves. Therefore one would expect a balance of successful outcomes on all sides, from a neutral tribunal.

    So is it not strange that we hear of so few homeowner side successes in court, and even the few we hear of seem to involve dismissal without prejudice (without bar) to plaintiffs filing again?

    Please say how you see court functions and why cases involving one’s home should be in court in the first place given the bleak outcomes almost like foregone conclusions?

    Are foreclosure suits destined to win, and – backing up – are foreclosure lawsuits destined to be scheduled – at loan-origination time?

    Thank you, eif.

  5. Katheryn says:

    It is truly unbelievable how blatant and prejudicial the legal system is. Over the past nine months I have contacted nearly every law firm in my state, 15 of which were contacts made yesterday, trying to obtain help through legal counsel for my pro se case. The trustee says I need to get a lawyer, the court hates pro se litigants and will not utter one word that could be construed as help and as they say, “they are not there to provide help to pro se cases”. I have contacted the AG’s office four times, I have called foreclosure assistance organizations with no return calls, so really it boils down to being deprived of due process if it just get to complicated to handle on your own! The banks and fraud street have be forgiven by the politicians and legal system as well as the oval office and it’s coherts for stealing the national economy right out from under us all. This happens in third world countries where people do not have access to know what is happening and also they have little, if no, education with which to comprehend such things. This is AMERICA, we have tons of WELL EDUCATED people as well as TOO much access to everything….why have we let this happen????????????

    • eif says:

      Hi Katheryn, I was typing at the same time and only after posting see yours- wish I’d seen it before.


      We’re going through similar though not exact same situations; I read your posts where I see them; sending best wishes and interested in your thoughts,


      • Katheryn says:

        Thanks eif! I’m just so frustrated and exhausted by it all. I think I can handle it if I could just pay someone to look over my case and give a little guideance. I don’t care that much about the house but the problem is that our credit has been destroyed, we’ve lost or used over $250,000 to keep up and have no where to go. I know that there are millions like me so I don’t mean to complain. I’m a fighter but just confused to the point that I’m ready to pack it in. I wish you the best and hope that your outcome is one of the successful ones. I wish that for all the people on these sites fighting pure GREED & EVIL. Some day they will get theirs!!! Just don’t know if I’ll be around to see it and feel the delight.

      • eif says:

        Hi again thanks for responding. Here, below, is why I am hopeful though also yes feeling exhausted probably more physically than anything from the long haul …

        I believe in the next year we will (may?) see judges becoming aware that other judges (we read about some seemingly aware ones, here) will decide not to be out paced.

        They will want to be more, thought of being more, neutral in their own courts and gain this reputation.

        I feel that with a few homeowner wins with prejudice to (against) refilings – forums like this will make it known and the doors to due process will open more.

        Glad you feel the support in these fora, same here. Eif.
        (Do you sense this coming turn of events too? If we can hold on).

        P.S. Also pro se, I get envelopes with my name and underneath “Defendant Pro se” then the street name. Like that’s all are now! Being sure the postman sees it.

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