Public Records Request FROM FL AG Employees TO LPS

Public Records Request FROM FL AG employees TO LPS

Pursuant to Florida’s public records Statute Chapter 119, I am requesting any and all correspondence, letters and emails (including attachments) sent FROM any employee of the Office the Florida Attorney General, including but not limited to current, former, or former-acting Chiefs of the Economic Crimes Division, Mary Leontakianakos, Mark Hamilton or Richard Lawson TO any officer or employee of Lender Processing Services, or any attorney or law firm representing Lender Processing Services.  The time frame for this request covers the period from Jan. 1, 2011 through September 20, 2011.

Please provide this information on CD-ROM or by email in .pdf format.  Where electronic records can not be provided, please provide records in paper format.

If you refuse to provide this information, Chapter 119 requires you advise me in writing and indicate the applicable exemption to the Public Records Act. Also, please state with particularity the reasons for your decision, as required by Section 119.07(2)(a). If the exemption you are claiming only applies to a portion of the records, please delete that portion and provide photocopies of the remainder of the records, according to Section 119.07(2)(a).

I agree to pay the actual cost of duplication as defined in Section 119.07(1)(a). However, if you anticipate that in order to satisfy this request, “extensive use” of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance as defined in Section 119.07(1)(b) will be required, or if the total fee exceeds $50 dollars, please provide a written estimate and justification.

Thank you very much for your time and attention to this request.

Lisa Epstein

P.S.  I have not heard back regarding my public records request sent on August 22, 2011.


12 Responses to “Public Records Request FROM FL AG Employees TO LPS”
  1. k.b. says:

    thank you for everything you do, lisa. keep fighting the good fight!

  2. DT says:

    Your probably going to have to sue them to get any information

  3. They will just keep ignoring this request it until it will pass a status of limitations? maybe?

  4. YODE says:

    If you truly wish to exercise your Sovereignty without fear of retribution from Our Servant-government, then I suggest the use of the Intervenor’s Complaint and Common Law Demand document. The courts need to be flooded with these documents in every case where there is a bank attempting to collect an “alleged debt”.

  5. YODE says:

    If we don’t get back to Common Law Jurisdiction, we’re finished. Don’t you get it? You are playing ball on their field, using their ball, glove and bat, with them as the referree. The last time I was in Court witnessing the travesty, I watched as an attorney who had been granted a Motion to discovery in which the Court Ordered the Bank to produce documents requested by the Defendant came before thid judge for the fourth time stating that the bank had yet to perform as the Court had ordered. The lawyer for the Defendant was asking for a dismissal of the case or that the Court grant a Petition of Deuces Tecum.To which the judge responded by saying……”Well……. let’s give them another 30 days to respond…..”
    The corporations and Banksters who have bought and paid for OUR courts, Our legislators and in many cases Our law enforcement agencies have only one fear. That is the people realizing that they have the true power. This is one reason why they have attempted to place a negative connotation on the word Sovereign, unless they are referring to “Sovereign Debt”. Try to exercise your Sovereign Rights, and they will label you a “Domestic Terrorist”. So, it is okay to be a debtor, but one must not attempt to utilize any God given right which is protected by OUR Constitution of We the People. Why are the people denied access to the Grand Jury? Why are these lawyers allowed to control and restrict access to the courts? Are we not granted access to OUR courts by OUR Constitution?
    The Preamble to the Constitution does not begin with We the Judges, Lawyers, Bankers and Politicians……
    Why are the Owners of the Constitution being denied the very access it guarantees?
    Why are We the People allowing these and other acts of TREASON to continue????

  6. Moshe Leib says:

    You are not the only one Lisa, I sent my request on 7/29 and the last communication was this: This office should have a response fairly soon. Thank you for contacting us.

    Shelia R. Hall
    Public Records Request
    Office of the Attorney General
    Opinions Division
    (850) 245-0158

  7. housemanrob says:

    Folks, We live in a civilian lawless country and everybody better be prepared to go to war……or we are doomed for sure! WHAT ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN! Do you want them to have a life?

    • Rob….That is why I am fighting along with others….I have all very young grandkids…one only 3 months old…and I will fight for them and all children of this country and world…this is the most ungodly sick ‘ society ‘ that has caused all this…. the world needs to seek out these bastards from all parts of the world…..and we need to unite and make plans right here in this country…..some head for Wall Street…others need to head to Washington DC…..if they can’t get that far than head for the big banks…Courts buildings…Protest everwhere…protest at the capitols……..people not even in foreclosures are burning mad….it has turned to anger.

  8. lies says:

    lisa your amazing and i do not know what would have happened to most of us if we didnt find u and michael how would this fraud had been found? Wells fargo is cracked sending multiple letters from one department by 3 people and telling current homwowners not to pay. Continue the fight thank you

  9. xxxx says:

    Go get them Lisa
    Bravo for your ballzeee way of making these scum bags pay strict attention!!! We are so very sick of it and I know you are as your journey has been a very long one and you are still and I say again still moving. Thx 4flousre also, where would we be without U all.

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