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  1. Ron Moss says:

    Obama is the president of the new democracy they started one in Africa as I understand it not to be confused with our Republic. Ron Paul is the new president of the republic. Only Dr. Paul new what it meant.

  2. WAKE UP AMERICA says:

    Wake up America, we have been sold down the river again and again by the same kind of trusted people we elected over the years. Parties dont matter anymore they are all in bed together lining their pocket. Just found out that the people in charged gave TRILLIONS away to over seas banks owned by very rich families while Americans were put on the streets and forced into the cold with abject poverty nipping at their heals. Our founding father would never have put up with this. We need to take this country back with a non violence vote to remove all current political leaders who are in bed with the big corporations, then put all banksters in prision for a very long time. VOTE THEM ALL OUT NOW, ITS THE ONLY WAY TO FREE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE again from all the fraud and taxation without representation .

  3. Readdocs says:

    Slowly the rules are changing.

    If you are pro se, you should read the above, carefully.

  4. Someone in TV with balls !

  5. Zoe says:

    You are right, Ivent! But the concoction of the same crooks has put people in fear of not paying their mortgage payment. The concoction is that little thing we call a credit score! Another unfair birth child of the banksters, with its secret algorithms and unchangeable private information.

    If just a fraction of all American homeowners would stop paying their mortgage payment for two months, we could turn this around to where the attention is on us and what we are thinking of doing next, not on the banks and politicians and the next game they are pulling.

    BTW, thanks for turning off the caps.

    • lvent says:

      You are right Zoe…this is going to take all of us, the whole nation taking action at the same time…Matt Taibi tried to tell people last fall in his Rolling Stone article to stop paying the mortgage you are not a number, a credit score…He spoke about the tatoos in Nazi Germany…It was a great article by Matt.. People who are paying the mortgage do not get it..they do not know that mortgage money is going to our enemies…they are feeding this machine, this tyranny which is allowing them to wage this war against all of the rest of us…Keith is right, first you have to get mad……like what happened to all of us…For many, not paying the mortgage is frightening…..and the thought of living without using their credit is unthinkable! People just do not realize that no one is safe from this tyranny and that they are coming for all of us…all of our homes and property…This is a ruling elite Global Scheme/Scam…Some have called this a Hitler Plan….I still think a nationwide tax revolt is in order….Kudlow even said this a few months back….We really need to unify and exert our Constitutional Rights as one nation…..They are working hard at destroying our Constitution…what is happening with the Fraudclosures and Fraudclosuregate and to the Wall Street protestors proves that… well as what has happened to anyone trying to fight for our rights..I read Gabrielle Giffords was shot not long after she called for a moratorium on fraudclosures..You never hear any of these spineless politicians call for a Moratorium even though all of these criminals are being sued for mortgage fraud by the Foreign Investors or by the Federal Government on behalf of the Foreign Investors…Nothing has been done on behalf of homeowners at all except for AG Schneiderman and a couple of other AG’s have gone after LPS and a few servicers and attorneys with slap on the wrist fines……..Someone said that if they had the internet back during the last Great Depression, that Depression would have ended alot quicker…We have to use the tools we have to mount our defense…

  6. talktotennessee says:

    Keith is very intelligent. His anger betrays him a little but he is typically on target.
    If we lose our voice and our vote in federal government, we are the losers. This is what some would have us do. Insurance, mega pharmaceuticals, bio-chemical industry all retain consistent power and wealth. Financial institutions are sitting on massive reserves. They win even more power if they can reduce the individual’s influence and vote through federal government. If we diminish our influence in federal government, we will be rendered helpless, reduced to a minor role in controlling what government does. The result will not be reduced tax burden but loss of voice in how the federal government manages or manipulates us.
    I wish people could really see what is on the table when they spout the familiar line, “take back our country” to mean states’ rights with little tax burden. When you lose control of federal government, “we the people” have nothing left. It failed to work in the civil war and it won’t work now. We have to gain control. The South is still being duped to some extent.
    We don’t run from federal government. We control it! If we do not, we stand to lose control permanently of the banking and financial industries, Wall Street and corporations ability to buy and sell us against our will. We are doing this to ourselves now when we allow others to persuade us to give up our voice, our rights to protest, our unions, our vote, our legal access to the courts. We are only powerful collectively.

    Remember, we can fight now or later but fight we will if we are to retain our voice, our future our vote.

    • housemanrob says:

      I am angry…..who am I betraying?

    • lvent says:

      talktotennessee, If you are not pissed and don’t want to stand up for your rights and your country than you just don’t get it!….First you get screwed, then you get mad, then you find out the truth, then you get pissed…..We need more like Mr Oberman, Dylan Ratigan, Elliot Spitzer and Matt Taibi, Jesse Ventura to wake up the sheeple before we lose our country…They are stealing our country under the guise of 140 trillion in unsustainable debt Wall Street created….that is Wall Streets Debt…the ruling elite have been for 3 years now, trying to convince the American people we owe this debt..WE DO NOT OWE THAT DEBT..they have been imposing that false debt enslavement on all of us and trying to force America into bankruptcy by stealing first our wealth, then our jobs and small businesses, then our homes…They are stealing AMERICA, right out from under all of us….and THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWING IT!……What about that does not make you pissed off?

  7. Tee says:

    Awesome Mt Oberman !! Well, I do like the part about “peaceful resistance thru instantanious communication”.
    Because the minute you get to rowdy people will start getting hurt. But, I agree with a show of discontent and unhappiness with our Bank situations…we need government help and I think slowly, perhaps to slowly we are seeing a rising Tsunami that will come down on the fraudsters……but I hope its not to late.

    I agree with “STOP PAYING” !! Get a lawyer who knows how to gain leverage with the bastards, this is definitely war and we are fighting for our homes….and through this fight seeing our government show signs of not caring about the people either. Dont want anything for free, just want a fair shake, just want to live, dont want to be rich, I just want a home for myself and my family and to have a little….just enough breathing room.

    • lvent says:

      Tee, the problem is the greedy bastards don’t care about us…there are no attorneys fighting for our rights. I had an attorney tell me he could advise me but he does not want to get involved in this mess..There is alot of deception out there with the attorneys. The latest strategy is, they rope you in by telling you yes, you are right about everything, the banks never lent you any money…you can sue them for 2-3 the value of your home plus attorneys fees and then they turn around and ask you to sign a contract that states they are mediators for HUD and the banksters…..They blew their chance with me when they denied my the loan mod and then I got mad, and then I found out the truth about what they did and now I am pissed…Now I won’t negotiate with the greedy pigs…at all…Our homes are paid for free and clear and have been since the Origination Fraud…my recorders office told me this is true….they haven’t recorded a valid assignent in 19 years…..and because of that, my house is paid for…I can live in it, sell it, or do what ever I want with it….All of the rest of this is b.s. by the ruling elite owners of Wall Street….What Wall Street did was despicable…..but they are calling themselves out in court everyday with fraud in the fraudclosures and yet, no one is stopping them…the judges are trying their damndest to turn a blind eye to it…and force loan mediations with these pretender lenders….That is more fraud…..but many people do not realize, this 140 trillion in debt fraud is unsustainable…..and that we would all have to pay about 10 mortgages or more a piece to keep the WALL STREET Titanic afloat…..not only is that impossible, but why should WE THE PEOPLE pay for all of their fraud? People are waking up though and are not cooperating….I noticed today when I went down to the Cook County Court House, more and more people are fighting and filing motions…….I heard a rumor at the courthouse from a reputable source, they are going to be moving Judges around…That does not change the facts, fraud is fraud…I don’t care who the judge is, I will fight….Fighting for your home pro se is not illegal…The truth is, fighting for your home or business pro se has become the only option, because there are no attorneys or anyone else working for the people’s property rights….at least not in Chicago, It is being left up to WE THE PEOPLE to exert our Constitutional Rights…….Bottom line, this whole entire mess was created intentionally by evil men who want to own everything and everyone in the world via fraud and theft…….. Wall Street were ALLOWED TO COMMIT FRAUD AND CREATE the 140 trillion in debt by overspeculating and overleveraging….Goldman Sachs was said to be overleveraged 333;1….Fannie and Freddie: 72:1…..J.P. Morgan and Citi: 52:1.The proof is in the facts……..The banks don’t own the place, their NWO OWNERS HAVE HIJACKED THE PLACE VIA THEIR BANKS, POLITICIANS, LEGAL SYSTEM THAT THEY OWN BECA– USE THEY HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO INFILTRATE AMERICA BY A VERY MANY TRAITORS AND TREASONISTS………..They ALL deserve to go down hard…including ALL of the regulators and the politicians who allowed this….These people have not an ounce of American patriotism in their bodies….Greedy pigs, all of them….!

  8. lvent says:

    Love that!…Great Job Keith Oberman!…..What channel is he on? I never see him on TV anymore….He is right…we need actions all at the same time by all…Nationwide Tax Revolt, Mortgage Revolt..everyone stop paying…sit ins and protests….We The People can and have to do this…but it has to be indivisible… one nation….we can create chaos for them.

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