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  1. Alina Virani says:

    At 5:36 Eastern on September 28, 2011, activists have scheduled demonstrations in 70 U.S. cities and 9 international cities including the London Stock Exchange. To get information on whether there is a demonstration in your area and/or how to organize a demonstration in your area go to:

  2. Katheryn says:

    In my letter with my pleading for filing with the court; I enclosed a copy of Guidelines for the Court with Regards to Pro Se Litigants which is four pages long and offers suggestions for the judges in my state. They are not mandated to follow these guidelines but it is suggested. I told my judge that I knew he wasn’t mandated and that I was not asking for any advantage or preferential treatment; however, my analogy to him was this:

    What if you were forced to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods with no handicap and your house and life were were at stake?

    I also told him that if I was not allowed to make a correction or ask any questions at all and he rules against me based on that rather than merit, that he was taking away my rights of due process….and when you really think about it that is the truth. I know I won’t win but I will for sure get my two cents worth in.

  3. I vent…I went back on Nora C, comment and she said Federal Reserve…I read U. S. Treasury on another site. She said the Notes were destroyed and others say they were not…….I feel we are in the ball park area….but not a home run yet….all I know is my daughters second copy of the note endorsement says WITHOUT RECOURSE and back when I asked others on another site all said with recourse….and Nora was the first I have come across that says without recourse……so I may lean her way and say the Federal Reserve. I have to make a coffee and ponder over this…..I take it it is very hard to get that one endorsement….they just send another copy….which we got with a big X and no endorsement… I believe her new attorney will go for a much larger request to produce than 21+…….we will see……

    • lvent says:

      Marilyn, I think it was all the U.S TREASURY… I think there were many players and the Fed Reserve was complicate but not the main culprit here….Do you remember when I talked about how my pretender lender told me that we were denied the loan mod at the last minute by the U.S. TREASURY? That does not sound right, does it? The U.S. TREASURY ALREADY LENT THEM THE U.S. TAXPAYERS MONEY IN THE BAILOUTS RIGHT…? I told this to an attorney and the attorney said, OMG…THEY TOLD YOU THAT? I told this to the Judge in fraudclosure court and his eyes almost popped out of his head…..!!!! I believe that is because the US. TREASURY WORKED THE SAME SCAM WITH THE MORTGAGE LOANS AS WITH THE BAILOUTS…….I HAVE HAD MORE THAN ONE ATTORNEY TELL ME THAT THEY DESTROYED THE NOTES….AND THE BANKS NEVER LENT US ANY MONEY……..THE U.S. TREASURY LENT THE PRETENDER LENDERS OUR TAX MONEY…..IT WAS A PONZI SCHEME WITH TAXES AND THE MORTGAGE MONEY THE PRETENDER LENDERS GAVE THAT TO THEIR INVESTOR FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD…..THEY HAD AN UNLIMITED CREDIT LINE THANKS TO MANY TRAITORS FROM WITHIN THE U.S. TREASURY AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND RANG UP THEIR TAB TO THE TUNE OF 140 TRILLION IN COLLATERAL MORTGAGE FRAUD…..AND NOW THEY WANT TO HAND US THE BILL FOR ALL OF THEIR FRAUD…AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWING IT BECA– USE THEY WERE, I BELIEVE ONE OF THE MAIN CULPRITS HERE WHO ALLOWED IT……THEY COULD HAVE NEVER GOT AWAY WITH IT WITHOUT INSIDE HELP….IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB FOR SURE! Bloomberg reported a few months ago that the Federal Reserve collects trillions of dollars in mortgage money every month……they use that money to buy Treasuries with……They were and are all in on the Ponzi Scheme and the Foreclosuregate cover up…The original notes were destroyed right cover up for all of the fraud..All of our loans were dumped in a Global Trust owned by the World Bank…and I say to that F—THEM AND F— THAT..WE THE PEOPLE NEVER AGREED TO THAT….B.S.!!! THAT IS UNAMERICAN AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!…..I found a good article that explains all of it in a nutshell:

      America was once a land owned by the people. Now, nearly half of our land is owned by Government, International Corporations and Land Trusts….Land is being concentrated back into the hands of the elite.
      If Government controls the land, they control our lives and America will be no different than the feudal systems our Founding Fathers fled in Europe..It is for this reason Private Property rights are Central to the Constitutional principles of our nation.
      Fight the Good fight!

  4. foreclosureweary says:

    My 2 cents worth–if you are going Pro Se, learn court process, learn to watch your dockets and stay on top of the game. Get jurisdictionary to learn about court–you can probably find someone who has it and borrow it.

    I rebut everything the attorneys put into my file. I find templates of motions online or borrow from court files and work with someone who knows about court. More and more people are learning court process.

    I recently won a Motion To Dismiss–I just proved it was the wrong plaintiff. What also helped is that the bank attorney hadn’t read the complaint (admitted to the judge). Your advantage is that the bank attorneys are so used to no one fighting, they really are not prepared.

    I have never seen a Pro Se prepare for court. Most homeowners just whine to the judge about their situation. It’s court–it’s battle. Prepare like going to war!.

    • lvent says:

      right on foreclosureweary, Neil Gardner has some great videos on you tube…..he tells people to object to everything, assume nothing, make them prove everything they say….like what money is due ….the Judge does not want to hear the whining….

      • lvent says:

        foreclosureweary, I would also like to add that we are all foreclosureweary and it is completely ridiculous that in the United States of America, WE THE PEOPLE are being forced to become our own attorneys overnight…..because the LEGAL SYSTEM AND POLITICAL SYSTEMS ARE THIS CORRUPT AND — USELESS……Studying how to become a pro se defendant is easier said than done….How many people find themselves in foreclosure “thinking” they can hire an attorney to fight for them and they come to find out at the last minute….there are no such attorneys…..This is all wrong….there should have been a moratorium on fraudclosures a long time ago…..The playing field is a land mine and that is not only wrong but unconstitutional….I had an attorney tell me that real estate law has become soo complicated over the last 30 years that pro se defendants do not have a chance fighting a fraudclosure complaint……..If you find yourself defenseless you are better off filing a motion to dismiss pro se on the basis of the foreclosure fraud, which is undeniable and not hard for a pro se defendant to prove….I was also told to not even bother answering the fraudclosure complaint….because then you are admitting to the court there is a dispute over this debt and the burden is on the defendant…At the end of the day, real estate law is incredibly complex and they know it and you are not going to win….I had an attorney tell me with or without a lawyer, the chances of winning by fighting a foreclosure complaint are the same as winning the lottery……I say go after the foreclosure fraud… is obvious and easy to prove….

  5. lies is all they tell says:

    @ i vent remember my own cousin will not take my case and fight these baysterds. even though i explained to her “they told me not to pay” i asked for the info in writing. they refused. i was denied the hamp after they moved my file, losing paper work. denying this all to the OCC, all so devistated. what they all forgot these are not just homes but the kids that occupy them go to school.

    • lvent says:

      lies is all they tell, maybe your cousin can advise you how to fight this yourself….I had an attorney tell me that with or without an attorney your chances of winning are the same as winning the lottery…Maybe we all need to deed our homes to each others relatives and, set, match……I heard from my Uncle this is what they did during the last Great Depression….we need to create some chaos for them… one nation….they can’t throw the whole country in prison….what good would that do them…then they could not collect anymore tax money or interest money off anyone….with no more debt slaves, they lose..

      • lies is all they tell says:

        well what happened i was working my oss off driving 75 miles to and from work. hearing gun shots in th background in tampa when i would pull off the side of the road to rest. then i tried 12 hours at the psyche hospital no need to elaborate there. i now work at the college. problem they do not pay but they pay for my health insurance. so i am in a dilema . as a nurse i chose a profession that after 45 is extremely hard to keep up. my husband can not find a job afetr 1oo’s of applications a unemployment is pickins. i pay essentials. so sad had 789 credit score. tried to get food stamps but when yout ry to call for you phone appt no one answers so then you are denied. such a scam. this is a sad time in my life . my husband is so depressed. he wont even clean, take out garbage or fold clothes. at least when i worked 12 hour shifts on my day off i cleaned up. i dont get mad anymore i just put the dishes on top, wash my clothes pick out mine, and pack the garbabge in. he needs to get off is oss and go to school for air conditioning or appliances do not know how to get to do this. i feel like i am the one getting punished.

      • Katheryn says:

        This kind of thing puts tremendous stress on people and the stress all and of itself can destroy families and couples. I know since I have been fighting these “satans from hell” I get sick far more often because the stress is taking its toll on my immune system. Your husband needs to get medication to help with his depression. My husband and I don’t ever fight but sometimes I am so frustrated that I go into a screaming fit over nothing and without realizing it; I’m taking it out on him. We have been together 33 years so we will always talk it through because we need to depend on each other. I hope that you can get your hubby to get some help because I know how awful it must be for you to feel alone. All we can do is to try to stay strong and do the best we can. God Bless!

      • lvent says:

        lies is all they tell, My sister and her husband have been looking for jobs for over 2 years now…no luck…they are fighting an illegal and unconstitutional Chase eviction, they never had a day in court, in the state of Ill. which is a Judicial state…..and they were told to sign their property rights away to Chase at a title company…. this all happened last fall, the day before the moratorium on fraudclosures….. they have been living on Chase food stamps….with no other income…I don’t know how they are doing it…there are alot of people that are hurting and it is all wrong….hang in there. I know it is not easy but we have to. We can’t let these bastards win or who will make them pay for what they have done?

      • lvent says:

        lies is all they tell….We can’t let them make us turn on each other…that is what they want. They want us to kill each other or get divorced that is what they do, divide and conquer. When I get down I think, it could always be alot worse…alot of people have it alot worse….don’t let them make you ill…

  6. J. Alonzo says:

    Going prose is always worse. If you have no choice then it’s way better than nothing. Very few judges will feel sorry for you and think. Oh poor thing they are going prose. Once you lawyer up with just a half ass lawyer the Banksters back Off some what. Your case is put on the pile of the complicated ones. Prose is a joke to the Banksters attorneys. If you do nothing then you wil get totally rail roaded. Hire an attorney as of right now! Don’t wait another minute. Folks that hire an attorney with in the first twenty days of service have huge advantage for discovery and dismissal. Lawyer up!

    • lvent says:

      There are absolutely no attorneys in Illinois that are not working for the Federal Government…An attorney told me these bank lawyers are silk stocking attorneys….they are put there because they think most of us are a soft kill…most don’t fight the fraudclosure….the judges are forcing loan mediations with the pretender lenders without them showing proof they own our loan…THAT IS ILLEGAL….This massive collateral debt fraud created SOLELY BY WALL STREET is UNSUSTAINABLE and that was INTENTIONAL…THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD MAKE US BELIEVE WE THE PEOPLE DID THIS….THAT IS A BIG LIE and there is no way this massive 140 trillion dollar collateral fraud debt Wall Street created can be sustained, no matter how many fraudulently induced loans they create or how many homes they are allowed to steal…..Their whole global scheme/scam is going down in flames……..the people cannot pay for WALL STREETS CRIMES…and NO ONE is falling for their lies anymore…that we owe this debt..THAT IS WALL STREETS DEBT, THEY WERE ALLOWED TO CREATE IT OUT OF THIN AIR WITH NOTHING TO BACK IT UP……THEY THOUGHT WE WOULD LAY DOWN FOR THIS….AND THEY COULD TAKE OVER OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY WITH EASE…THEY THOUGHT WE WOULD FALL FOR ALL OF IT……NOW THEY ARE FINDING OUT WE AREN’T DRINKING THE NWO KOOL-AID ANYMORE….THEY CAN ONLY GET AWAY WITH WHAT WE ALLOW THEM TO GET AWAY WITH……

    • Katheryn says:

      So what do you do when there is not an attorney in your state that is not in favor of the banks and will not help you even when you are willing to pay? I am sure that even if I got any old attorney willing to take my money, they would not know even as much as I do about the subject. What they have over me is the procedure and which motions to file for what. The legal technical stuff. My thoughts are that we need a place, on the web, where we can get together with all of our individual cases. If we all post our individual questions to each other, and/or share what motions, or legal theories have worked, we can help each other fight each of our cases through the courts. I know the issue with “can’t give legal advice”, however we’ll call it a game…the game of “beat the banks”, or whatever. Just a thought.

    • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

      Yes, they thought I was joking. The judge didn’t take me seriously either. I lost on Summary Judgment. Then I filed an appeal. The appellate court agreed with me and vacated the lower courts Summary decision. In the process I may have informed the appellate court in regard to the criminal acts the banks are engaged in as a regular business model, of the unethical behavior of the foreclosure mill attorneys, and also of the haste and bias the lower courts typically engage in. I certainly hope I did.

      Since the opinion in my case was issued (which was really a case of first impression) there has been one other similar opinion on similar issues and arguments. It is taking a long time to establish this new case law. So few cases are defended. So few of the cases defended are defended well. So few cases have properly preserved error upon which the appellate level courts can rule. So few appeals, even when the above are in place, are actually filed. And so few appeals are handled well.

      Yep, there are a whole lot of hurdles that have to be overcome just to present an appellate court THE CHANCE to rule in accordance with rule, facts and law.

  7. Wayne says:

    For 2 days now,, when opening my mail these sites are blank. I end up coping and pasting the web site and I am getting this through my search engine. All of a sudden this started. I wonder what is going on???? I have done nothing to upset my setting yet they come up blank after I open it up.

    One can only imagine.

  8. Little Miss Sunshine says:


  9. Katheryn says:

    Michael Moore was on Piers Morgan and Joy Bahear (sp?) last night. At least he got to talk about fraud street and corporation so that more people understand that their tax dollars were stolen by the crooks. I sent a bunch of letters out today. Sent the 5th to my AG and told him that since he won’t even acknowledge that I have contacted his office five times and he is probably throwing my correspondence straight into the trash, I would continue to send him stuff. By the time I’m done, I ‘ll probably end up with a police escort removing my person right out of the state. I even sent a package to Eric Holder since he is the chief AG of the justice dept. I told him I wrote him because he is the CHIEF of the Justice and I’m not finding any Justice in my neck of the woods!

    • Home Ward says:

      In Moore’s film, “Capitalism, A Love Story” an opening scene is of a caravan of squad cars coming to evict a family. Chilling, and realistic, Most politicians are equally subservient to financial institutions, most would not dare offend the owner ruler class especially since they pay for their campaigns! These events on Wall Street are a festival of monitoring by state power, truly unprecedented with today’s technology. Violent round ups and crackdowns are based on formula, pure and simple. Are things that much out of our control?

      • Katheryn says:

        After watching how a few police officers handled (mishandled) a couple of protestors, it makes you wonder that if there were really huge protests if they would start killing people. One officer was shown walking over to a female who was doing nothing wrong, he pushed toward the tape line, pulled out pepper spray and shot this female right in the eyes then turned and walked away before she even knew what happened….it was all on tape and absolutely unprovoked. A couple of other officers pushed a male down on the ground, and again it was unwarranted, then shoved his head into the bumper of a car. The whole scene was a bit surreal. Very very frightening. I’m afraid when masses of people have really had enough of this pigish greed and corruption, there will be a lot of loss of life.

      • lvent says:

        Katheryn, I believe you are right..there will no doubt be some more really uncalled for nasty things going on…..that is what they do to try and keep us in fear of exerting our Constitutional Rights…Everything they do is a test to see what we will allow..I heard on RT news that the cops who are acting this way are the the higher ranking ones…most of the cops are in agreement with the people and are friendly to the people….many of the cops are also in fraudclosure…..I remember seeing a program on History International about the Holocaust, the Nazis said the Jews allowed their own slaughter because they acted like cowards and allowed this to happen to themselves…..Eric Holder already stated we are a nation of cowards…..We cannot allow them to get away with anymore and we have to demand the criminals be held accountable or what comes next no one will want to live under that……

      • lvent says:

        The only County Sheriff so far to stick up for our rights and halt all evictions is Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County, Il…He even appeared on CNN a few months to stick up for Homeowners property rights and spoke worldwide about the fraud in the foreclosure docs….Sheriff Dart said he cannot in good conscience throw a family out of their home with all of this fraud going on in the foreclosure docs….I know the Cook County Sheriffs Dept. is doing their own foreclosure fraud investigations..More and more reputable people are speaking out against fraudclosure who have nothing to gain from this…..they love the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, democracy and the rights afforded us by The U.S. Constitution and the US. BILL OF RIGHTS as well as they RESPECT THE LAWS OF THE LAND, OUR LAND…..

    • CaitlinO says:

      Michael Moore rocks. I just bought two more copies of his book, supporting local Michigan bookstores and businesses in the process, not the big book chains.

  10. lvent says:


  11. lvent says:

    RT news and the ALYONA SHOW had a 15 minute segment today about #OCCUPY WALL STREET….Alyona ripped the MSM for there non-reporting and everyone should support RT…..RT NEWS is the only real news…..!!!
    Check out the latest Keiser Report:

    • lvent says:

      Alyona Show on RT news also reported that 80% of AMERICANS are FED UP with the entire Government, and fully realize the real culprits here are the PLUTOCRATS…THE RULING ELITE..THANK GOD,…AMERICA IS WAKING UP!!!!!!!!

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent…..talked to lawyers today….dismissal denied (BIG SURPRISE)…..hearing set for december….pretender lender still must supply discovery….I don’t like it. It is so crooked in palm beach county……I may be looking for a new home…To all out there and what I told the lawyers is that it is about the fight for morality….not about money or what I want…… I am committed to all of you patriots out there and will fight until the end….and then if I must find a new home I will still be hear to fight on! God bless you all.

      • lvent says:

        Rob….that is awful…just awful! What reason did they use for the Motion to Dismiss? I hate to say it but I don’t trust any attorneys, at all…Remember that attorney I told you about I “thought” was so great? He said he was affiliated with Ice Legal down in Florida and a fan of Neil Gardner..I have talked to alot of attorneys and they are all the same……I am going it pro se…I am not going to pay these bastards to throw me under the bus…..Were you in court that day when this happened? I don’t trust these attorneys….I went to the County Courthouse yesterday and rumor has it they are going to be moving the judges around….I saw ALOT of people filing pro se motions yesterday….I want a judge to tell me to my face, not through an attorney….If I do lose, I am doing what Marcy Kaptur says, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME….THEY DO NOT HAVE THE NOTES UP ON WALL STREET…..IF YOUR ATTORNEY CAN’T PUT HIS FINGER ON THE NOTE….THEY DO NOT HAVE THE NOTE…..I have already pictured in my head, all of us shooting out of our front doors at them…This is going to get alot uglier Rob…..and I don’t think any of us are going anywhere…..An attorney did tell me that the judges are now allowing copies of notes in fraudclosures…..I want to see them try it……If they have the Original, than why is the copy of the note in the fraudclosure complaint not endorsed? I would object and make a stink about everything Rob…….don’t trust the attorneys… time you get a chance to file a motion, lose the attorney and do it yourself. God bless you too, and don’t give up, that is what they want…!!!

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent, the judge just gave them the chance to present their case……8mo. after they filed it….in Dec they will still have to answer interrogatories….but, the judge doesn’t care how long it takes obviously, so it is on to the next step. Ice Legal are really a great team…..but Florida courts just do not care about homrowners!

      • housemanrob says:

        Keep your head up Vent. The times are changing fast…..just not in Florida. Not only that, but my house is 4000 sq ft. with pool and much landscaping! I live alone with my 2 dogs…… way or the other, it’s got to go anyway!

      • housemanrob says:

        Pro se is a near death sentence, don’t forget!

      • lvent says:

        I have no choice Rob, there are no atttorneys who are willing to fight for the people in my State….I have an attorney who told me he would advise me but, he is not willing to take my case and get involved in this mess,,, I read or heard somewhere that the only one who can exert you Constitutional Rights is you….the attorneys cannot do that for you……Another attorney, told me that with or without an attorney your chances of winning are the same as winning the lottery…..I REF– USE to pay an attorney to negotiate with the pretender lender who cannot prove I owe them any money…That is what the Judges want us to hire attorneys for….to force all of us to re-establish a debt we never owed ……I refuse to cooperate……unless they can prove to me I owe them any money…and they cannot…because we dont……

      • housemanrob says:


      • lvent says:

        Rob, I will stay calm and carry on my fight for clear title to my home. My Dad told me, just keep doing what you are doing, it is not illegal and they can’t throw you in jail for it…..My uncle told me back during the last Great Depression…the people were deeding their homes to their relatives for a buck……If we all do that as one nation, even with our neighbors….what are they going to do about it? Throw all of us in prison? If we can get the whole country to do that, the fraudulently induced mortgage debt will really no longer be legally enforceable……..

      • I vent….The way I understand it…. the original NOTE was endorsed when the bank deposited it (remember it is a Note ..same as money) . Lordy I hope I have this right. I will use a case such as this….at the closing the Title Co. kept a copy of all documents…the bank got the original copies…except the original mortgage that needed to be recorded……the homeowners got a copy of all documents….the bank endorses the original Note with a stamp…PAY TO THE ORDER OF……………..(blank).. ‘ WITHOUT RECOURSE ‘ .( THAT IS UNDER THE BLANK SPACE )….BANKS NAME AND SIGNATURE OF WHO STAMPED THE NOTE…..NO DATE….Now the bank deposits the Note ( same as money / cash) to the U S Treasury and the money is put into the banks account….our tax dollars paid the mortgage. (See the fraud ?) The bank has no money ‘ lent ‘…but used the Notes signature to gain the mortgage amount….now the home owner starts making payments and the bank is gaining more money……fast forward…..Now foreclosure starts and documents (copies) are included in the filing of your summons…the note and mortgage copies … they look the same as the ones at closing you already have….Now the judge flips thru them and say’s there is no proof or that documents are not included…tells the plaintiff lawyer to re-summit the correct documents…in this case I speak of….2 weeks later they file a new set…I compare the pages one by one ..both sets…on the last page of the note on the second set I see an stamped endorsement. On the first set the note has no endorsement just a big ” X ” under the note signature..covering the page at bottom….. This is what everyone needs to look for…the endorsement….” WITHOUT RECOURSE ” The good man up above must have been listening cause on the second filing they included the copy needed….without recourse…Now If you go to NEIL GARFIELDS SITE and on the right are recent posts…go to KENTUCKY AG JOIN …click and go to the comments …till you see Nora C. she has all the info you need….keep making them comply..till some peon at the bank screws up and sends the copy of the note that was deposited….that proves the bank was paid for that the beginning of their crime spree……READ HER COMMENT…keep motioning for discovery…….WITHOUT RECOURSE…..YOU GOT THEM IN COURT…..
        Now I will say the first set…the Note had 2 holes at top of from a binder folder..the holes showed dark…the second set did not have any holes ..did not come from a binder….that was the note with endorsement on it..

    • I vent…I ‘think’ the original Note was destroyed after the Treasury paid the bank in their ‘ account ‘…..may be to destroy the evidence….not sure on that….or the bank used our signatures and the deposit electronically….at this point the bank may have the originals but the endorsement would give it away…so they don’t come forth with it. Or they have copies of it cause we got the note without recourse from the bank….somewhere there are copies….that may be why some courts are allowing copies of the note. It can be a copy but it needs to have that endorsement on it….that endorsement is what you are after….

      • Rob…..I am so sorry to hear what happened in court…..Did your lawyer tell you not at appear or what? I know you had made a comment that you were not going to be there…was that soley your idea? Just wondering cause we also have a lawyer and I know you had faith and trust and so do we..BUT…one never knows what to expect if not there to hear what is being said….and understanding legal talk is another thing with us. But my heart hurts for you…if you needed to size down that is one thing……but to have your home taken by crooks and through the courts …it is so unjust….I find it so hard to believe this is actually happening….this is worse than a nightmare…a nightmare you can forget….but this….to millions of people…a massive crime…sick bastards…..the world needs to start seeking them out and blasting them between the eyes.
        Is it possible to appeal it? Did your copy of the Note have the endorsement ” without recourse ” on it? I feel like getting sick now I heard you results…..but it will not get me down…just madder…..I never thought I could hate…dislike yes, but not hate…but it has filled me with so much hate I only see anger…and that is not me….and I realize that is what the sick bastards want…they want everyone sick like they are…….And what is this they still have to answer interrogatories…what exactally is that? Rob…stay on board….we all are in this mess together…..we need each other…….

      • housemanrob says:

        Relax marilyn……..It won’t help for me to lose it. It is not the lawyers… is THE COURTS AND JUDGES! they might have dismissed because this was the 4th dismissal hearing, but the judge….the famous judge Hoy knows what is going on but will not do anything to stop it. As far as court goes, I am represented and do not have to go….I can review all testimony, docs,etc, but I won 2 pro se lawsuits in the last 2 years and I have had enough of the courts. And why would I want to go….to watch all the fun?

      • housemanrob says:

        The interrogatories are the discovery production my lawyers asked of the judge ftom plaintiff! DID SOMEONE SAY THIS WOULD BE EASY? WOULD WE BE HERE…ON THIS BLOG AND WEBSITE IF IT WAS EASY?

      • Rob…Maybe I am lost in the shuffle right now…but if it was denied…what good is the discovery now? Or do your lawyers still have a chance or what? I have been on juries but never in court for anything…this is all new to me….and of course…I certainly do not call this the Court of Justice……court of hell is more like it………I can understand you being sick of courts….so many people trying to find a lawyer and having to do it all themselves……trying to do it right…for what??….when the system is corrupt and banks do nothing but fraud? What good is doing everything right? Rob…it don’t look good…the movement is growing….and spreading I hear…

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn….Just the dismissal was denied after 8 months of no discovery answers. Now in december there will be a hearing and they will have to produce…I don’t like it because the court could and should have had to refile, pay another 1,925$ and start over again…..they said in July that they were going to dismiss all these cases. Wishful thinking, but now the action may begin…..if they provide discovery and…….the judge and courts do not screw me! Nevertheless… goes on….I pray….bankster hell awaits the guilty!

      • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

        @ Marilyn – I read Nora’s comments over on LivingLies. I am unimpressed by anyone putting forth arguments without also including some authority – statute or case law is what I prefer to see as authority.

        There are a number of unproven theories that have developed in the past few years in relation to the foreclosure crisis. Eventually I expect some of them will be articulately and well argued. In the instances where a theory has merit and is well argued then some case law will begin to develop. Only then would I consider incorporating it into a case I’m involved in.

        Establishing case law in regard to currently unproven legal theories is going to be very difficult for any pro se litigant to do. Not only is there bias against debtors, against homeowners and against pro se litigants, managing a law suit even without that bias is difficult for someone not trained in the law. Trying to establish new case law on new legal theories is even more difficult.

        There are many winning issues and strategies already available. So why make this any more difficult than it has to be?

      • lvent says:

        Rob, please do not take this wrong, I am on your side…. I just don’t trust any of the attorneys… all. They are incredibly deceptive and are very adept at what they do..I was told by that attorney who said he was affiliated with Ice Legal that if I hired him, I would not even have to go to court….I did not like that at all….then you don’t know what they are all up to in there…..There is alot of deception..How do you even know if the bank is showing up to court?…Every time I go to court half of the banks do not even show up…….I believe the real problem are the Judges and the attorneys who say they are working for the people. They are being told what to do by the Federal Government……..The banks are coming to court with OBVIOUS FRAUD IN FRAUDCLOSURES AND THEY HAVE BEEN PRACTICALLY SCREAMING TO STOPPED!!!…….and the judges are turning a blind eye to it..and I have seen Judges GET REALLY MAD AT THE BANKS ATTORNEYS FOR BEING SO OBVIOUS ABOUT THE FRAUD IN THE FRAUDCLOSURES….I KID YOU NOT ROB…..The we have the Judges forcing us to hire attorneys….SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT HERE ROB….SOMETHING STINKS WITH THE JUDGES AND THE ATTORNEYS FOR WE THE DEFENDANTS……First the Judges should be FORCING THE BANKS TO PROVE WE OWE THEM THIS DEBT…..BEFORE FORCING US TO MEDIATE WITH THE BANKSTERS, WHO ARE ALL PRETENDER LENDERS…….If you trust this law group, I would not miss another court date…Remember Rob, DO NOT TRUST, VERIFY…..

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, I hear the same thing….it was the U.S. Treasury….

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent, Can’t say I blame you…..but I know I can trust mine…..the court did not allow the plaintiff’s waver for protection from….get this……..”burdensome discovery”…so they are going to have to produce the “Pandora’s box”. I have a feeling they will postpone and postpone and………..

      • Stupendous Man…..I was making the statement of what Nora said….my daughters endorsement says one thing and others say another…I am not knocking anyones opinion as we have plenty of lawyers out there we can knock. Some people need others for difference of opinion…..My daughter had one lawyer who had a good front…after she got her high fee..she changed….Now we went to Stopa…so it is up to him to find whatever….I feel comfortable with this law firm. and let him have and use the better judgement. I myself am not in foreclosure but I fight for all the others….and case law is not my part in any lawsuit….I leave that for the other guy….like an attorney.

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn….I certainly agree with Stopa….I spoke to him first and would have hired him if he wasn’t more than 200 miles away! Good choice…really.

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