BAM! | Lawsuits Challenging Fraudclosures Up Nationwide

Lawsuits Challenging Foreclosures Up Nationwide

“Foreclosure litigation is on the rise as borrowers are increasingly challenging foreclosures because mortgagees continue to struggle proving mortgage ownership,” said Pat McManemin, a trial attorney with Washington, D.C.-based Patton Boggs, a law firm that deals with public policy and regulatory litigation. “Repurchase and secondary market litigation is also increasing as institutions fight over responsibility for substantial losses suffered by holders of these loans.”

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  1. leapfrog says:

    Excellent news. More and more people are waking up to the massive Ponzi fraud every day. May more and more keep waking up and join the fight.

  2. CaitlinO says:

    A bit OT but NY AG Eric Schneiderman sent out a nice e-mail today to his followers and supporters around the country:

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for recently contacting my office regarding the latest developments in the 50-state national settlement of the mortgage probe.

    Though I was elected to work on behalf of New Yorkers, I am pleased that in pursuit of justice my office positively impacts the lives of all Americans. To that end, I am deeply committed to pursuing a full investigation into the misconduct that led to the collapse of America’s housing market, and to seeking a resolution that gives homeowners meaningful relief, allows the housing market to begin to recover, and gets our economy moving again. Too many of our families have suffered for my office to sign onto an inadequate settlement that gives banks and others broad release from further legal action. As Attorney General, I pursue cases and settlements based on facts, so any agreement must not prevent those investigating the mortgage crisis from following the facts wherever they lead.

    Again, thank you for contacting my office. Please continue to stay engaged on this issue by contacting my Albany offices at (518) 474-7330, or by sending your comments to me on my website. You may also follow me on Twitter or Facebook.


    Eric T. Schneiderman
    New York State Attorney General

    • talktotennessee says:

      This is an encouraging response from Schneiderman. It takes courage to stand against financial industry and to ‘Washington,’ who is muted by allegiance to financial lobby. Those of you that can ‘hear,’ seek to access every blog or public venue, regardless of where you are, you can protest, get our story out as is being done here daily.
      True, This! —
      Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
      The pen is mightier than the sword!
      —-Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy
      Biblical history champions the underdog as prevailing against evil, corruption and power. The Bible champions the power in word and truth:
      “Indeed, the word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart.”

      Keep fighting with the ‘pen,’ the word, etc. We have such great access! Everyone can subscribe to the Washington Post, NY Times, and many, many blogs and news media outlets in US and abroad, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Post comments ‘free’ designed to shape opinion and get ‘truth’ out.
      Fraudclosure Fraud is one good example! There are many.

  3. John says:

    Get a lawyer. Pay them out of what you are awarded. Many are doing this today since homeowners are winning in court. Not like before. The situation is changing so fast, no one of us individuals can keep up. Lawyers have access to info we do not. Call several until you get one. Many will turn you down and discourage you but in most cases they are hooked up with a lender in some way but they won’t tell you that, at least most won’t, they will just discourage you from seeking a good peoples lawyer.
    In America a jury is still our best chance for justice.
    Every American is granted that privilege just for the reason we little people cannot afford to fight the big corporations, but a jury of folks just like us that are also getting screwed by the lenders sure evens the odds or maybe even gives you an edge not seen before against a Big Lender.
    You’ll win, just keep on!!!

    • Mary says:

      I can’t afford a lawyer. I can’t afford the bills I have now. A firend of mine has been helping me out Pro Bono. But what they are doing this time, is wrong! They have NO court order giving them approval to sell my house. The case was dismissed on Feb 3rd, 2011. They need to re-file and start from scratch.
      But, I have to go to court on Friday, alone, and fight this one. I am out of energy. I am out of fight.

    • talktotennessee says:

      The advice is good. Contact bankruptcy attorneys, many will know who is leading the fight on this front. Access local court records and discover who is representing other plaintiffs against the banks/lenders and make contact with these attorneys. Most have email access. You can file pro se if you have good advice but it is uphill against deep pockets in the industry who will knock you off on technicalities. If you have a good attorney bench trials are not bad. Judges are increasingly becoming enlightened to the scams that banks and lenders perpetrated on people. If you have solid evidence behind you, your chances may be better with a judge. Access all your records. Keep and review, Familiarize yourself with property law in your state.
      Keep up the fight until we turn this around. We are making headway in an uphill battle. Reaching the peak will provide an easier downhill run to justice. Public opinion is key to change. We have to change people’s mistaken impressions that borrowers are all deadbeats who bought too much house. Truth is challenging. Reality elusive. I see it on blogs everywhere, sometimes from young and ignorant who have no knowledge of real issues of bank predatory lending, excessive fees, fraud, forgery, deception and manipulation by banks, MERS, servicers and their foreclosure mill attorneys.

  4. Mary says:

    On August 30th I received a Notice of Hearing, for a Motion for Summary Judgement to be held on Sat. 30th.
    On September 26th, I received a letter that I was CC’d on requesting a Sale date of my home on or before October 25th, 2011. If you go online you will see my home is for sale with an October 24th date.

    My case was DISMISSED on Feb 3rd, 2011. Robo Signing was there reason, it was dismissed based on the merits.

    Suggestions? I am sinking in the creek here.

  5. Jeff Rutgeer says:

    Fight Fight Fight!! Do it ! The perps have walked: Fat Tony Mozillo, Johnson, Donilon, Summers, etc, etc, etc, etc
    Never give up!

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