Interview | Tough Questions for New CEO Bill Beckmann at Embattled MERS


Tough Questions for New CEO at Embattled MERS

As the foreclosure crisis mounted, the role MERS played in the process has come under fire from borrower advocates and regulators, ultimately leading to a consent order issued by federal regulators two weeks before Beckmann’s hiring was announced.

In an exclusive interview with BTN and American Banker affiliate Mortgage Technology magazine — his first interview with any members of the media since taking on this new role — Beckmann explains how he’s leading the effort to overcome Merscorp’s challenges and why he believes in the future of MERS.

The full interview with Beckmann appears in the September issue of Mortgage Technology magazine…

You can read the interview in full here…
(PDF File – Interview starts an page 12)


4 Responses to “Interview | Tough Questions for New CEO Bill Beckmann at Embattled MERS”
  1. CaitlinO says:

    Among all the lies, half-truths, distortions and self-rationalizations in this POS interview, the easiest one to spot is his claim that registering title transfers at the counties is a unique and unwarranted burden. Companies need to comply with local laws ALL THE TIME. States have differences in unemployment regulation, transaction taxes, environmental protection, pricing (via PUC’s), etc. His claim that MERS had some kind of right to unilaterally decide that it did not have to follow local laws is unbelievably arrogant. I also loved it when the interviewer pushed him on when MERS plans to actually begin complying with the Consent Decree and he started talking about all the PR and lobbying they’re doing.

    What an execrable slime ball Bill Beckmann is. What a detestable piece of pond scum MERS is.

  2. Steve Parkerson says:

    Why hasn’t the Justice Department seized MERS and shut down their operations?

    • leapfrog says:

      One of the commenters on this blog said that Eric Holder’s prior law firm created and vetted MERS. Is this a likely reason why no investigations are undertaken? Holder also defended powerful white collar predators/criminals as his bread and butter. Undoubtedly, there are strong ties there also.

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