Bondi Public Records Requests Received | Barry Richard of GreenbergTraurig Letter to June Clarkson RE Cash4Gold Investigation

Although this letter appears to have nothing to do with the foreclosure fraud investigation, I do find it interesting that it came from the same firm that Pimps for Banks and claimed the “World Will Come to an End Scenario” after 4th DCA Glarum Opinion…

From the Greenberg Traurig team:


The Changing Landscape of the Business Records Exception under Florida Law and its Impact on Florida Foreclosures

Fourth District Court of Appeals Holds that Loan Servicer’s Affidavit in Support of Summary Judgment Which Relies on Data from a Computer System is Inadmissible Hearsay

This decision could have broad sweeping application in the lending and loan servicing industries and affect thousands of foreclosure cases, among others, currently pending in Florida courts.


Given the current scrutiny applied by Florida trial courts construing motions for summary judgment in foreclosure cases, we believe that Glarum may be used by borrower’s counsel to delay or prolong the matter. It is likely that borrower’s counsel will use Glarum to take depositions of plaintiffs’ corporate representatives in foreclosure matters as to their record keeping procedures and, depending on the facts of the case, will argue that the affidavits of indebtedness are inadmissible hearsay.


In sum, Glarum has already garnered significant attention both at the state and national levels, because it has such broad implications with respect to the form and content of affidavits of indebtedness in pending and future cases. The Fourth District Court of Appeals has sent a strong statement that more generic affidavits currently utilized in some cases will no longer be sufficient where they do not include specific and detailed factual information regarding the compilation of the loan and payment data into a computer system. In doing so, the appellate court may have achieved the unintended result of dramatically changing the foreclosure landscape in Florida.

There is much more that is said in their “alert” such as issues that may need to be considered in the future depending upon how the decision is interpreted by trial courts which can be read in full here…

But, I digress…

The letter from Barry Richard of GreenbergTraurig Letter to June Clarkson RE the Cash4Gold Investigation is below.

My favorite quote from the letter:

“Since you have now raised this matter to a formal advasarial level, no officer or employee of my client will be made available for a statement except in a response to a subpoena and with an attorney from my firm present.”

How dare an investigator raise a matter to an adversarial level.

Guess you are suppose to coddle and hug the entities you are investigating. Wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings…

I’d bet this, along with other complaints of aggression, (from LPS) would never had been said if these two ladies were men…

Much more to come…



GreenbergTraurig Letter to June Clarkson

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  1. Andrew Spark says:

    As a former Assistant Attorney General frustrated for seven years by the lack of aggressiveness of the agency and regular kowtowing to the defense bar, my favorite quote of the letter is where he says that in 30 years of handling cases against the office, he doesn’t recall a single instance where the office issued a subpoena for a sworn statement in a case of that type.

    Thirty years of watching the Florida AG’s office sit back and accept his word and that of his clients in the course of investigations: “investigations” that are brought due to a suspicion that the company has done something worth investigating. Is that investigating?

  2. leapfrog says:

    How is that Pam Bondi recall effort going?

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