Bondi Public Records Requests Received | CONFIDENTIAL Letter from Lender Processing Services / DOCX Attorneys Baker & McKenzie to Edwards and Clarkson

Now this is a good one…

It laughed all the way through.

What makes it interesting is that the letter was from January 2011, well before the 60 Minutes Episode.

To top it off, American Home Mortgage Servicing sued Lender Processing Services (LPS) for the exact issues mentioned in the letter that they defend.

Their claims are almost ridiculous. I have parsed some out below…

From the letter…



But, but, but, Linda Green did NOT have authority to sign for MERS…

Full letter below for your enjoyment…



LPS Letter to Edwards and Clarkson

21 Responses to “Bondi Public Records Requests Received | CONFIDENTIAL Letter from Lender Processing Services / DOCX Attorneys Baker & McKenzie to Edwards and Clarkson”
  1. ForensicMortgageExaminers says:

    Take a look at her resume… it appears she’s a former Federal Prosecutor. Is anyone surprised?

    Here is her personal website, on Baker & McKenzie’s corporate website.

    Please take notice that Baker & McKenzie is a SWISS Verein! Which is described by Wiki here:

    The most important part of this “verien” thing… non US “members” cannot be touched by subpoenas from, oh say, the SEC!

    • PL says:

      I noticed that she’s a former Federal prosecutor too. GIven this background, I’m particularly disgusted that she argues robo-signing is kosher in her letter on behalf of LPS.

  2. David says:

    It is perfectly fine and OK to deligate your signing authority. It is even better to do it expressly and in writing. (I suppose rather than over the phone) It is just that the person signing it has to use their own name. Otherwise it is a forgery. Thre is no legal document that allows someone to pretend to be someone else.

  3. Jim Bethea says:

    Yeah it was “widely accepted” until all of the bank workers came forward and gave sworn testimonies that they had never seen any of these files for the alleged borrowers the court foreclosure documents had stated they had ~ They were only doing what they were told to do ~~ “Sign your name on your “Todays Stack of 3000 affidavits” ~~~ These banksters and the crooked lawyers failed to tell these employees that their affidavits were going to be used to steal everyone’s homes, while making these illegal debt collection lawyers millions per month ~~

    I see that David Stern has had to sell some of his yachts and is prossibly facing numerous charges for fraud ~~ Can’t wait for “curtain call” for all of these sinister cartel members ~~

  4. spook says:

    LPS will soon be revealed as part of the WAMU fraud???

  5. PL says:

    Amazing what spews out an attorney who merely parrots the client’s self-deluded statements. For $925 per billable hour you’d think a partner at Baker & McKenzie could engage in critical thought and tell the client that what it’s saying just doesn’t make sense; to the contrary it looks like fraud. And for all the hours an attorney is required to spend learning ethics you’d expect one to refuse to represent a client engaging in fraud.

  6. Alina Virani says:

    HILARIOUS!!!! That’s a new spin on robo-signing as well as fabricating and filing those documents.

  7. cloud97408 says:

    Bad bene a “placeholder” ? Holding a place in my wallet. What arrogance.

  8. Ray says:

    Joan E. Meyer from Baker and McKenzie should be a stand-up comic with writtings like this.A name for the record books.

  9. housemanrob says:

    Double your pleasure…..double your fun!

  10. leapfrog says:

    When will LPS go out of business? I hope it is very soon. Why has LPS/DocX not been criminally prosecuted for FRAUD and PERJURY upon the courts?

    • housemanrob says:

      Probably when we take back our state……and country…….then they will hang!

      • Officer of the Law says:

        Could it be that the prosecutors are not prosecuting and the regulators are not regulating because they take cash bribes to look the other way while banks steal homes?

        Hey, do you think that might explain why Bondi fired Edwards and Clarkson?

        I wonder what it took to get Bondi to fire Edwards and Clarkson and pretend that they were the ones who were unprofessional, don’t you?

        Was it a carrot, a bag of them, a stick, or a photo or two or threesome?

        You know a lot of those prosecutors like to party.

      • housemanrob says:

        A circle jerk…….Rick Scott and his minions and Pammy…….as the pivot man………or, excuse me………pivot person!

      • rictic says:

        Officer of the law “…..Was it a carrot, a bag of them, a stick, or a photo or two or threesome? ”
        I’ve always said that Bondi is nothing more than Scott’s lap-dancing Beeaaatch. Perhaps someone out there in LPS land has the proof….. 🙂

    • marilyn lane says:

      and hows about William P Foley CEO of FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE
      leading the march to the gallows

    • spook says:

      Probably because Pam Bondi won’t prosecute them…

  11. Tee says:

    OMG!!! That is a riot……those silly bast#$%$ will deny everything all the way to the flames of hell. Their is a Tsunami of realization already sweeping the country. WAKE UP AMERICA !! everyone has to do their part, somehow, even if its a donation to the right sources who are fighting for the people, sharing comments, forwarding email etc…something. I’d bet they would love to take the internet away from us eh?

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