Police State | #OccupyWallStreet 400 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge Arrested – Was it a Setup?

Earlier in the afternoon, as many as 10 Department of Correction buses, big enough to hold 20 prisoners apiece, had been dispatched from Rikers Island in what one law enforcement official said was “a planned move on the protesters.”


Police Arrest About 400 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

In a tense showdown above the East River, the police arrested about 400 demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street protests who took to the roadway as they tried to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

The police did not immediately release precise arrest figures, but said it was the choice of those marchers that led to the swift enforcement.

“Protesters who used the Brooklyn Bridge walkway were not arrested,” said the head police spokesman, Paul J. Browne. “Those who took over the Brooklyn-bound roadway, and impeded vehicle traffic, were arrested.”

But many protesters said that they thought the police had tricked and trapped them, allowing them onto the bridge and even escorting them across, only to surround them in orange netting after hundreds of them had entered.

“The cops watched and did nothing, indeed, seemed to guide us on to the roadway,” said Jesse A. Myerson, a media coordinator for Occupy Wall Street who was in the march but was not arrested.

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39 Responses to “Police State | #OccupyWallStreet 400 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge Arrested – Was it a Setup?”
  1. Alison says:

    What really frightens me is this is “4closure.com”, not a brunch of idiots who don’t even know why they were out there protesting. How embarressing. The media was starting to take note of our cause and all of a sudden anon. attaches it cart and fucks everything up. Fox news was out there and made everyone look stupid. Please Foreclosure fraud cut those dudes loose from this fight, they are making us look bad, and after such a struggle thats not over by far!!!!! Don’t want to be associated w/ anon. Many members of my family have fought for your freedoms you have today!!!!!!!!

    • lvent says:

      Nationwide tax revolt…Close you accounts in the FDIC insured banks…..stop using their credit and debit…shop the mom and pop stores and boycott the large multinational corps..they are all owned by the same beast….The Federal Reserve is the devil…..stop feeding the beast America….!

  2. Jim Bethea says:

    Copy and paste this link to your browser and sign up ~~~ We Must Make This Happen



  3. housemanrob says:

    Over 700 arrested on the brudge………disorderly comducy,,,,figure 100$ minimum fines….. comes to more than 70 GRAND…..THE PROTESTERS ARE PAYING THE COPS TO KETTLE, HARASS AND ARREST THEM………in the words of sherriff Buford T Pusser I say….”What is the world coming to!”

    • housemanrob says:

      …sorry, that’s Buford T Justice. (different hero)

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn……..they were suckered onto the bridge……the cops led them……one cop told a protester earlier…that the cops were going to set them up yesterday!

      • Well Rob..If that is the case…than pay back can be a bitch…Like I said it is a money thing….they are following the footsteps of the thieves of the world……all done thru ‘ tricks ‘….NYPD is not known for it’s honesty……….

    • lies is all they tell says:

      i always thought protesting is 1st amendment right. we are not suppose to be arrested for speaking our minds.

      • lies is all they tell…I believe there is a walk area…and those on the walk area were not arrested…those walking in the street to cross bridge were arrested cause they interfered with the traffic…blocked traffic….I am not sure if they, the protesters were speaking their minds… but I can’t blame if they did…I know I would probably have been arrested for that ……….it’s all in the money…that is the game card…pay up or go to jail. Bastards to fine them money when they are fighting for their rights…..protesting with peace….

    • lvent says:


  4. MALCO says:

    My Mom passed away on Good Friday ,April 21st 2000- and my Father in Jan of 2005 . Some of the mailings they used to get foretold of all this coming to fruition , back then ,I thought they were ” nuts ” , now I see how wise they were . Arm yourselves , now for the most part , our soldiers would not take up arms against there own countrymen , enter NATO . This is what the North American Union is all about , #1 it will ABOLISH OUR Constitution and the boys in the baby blue uniforms ( NATO ) will be our police , so support anyone in Washington DC and that makes you “on their side” Dem’s-Repub’s , they are all dirty , No I am not some fringe crazy right winger , I am almost 50 and have seen this coming my entire life , I worry about my son and 4 Grandkids , my sisters and nieces and nephews and I worry about us , the working class that allows the ” elite” morons that pander to special interest groups and strip us of all we worked so hard to achieve -May God have mercy on us -Malco

    • Malco….I also saw this years back…but others thought I was against the country…the word government meant ..’ All is ok…we are protected…’ even 9/11 I spoke up that it was an inside job…SOOOO glad alot has come out in the open…I have yet to see or hear from those who did not believe me…The Demorats and Repuks are all the same…just different animals to confuse the people..makes conversation while they are off doing destruction to our country……I pass you by many years…and I am not no left or right winger…that is just part of the game of hide and seek…..I burn very deeply that my baby grandchildren are in danger of these sick bastards….I will fight with all I got to rid this country and the world of the disease that is trying to spread….the World is awake and there is more of us than those sicko’s….I agree…arm yourself…..

      • MALCO says:

        Marylin, you are so right it’s us against them now , we prevailed the last time , we will again -Malco

      • Jim Bethea says:

        Marilyn, I agree with you girl ~ You would have to be living in “Jimmy Cartersville” to think that 9/11 attack was nothing more than an inside job! Too Too many facts to mention here but are we to believe that a couple of beer drinking, cocaine snorting, slip club regulars can take over an entire plan full of people [one was supposed to have had a special ops officer onboard?} with craft knives?? Not just got lucky w/ one plane but 4 ??? Next do a 270 degree backwards downward dive and place this jet in a perfect position at over 400 mph at a couple of feet above ground level without harming the grass??? Give me a break ~ I have been flying since my dad put me at full controls at the age of 11 yo and I now own a private jet that I could not imagine making such maneuvers? The inframous Bldg #7 that was not hit but imploded instead of exploded??? And all of the subpenoaed records that could have proven Citibank and Chase’s fraud in an ongoing court case were all destroyed in Bldg #7 ~~ so so many un-answered questions, but the government says they found nothing wrong ~ so if nothing was found to be wrong, then why does their alleged research remain “top secret” ~~ Jets can be flown by remote control [like our prones in Iraq controlled from NV & SD] ~~ gases can be released in the ventilation systems to put everyone to sleep while remotes take over ?????

      • Jim…Those buildings went down the same way buildings go down in Vegas…straight down….it just gave it away when it happened……and building 7 wasn’t even hit and it did the same thing…I can’t believe people could not see that. …Jim…I resent Bush and Obama standing there a few weeks ago to pay respect for those who died…I cringed….That was a put on show to cover the guilt of knowing who took them down and killed 3,000 people…And some people still believe the lies. Bush being there was like the devil himself appearing back at the scene of the crime. And Obama didn’t help matters any ….especially at this time we are having in this country….another case of lies upon lies……And you mention the planes on remote control reminds me of the plane with a famous golfer flying from Florida to wherever years back…on auto pilot and something put them to sleep and the plane flew until it ran out of gas…than crashed. but a gas or something put them all to sleep….that stiuff is scary…especially what they can do and no one knows the truth. I have my thoughts of the weather also….another way to destroy…..Jim..I think they have played the devil more than is known….

      • housemanrob says:

        ……….Jim amd Marilyn…..The BBC was reporting the collapse of bldg 7….LIVE and on the big screen of the disaster……bldg 7 was…STILL STANDING IN THE BACKGROUND….immediately confusing the British reporters….what more evidence would any prosecutor or jury need than that! And the size and magnitude of the ENTIRE coverup is staggering. And the hole in the pentagon was way smaller than the jet that supposedly hit the bldg. The jet in western Pa. flew straight into the ground, with no wreckage anywhere nearby and a small hole at the site! p.s. The navy was investigating fraudulent accounting in that dept of the pentagon….that took the hit directly!

  5. Jim Bethea says:

    This sudden interest by the NYC police just might be fueled a good biit more by the recent $4,600,000.00 donation to their department ???? This money was alleged to be for the NYC police to buy 1000 new laptops for their cars ~

    This donation is the largest one eiver in the history of the JP Morgan Chase Foundation ~~ Would you think the timing is a suspecious now that many banking protest are starting to spread across the US? Any reasonable thinking person may tend to think that if JP Morgan Chase were so interested in the NYCPD; why then did they not make a similar donation during 9/11 at tme when their needs were much more serious that a bunch of frivolous laptops.

    I personally find this to be the best KGB & Gestopo enforcement in support of the bankster’s fraud that your “Bailout Money” can buy ~~ lol

    Do they think no one will discover these under-the-table backroom deals?? I remember very clearly during an alleged court action of criminal & civil charges fraud against Chase and Citibank in 2000/2001, which could have been grounds for the revocation of their banking license; that both banks had been consistenly stalling in providing incriminating documents to the DOJ [suddenly after the infamous WTC Building #7 was destroyed by a implosion instead of what should has been an explosion] it was acclaimed that all such materials were lost forever ~~ CASE DISMISSED ???

    We must ban together and move forward in numbers to make our demands heard across our nation ~

    • Beth A says:

      This Chase foundation donation is positively frightening…power and influence buys protection and loyalty. We, the non-priviledged population are in big trouble. I sense a time in the near future when we will be on the “endangered species” list.

      I’ve witnessed police corruption on a small-town level…but imagine on a big-city scale. This is truly a disconcerting event.

    • Jim…Anything JP Morgan Chase does is not for the good of the people….JP Morgam was born a rotten thief…even in death his thinking lives on…Jamie ‘DEMON” is off the same blueprint. The word foundation means ” BEWARE”…. Bill Gates calls it foundations too……Soros also does…..they all do….foundation means on the sly………

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn and Beth……….Of course you all knew that…..taxpayers feed the fed……..the fed feeds JP Morgan Chase…..Chase pays for the cops…..and the protesters end up picking up the tab with fines! What a system…huh? Nobody gives a shit while even they will go broke…..they just don’t know it! Wake up America and tune in to “Occupy Wallstreet” and stay there….if you physically are unable to join in…..20,000 online viewers last night….from every country imaginable.

      • Rob…I vent must be in Chicago today….if so..can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Of all times I am so busy I feel I miss out on the news…Being my family…none have TV…we have TVs but for videos….You say online viewers….where online? I am just lost in space right now….How do you know the viewers were from all over the world.? Just get me on track to see what is going on…

      • housemanrob says:

        marilyn………OCCUPY WALL STREET google up darlin’

      • I did that right after I made comment… had trouble with voice on videos…so I read up on alot of it…just do not know where this is all going….I must say Washington had better open their eyes soon….as the crowd gets bigger and spreads out to all states…holy hell can break out….Many years back from where I lived I could see the firey red sky at night from down in Detroit…as they screamed burn baby burn…..that would be small compared to this…..But someone better come forth while it is peaceful ….Has the White House emptied out or what…dead silence….really don’t expect any words from them…it’s been a wasted almost 3 years now…just more government waste……I think me will read the cards tonight…..oh ya……….

      • housemanrob says:

        …….it is imploding on them Marilyn……….you know in Washington………..they are huddled up in a panic…..Obama knows unless he does something big for the people…..he will never win another election…….and his political career will be finished!

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn…did you click on the live feed….at Occupy Wallstreet? Veeerryyyy interesting!

      • ROB. I have been on the live part and it drove me nuts……guess I would have to be in charge of food…LOL…..but I will go back and watch for a spell….maybe I am beyond tired ….tomorrow will be better for me to watch…..

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn….LOL……..IT IS TOUGH TO FOLLOW……..all of the colored blog entriesARE MEDIATORS and it’s tough to follow!

      • Jim Bethea says:

        When JP Morgan died everyone in the US thought he owned this bank and all of its subsidiaries; but it was found in probate that he never owned over 19% ~ The Rothschilds owned controlling interest

      • Jim…that is interesting to know…so the Rothschilds were the ones who had most of the pie……that figures….

      • Rob….I have tried it alot…My eyes focus on something and its gone….than it omes back…Right now I cannot tell you one thing it said except someone said they made cupcakes and wanted to bring them down there…..

  6. Constitutional ChrisYAHan says:

    These are: mere skirmishes in the forfrays of “WWIII,” the “Silent Weapons fro Quiet Wars,” of the Cainaanite

    Rothschild plan, to DOMINATE AmeriKa, by stelthful Guerilla Combat Tactics under Guises of Legal Wars, Militarized factions of POLICYmen, Regualtors, Agency minions, and Quai Legal entity Crafte Terrorist Storm Trooper [King ShabazShabaz; New Black Panthers, Acorn, S.E.I.U., Jack Booted Union Thugs, and other Low level IMPLOYEES of Corp U.S. and it’s Incoprate Instrumentality Co-CONspirit-ors the States OF the U.s. used to Extend; Federal Jurisdiction througout AmeriKA to CONsript the Slaves, to the Incorporte Whore of Babaalyon’s: Insidious Un-Lawful Legal Scemes! the U.S. and Global Goverment are the TERRORISTS and You Have NOT seen AnyTHING Yet1 but They are preparing the BLITZKRIEG on America, have the F.E.M.A. CONcentration Camps: Ready with: SPCEIAL, Provisions for “Taking Care of the Ignorant Masses,” efficiently,
    Their Cutsey Deceptive Term for the SlaughterHaouses Is: “FEMA Residential Care Facilities,” Now doesn’t that make You feel; Warm and Fuzzy, some will be DUPEDinto actually Wanting to GO?
    Oh! and they Have the “Northern Command,” Military Division, assigned to: DHHS, and attached to DHS, and FEMA, to Provide the MUSCLE and GUNS; to properly motivate those: NOT anxious, to Go to the Nice Rendering Facilities willingly!

  7. housemanrob says:

    Thi one is all over the news………presence and validation….not such a bad day after all……..at least nobody dove off the Brooklyn Bridge!

  8. housemanrob says:

    Rikers Island is an underground hell hole……men have been broken and died there…and I mean in a short time………peaceful American protesters don’t belong there….even for processing! WE LIVE IN A POLICE STATE ……….AND THIS WILL NOT STAY PEACEFUL LONG. If the powers to be don’t lighten up…..there will be blood shed everywhere……..it is time to give up trying to intimidate us and address the issues now………or this country will end up looking like the Terminator 3 wasteland!

    • lvent says:

      This proves everything….the NWO are cowards who hide behind the scenes of all their evil plans and they use proxies to commit all of their acts of terrorism. They really are no more than a cabal of very evil, greedy thieves who are control freaks. They are on a sick power trip that is all about owning not only everything, but everyone..and they never thought they would get caught.

      • I vent….it appears the NWO does not want it to be a peaceful protest…..the proxies that are being used is exactly that…BEING — USED….BUT TO DUMB TO KNOW IT….they already have been caught…and are running like rats seeking cover. The world has been awakened and protests will begin to everywhere….and in many parts of the world it may not be peaceful protests just as in this country the peaceful protests may turn into to hell….no one will be safe..and that includes the ones in hidding….they can’t run from a world that has anger built up to the point of seeking the enemy….the sicko’s who thought they could hide from the world and own everyone and everything….we are not sicko’s…WE ARE FIGHTERS FOR WHAT IS RIGHT…FREEDOM…AND WASHINGTON needs to wake up…they too have families….and they themselves have put all their families in danger….they can run but the time will come when they have no place to run…..no where……

  9. Wayne says:

    When the police have arrested everyone and those who weren’t go home. The police themselves will find that they too have been a victim of the big banks and there will be no one left to help them. Pensions gone, salaries go down and jobs lost. Who will help them? There is nothing left.

  10. Jim Bethea says:


    KGB at work ~~~

    • lvent says:

      freedom stealing…..greedy pigs, .world dominating pieces of NEW WORLD ORDER garbage. See Denis Leary’s you tube video Lyrics entitiled – Bless Me Father (For I Have Sinned) from his stand up comedy routine Douche Bags and Donuts….it was on Comedy Central last night..SPOT ON….Another really hilarious Denis Leary routine is entitled….No Cure For Cancer……it is a riot!

    • lies is all they tell says:

      wow funny you mention kgb. 30 years ago my brother was in rabinical school in ny. he went to russia ( aka ussr at the time) with some jewish booklets. while they were walking down a street in moscow they were beaten and told to leave the country.

      seems the same oppression there has hit american soil.

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