Dylan Ratigan | Get Money Out: Making Waves (A Must Read)

Dylan Ratigan

Unrelated to any of these protests, we have started this petition to get money out. We have done so because we all agree, that until we do so, we will be prevented from engaging in the debate we all desperately need on virtually every issue to end this corruption.

I wanted them to know that I agree with them and that I support their principle, to learn from them and share with them my own efforts.

I asked on Friday if I could return the next day, Saturday, to address their General Assembly in their unusual speak and repeat fashion in Zuccoti Park. They told me if I came back the next day and signed up at 630 I could secure 5 minutes, I did so and a few hours later was granted time to speak.

Listen to Dylan at Occupy Wall St by Dylan Ratigan


Get Money Out: Making Waves

Three years ago, I left my 15-year career as a financial professional, because I was disgusted and disturbed by the rampant evidence of corruption in the relationship between our banking system and our government.

At the time the Tea Party was emerging and I was confident that between their exploding wave of anger and our newly minted President ‘s soaring aspirations for all of us  – we would align to confront and resolve the blatantly corrupt relation ship between banking and our government and more broadly BUSINESS and STATE.

I was sure that the obviously aligned interests of Obama’s constituents combined with the Tea Party’s libertarian dogmas about money and government, that rigorous bank reforms in simple, fair and transparent way would follow. And more importantly, I believed Obama’s energy and the Tea Parties would align to separate BUSINESS and STATE in order bar banks, or any other special interest from corrupting policy in a way that breaches fundamental fairness in our nation and prevents adaptation in a time of rapid change.

Their combined wave of energy was magnificent. Obama, scintillating and inspiring, harnessing a digital wave and the Tea Party, raw and rebellious screaming in unison: “We’re not going to take this any more!”

Little to none of this happened and I was wrong. And I feel I must do something about it.

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  1. Maggie May says:

    jaszczenski leland,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Marie LeFever says:

    Thanks to all those who are exposing the thieves and obstructionists by marching on Wall Street. There should be a recall of all the congress who are blocking jobs for millions of Americans. It should be against the law for congress who is being paid by taxpayer money to harass the President in order to unseat him. How about unseating them and all those who are using their power to alter voting laws so that millions will not have an opportunity to vote. This should fall under the Treason law. It is obvious they have no heart and worse yet, that they were voted in to provide jobs and have not attempted to create jobs. They are our employees and in any successful company, they would be fired immediately. What are we waiting for?

  3. I am so glad to see a movement starting to take hold. I have been mad about the Lobbyist and Big Money running our country for a long time. I have called the White House and left E-Mails stating my objections. Our vote no longer matters… We the people no longer elect our President, and what matters to the people no longer matters to our polititions, Wall Street, or our Government as a whole…

  4. Richard Morabito says:

    Don’t Stop—I Lived thru Vietnam-and lost my best friend-NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!This is international!!!!!!!!

  5. Richard Morabito says:


  6. Richard Morabito says:

    How can i help Mr. Rattigan to tell every one in upstate N.Y.-I live in the Albany N.Y.-The State has been wasting money for years-I’m 62 yrs. old—WHAT CAN I DO??????????????????????Please-Let’s march on the Capital—Were graft is beyond belief—-$9500 for one toilet seat!!!!That’s what the State Paid.!!!!Paterson had 200 people in his company at all times!And they want to raise my taxes???NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The revolution for fairness has started…..

  8. Virginia homeowner defeats OneWest’s motion to intervene into a quiet title action:

  9. Alison says:

    Did anyone else notice that the media is tring to make this out to be anything that it is sopposed to be about?Fraudclosures, DUMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wish anyone who has another agenda would take a hike, Forecloresure Fraud has been working so hard and long on this now how many asshoples are out trying to hictch themselves to the 4closure wagon?

  10. Randy Frodsham says:

    The peaceful demonstrations have begun. Unlike the peaceful civil rights marches of the ’60s, where marchers were met with water cannon and police batons because, due to laws that were in existence and allowed at that time, those marches (peaceful or otherwise) were illegal and it was easy to focus on an easily defined group: people of color. Today, all people are oppressed. Why? Because WE have allowed both major political parties to be bought. Now, laws have been passed limiting political contributions from individuals, while political contributions from corporate persons are allowed to be unlimited – and corporate persons have a lot more money than do individuals. In the last two general elections (2008 & 2010), I touted the idea of not voting for anyone with either a “D” or an “R” behind their name. (I case you haven’t noticed, the media will only give a forum to D’s and R’s. Why do you think that is?) It is now even imperative that the voting electorate take that to heart. If you do not, the very existence of future elections are in doubt.

    Peaceful demonstrations are gaining a head of steam. And, momentum is building. For me now there is but a single question: which side will take that first step into violence. Members of NYPD, and others, each face a massive dilemma. Being charged with maintaining order, each individual member is but a layoff away from joining their brethren on the other side. And given the state of most governmental budgets today, that outcome is not that remote. Officers, however, are trained how they are to conduct themselves. The general citizenry has not had the benefit of that type of training. Each individual citizen demonstrator must maintain full control of their emotions or the “other side” will have the cannon fodder they need. And, since they already own the media, the outcome is obvious.

    I wish it were no so, but sometime, someplace, tempers will boil over and, depending on the media’s slant, one side will become the villain. And we will all lose. I can only pray. (And I do pray.)

  11. housemanrob says:

    ….anyway you look at it, the revolution has begun, the Euro is collapsing and they can’t stop us now….as long as we stay the course………we will win!

  12. Readdocs says:

    Silent bank runs are very effective.

  13. Bobbi Swann says:

    Whohoo! This just makes me smile. Folks in Tampa Bay (Flori-duh)…there is a Occupy Tampa rally October 6th 9am to 5 pm at the Lykes Gaslight Park, 401 Franklin Street. Please join us.

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