MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Soapbox @ #occupywallstreet (VIDEO)

If you already heard the speech you can go to the 6 minute mark to see the rest…


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  1. Yes, Mr. Ratigan may be “right on” when he says we have an auction-based government. Everything and everyone in this free enterprise system has its price and always will. The more money that is involved the more turbulence in the system. As the saying goes..”the wind gathers at the tallest trees” and the wind here is the stinking corruption that pollutes the system.

    I suggest we take the money out of the equation and get back to the barter system where real value exists without blatant corruption. Our contribution to each other is the core essence of the human spirit and comes full circle in natures time.

    What can we do for each other without the corrupt and “not so mighty” dollar? This should be the real movement!


  2. Fury says:

    for those who are able to make donations to #occupywallstreet,
    here is a website that gives you different options on how to donate (food order delivery, money donations, etc).

    the weather has started to turn cold here in NYC.
    the protesters are now asking for more sleeping bags.
    a twenty dollar donation will buy a sleeping bag.

    sporting good stores sell “thermies” the lightweight mylar sheets that keep marathon runners and campers warm.

    there are also hand glove pocket warmers.

  3. This guy should have the best ratings he tells it like it is !

  4. Wayne Fox says:

    I’ll say it again like I have said it a million times over for years…”Dylan Ratigan for President”. I have followed this guy for ever. Absolute brilliance! Love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. talktotennessee says:

    Excellent Message: Dylan makes excellent points.
    Government is bought and paid for by the financial industry. We need to get lobbyists out of influence! Separate the financial sector influence from government. Do not allow either party to confiscate or convert the OCCUPY movement to their benefit.
    In the news today::
    Ben Bernanke in response to the OCCUPY movement:
    “They blame, with some justification, the problems in the financial sector for getting us into this mess and they’re dissatisfied with the policy response here in Washington,” “On some level I can’t blame them,” he said. “Like everyone else, I’m dissatisfied with what the economy is doing right now.”
    Ben Bernanke to Congress’ Joint Economic Committee

    Mild-mannered Bernanke is FED UP with the “federal response” to our dilemma. Any of those who doubted this movement’s impact, response and occupation could effect and promote OUR cause as homeowners, disenfranchised voters, dissatisfied with the status quo of Washington, the AGs, in response to the banking fraud that has devastated our lives, cost our jobs and lost our homes.

    Pass both Dylan and Bernanke’s messages around to all your blogs.

  6. Mario Kenny says:

    but he wants to amend the constitution I disagree we need to bring it back.

  7. lvent says:

    Dylan is spot on…this is the type of leadership we need. He is offering a amendment to take the money out of politics. There is also a movement heading toward the Wall Street Protestors on Friday that wants to change the Electoral College system. We need more critical thinkers to offer solutions and leadership.

    • Leon says:

      Thank you Dylan for the grate work, I agree with you 3000000000% the business had to stop buying politicians and worries about them self and politicians have to stop getting money from Corporations all this process is call corruption,america is going to rise slowly but shortly,and not take this corruption business with our hard working tax payers money any more is already enough throwing 5 million of american on the street with this foreclosure mess, America wake up and smell the coffee they are rubbing us ..can you image n now Bank of america charging $5 fee for you using a debit card ..for all your shopping need s you know how much money that is going to be are they doing it on purpose to screws us all,please Bank of america don’t waste your time we are not going to take it or even bank with you,you are the biggest thief of all ..with the mortgages and banking system …hey if y have any problems with your bank charging you to much in fees or foreclosure racketeering meaning washing money with your payment plan they don’t reported to the IRS, please call this law firm complex Litigation Group like bank of america telling you to became delinquent by intentionally missing payment and proceeding to take advantage of the mortgage default and much more go to the website ..

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