George Mantor | Sticking it to the Man…Ten easy things you can do to take back America

Sticking it to the Man

Ten easy things you can do to take back America

As I write this, a few thousand patriots have crowded into Wall Street to begin the fight to take our country back. Other cities are starting to join in. Now Labor is lending support. This is for real.

I can’t go. And, you probably can’t either. But, the things that really need to be done are things we can all do with almost no effort whatsoever. But, we have to hurry.

By now, most rational Americans have started to notice that something is wrong. We need jobs and there aren’t any. How can that be anything but deliberate? We deserve top quality health care and ours is the worst even though it costs the most.

Our Cities and Towns are broke and going bankrupt. Our States are letting the mentally ill and dangerous criminals loose on our streets because we cannot afford to house them. In the meantime, we are laying off law enforcement. The parks are closing because we cannot afford to maintain them. Our food is too dangerous to eat.

You name it, and it’s fucked up.

Schools, economy, court system, water agencies, municipal governments, state governments, those ass holes in Washington, sewer system, entire infrastructure…all fucked up.

Did you fuck it up? I sure didn’t fuck it up. So, if it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me, who the fuck fucked it up?

The Man…a nameless, faceless, dick-head who hides behind as many of the 535 Senators and Congressional Representatives as he needs to buy in order to stick it to you and me.

The Man just needs to buy enough votes to keep the evil ones in power, and the Supreme Court says he can spend as much as he wants to achieve that. Well, after all, he is The Man.

The Campaign to re-elect Barack Obama is expected to need a billion dollars. You can’t get that kind of money from an unemployed semi-literate electorate. The only place to go for that kind of dough is The Man.

So when it comes to elections, The Man pretty much owns them.

It’s a very strange sensation to live in a democracy where elections cannot fix the problem. Still we should vote. Otherwise, it sends the message that we don’t care and we won’t stop them.

We live in a place we call “a nation of laws”… but money and not justice determines who wins and who loses.

Times have changed and stealing money has become a legitimate, respected and lucrative occupation while owing money has become a crime.

So, what can we do? What must happen for the citizens of this country to regain control?

First, we must unite.

It is the thing that The Man has worked hardest to guard against.

By creating as many contentious issues as possible to polarize us against each other, he has made himself invisible to us. Already Social Security and Medicare are being used to create a generational divide. We can easily afford both, unless we let The Man have all of our wealth.

Second, we must be heard.

Four years ago, when I first started writing about aspects of this, I was a lone voice in the wilderness. It was indeed rare to find any coverage of what was going on. Today it seems that there are five new stories every day circulating in the media. It is a start, but it has taken too long.

Nor has the media ever really told the whole story. I’m not even sure they get it. So it is up to those of us who can tell the tale to become our voice. The collective we with all of our email databases can do what the media will not do—spread the word.

Third, we must occupy the courtrooms, the boardrooms, the offices and assemblies of elected officials and demand The Man be held to the same laws as the rest of us.

If a collection of individuals is considered above the law…what good is it?

Power doesn’t need to be protected, individuals do. If you have been harmed, don’t give in, take them to court. Know your legal rights and insist that they be upheld. Legal support is available.

We will force Judges to follow the law that The Man himself created. The Man writes the laws and then Judges enforce them by whim and fiat. This must not be allowed to continue.

Are you ready to do something?

Just look at the list and decide what you are willing to do.

1. Forward this email.

How hard is that? Even if you don’t want to do anything, others might, and we need to get organized. People feel powerless and don’t know what to do. Just knowing that we are out here and we are fighting back may give them the strength to fight on for one more day. Ninety six percent of all foreclosures go uncontested, and yet recent studies confirm that even in judicial foreclosure states, eighty four percent were unlawful. Too bad the owners didn’t stay and fight. The passage of time has allowed for the onion to be peeled back one layer at a time until we see the truth.

2. Move to a Credit Union

I am amazed that so many people still do not understand Credit Unions. Why keep rewarding the people who fucked it up. As an alternative, a community bank.

3. Join the National Home Owners Cooperative…it’s free.

For nearly a year I have been working with a small but talented group of people to create a mechanism which would bring people together for strength. Go here:

4. Stop doing business with bankstas.

As if Bank of America hasn’t stolen enough, they now plan to charge a $5 fee for every debit card transaction. This is a question specifically to account holders and stock holders of B of A, why are you supporting a criminal enterprise? There are plenty of better alternatives. When we stop rewarding them, they will perish. Too big to fail my ass…just about perfect to fail if you ask me. Close your accounts, sell your stock before everyone else does.

5. Obtain a Title Analysis

There is a very high probability that if you obtained a loan secured by real estate in the last ten years, you have a cloud on title that will prevent you from selling the property or refinancing in the future. And, if you continue to make your payments to the wrong party, also very probable, you won’t be able to obtain a proper satisfaction of mortgage. A title analysis will provide the facts you need to make an informed decision about your options.

6. Sue The Bastards

Bring a quiet title action, or sue them for predatory lending, predatory servicing, fraudclosure, FDCPA violations servicing.

Eventually, all of those 65 million flawed titles will need to be addressed. This is done through a procedure known as Quiet Title. It is a lawsuit filed to establish and correct the chain of title.

7. Apply for a loan modification

You probably won’t get one and you probably don’t want anything they would offer, bad title and a waiver of any further action in the matter. But, there are going to be a lot more agencies looking over the process as banks and servicers are forced to implement portions of the various settlements they have struck. Jump into that and really gum up the works.

8. Default on your student loan

I’ve been reading that student loan default is the next big bubble. If you went $75,000 in the hole to get an education to fill a job that doesn’t exist, you may have no choice. This is one way to get even. It isn’t like they can repossess what you already learned. Dear God, I hope you learned something.

9. The Nuclear Option Default on Everything

Stop paying your mortgages, your credit cards and file for bankruptcy.

This is only for the truly desperate or the totally exasperated. On the one hand, your FICO credit rating will take a major hit. But, if you are desperate, nothing can stop that from happening eventually.

If you are exasperated, you could say fuck the FICO, that’s their game. Besides, when everyone has bad credit, what does it matter?

10. File Notices of Default against politicians, judges, celebrities, and bankstas.

This is much easier to do then it sounds and the other side knows that, and that is all they do is manufacture an official looking document. Unfortunately, the group above generally doesn’t understand the implications of that.

Simply look up their names in the property rolls and see who is recorded as their lender of record. Search on-line for the lender’s known servicers and robo-signers, scan, cut and paste what you need from the examples and off you go to the county recorder’s office.

All you are going to do is file the notice, pay the fees, and disappear. This is an act of civil disobedience to draw attention to the fact that with rare exception, law enforcement considers this a criminal offense only if done by other than a financial institution.

You do not want to get caught. You just want to leave a little bomb and wait. In the next few weeks, a massive amount of press coverage will be devoted to the enormous title problem created over the last decade and everyone, including the group above, will be checking their titles.

What they will discover is that prior liens were not properly satisfied and or their current tile is uninsurable and unmarketable. They all have MERS loans with 65 million other people.

Go to one of the occupations going on around the country if you can. Let’s give them a taste of the 15 million families being forced out of their homes with nowhere to go but the street. But this way, we can pick the street and I think we should make The Man have to look at it.

All of the agencies we pay for with our taxes have turned their back on fraud and tax evasion of epic proportion. If they will not hold The Man accountable then we must.

Last week Bank of America capo Brian Moynihan announced a $5.00 fee for debit card use. The cost is equivalent to one share of BAC stock at the moment but probably not for long.

Johnnie boy, I do not know how to begin to thank you. I’ll bet you are shorting BAC yourself as you hear the Camel’s back cracking.

So my friends, take that last straw, and while he is weakened, stick it to The Man.

George W. Mantor
The Real Estate Professor
Founder, American Foreclosure Resistance Movement

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi

The views, suggestions and opinions expressed by George W. Mantor on this blog are his own, and do not necessarily represent the views, suggestions and opinions of


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  1. 4EqltyMom says:

    In terms of Student Loans –

    That’s great. Stop paying. Fuck your credit. (Yes, this is an option for those whose credit is already fucked, but for the rest of us, not an option.)

    So what do you do about Student Loans? They have the same securitization problem mortgages do. Your mortgage was paid for on the front end (and your pretender lender made a profit because they marked up the value – I’m simplifying this greatly), they became your servicer who receives your monthly payments and pays interest to the investors and pockets the rest. I.E Your pretender lender is getting paid TWICE.

    Well the same thing happened with your student loan. The loan was bought (and probably bought higher than it was worth), someone is collecting your payments (just like your mortgage servicer), who is paying the investors their interest and pocketing the rest. Again, just like with your mortgage, your servicer is BEING PAID TWICE.

    Get a securitization audit of your Student Loan to find out who truly owns it. Demand to see the original note you signed and consult a lawyer to figure out what to do next.

    (This is all I know about the Student Loan process. I know TONS about the mortgage process and picked this up in my research. After getting Quiet Title for my parents home – read free and clear – I’m going to research doing the same for my Student Loan. But I haven’t gotten that far yet.)

    • lvent says:

      4EQLTYMOM.They did this fraud with everything that had a revenue flow…They sold an interest in many speculations with nothing to back that up….Where they have many college students by the throat and they can’t just not pay is the fact that their grandparents co-signed and used their homes as collateral to get these loans…. .I found at a legal advice website that you may want to look for an Unauthorized signatureor Forgery of the borrower’s name on the Promissory Note or disbursemnent checks. If you find this fraud the “loan” may be subject to discharge in whole or in part due to those factors..

      • 4EqltyMom says:

        Oh I don’t disagree, IVENT, that there is fraud. My point is simply that if you’re in the position to continue paying your student loan until you can prove the fraud, then do so. No point in screwing your credit if you don’t have to. Keep your credit in tact (if you have the funds that is), hire an expert to do a securitization audit and go to court to get the obligation discharged.

  2. lvent says:


  3. Rob Harrington says:

    Protesting is noble – but worthless.

    1- BOYCOTT the banks -move your money to small community based banks and credit unions. Move more towards a cash economy and barter system. Keep your business LOCAL and move others to do the same to support your local economy.

    Also boycott the Mainstream Media – they are merely corporate shills whoring for wall street and the great fascist corporatcracy. Look at Fox and Erin Burnett dissing the protestors – as she just got engaged to a Citi Bank executive? (Hope he gives her the clap and venerial warts and she finds out the day before her wedding.)

    2- KICK OUT MOST ALL INCUMBANTS. REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ARE ALL CORPORATE SHILLS. Disown your party lines. Are you a republican, democrat or AMERICAN??? Make your choice NOW!

    3- DEMAND CRMINAL PROSECUTION FOR WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS, AND THOSE WHO AID AND ABET FRAUD, WASTE, AND CRONY CAPITALISM. WHY ARE WE NOT MAKING OUR SHERIFFS TO PROSECUTE FORGERS IN OUR COUNTY RECORDS? Dave Johnson in Michigan did exactly that. He also was the one who got his Register of Deeds official to start the process of suing the banks for County revenue shortfalls and tax evasion.

    All you have to do is decide that YOU will be the one who starts cranking things up in your local area. It’s easy to do. Just decide to do it, and do it today. Utilize the websites to find others. Use Craigs List. Use Make a difference or bow down now and lick the hands of your masters. Owning property today is nothing more than share-cropping. Many of you are debt slaves and don’t even know it. Quit the credit game. Tell the banks to F off. Tell them to take your FICO and shove it up their conduit.

    Quit whining and griping and do something. Hear the screams of your neighbors, families, friends and co-workers… Baaaaaa…baaaaaaa…baaaa.


  4. lvent says:

    Interesting post for all to read..Time to get organized and institute a plan…protests, amendments and elections are not going to solve this. Time to stop trying to do the right things. Why? because they aren’t about to…… and stop being a nation of woosies..

    • lvent says:

      Need to read the end game of their evil plan……The John Birch Society Exposed: The Rockefellers funded the John Birch Society through 32nd Degree Mason, Robert Welch. Welch chose the principal officers of the Society from his acquaintances at the Council on Foreign Relations. The John Birch Society had been set up at the behest of the backers of the World Communist Revolution……..There is book written called The Great Deceit: Social Psuedo Sciences by the staff of the Veritas Foundation…The Veritas Foundation was established by alumni, of Harvard who were dismayed by the realization that their ama mater, once the most hightly reputed University in the Western Hemisphere, was being coverted into an instrument of subversion and an incubator for traitors…This book concludes that the Fabian Socialists are a conspiratorial organization that uses systemically the standard Communist teqniques of infiltration and deception to undermine and eventually destroy the United States and to enslave the American People…The Fabian Socialists and the Communist Party are merely two tentacles of a single octopus…The first thing to know is that the Fabians represent an organized conspiracy to destroy by deceit. This fact they have already admitted. The basic principle that all Americans must learn and apply every waking hour of the day is that public pronouncements made or instigated by a member of the Conspiracy NEVER mean precisely what they say…To grasp their real meaning, you must first correct them by making the conversions indicated (a) the particular audience that the writer or speaker is trying to bamboozle, and (b) the specific objective that the conspiracy is trying to attain….Their evil Fabian communist end game is as follows and their plan is not far from fruition:
      America’s Decline: The Aftermath
      The American middle class has now been liquidated, except for a few remnants found here and there and are tolerated because they have no vestige of political power and will soon disapear anyway. A middle class can be based only on property – on the secure possession of Real Property of which a man can be divested only by his own folly.. A middle class cannot be formed of comparatively well-paid proletarians who may have a theoretical quality in a $350,000 house they are “buying” on a 35 year mortgage, and in a $15,000 automobile for which they will not have paid for they “trade it in” on a more expensive and defective vehicle. Nor can it be formed of proletarians whose wives have to work-whether as “execs” or chairwomen to “make ends meet” with the exception of relicts who live on investments that have not yet been entirely confiscated by taxation, the economic revolution is as complete in the U.S. as in Soviet Russia: there are only proletarians. some of whom are hired to manage the rest. Managerial Employees but they are equally dependant on their wages and above them. The nearest approximately to a middle class, both here and in Russia is the bureacrocy and it is their vested interest that the Birchers imagine they can destroy.

      • lvent says:

        I found another idea on sticking it to the man that I like by the birdman:
        If there is any one political battle that ought to be fought, it is the battle over taxes, or more generally, money., If the Beast is put on a restricted diet, then no matter what laws have been passed or which decrees have been issued, the Beast cannot prosecute violators of those laws or decrees beyond the limits of the energy with which it is supplied. It is the all-consuming diet of the Beast which is making possible its abuses, and indeed, making them inevitable: when power is present, it will rarely go unexercised, just as credit limits on charge cards will rarely go unused. We may suffer under the shredding of our Constitution and the abuses of such legislation as the so-called Patriot Act, but the suffering is not because of the laws, but only because the Beast has the wherewithal to enforce them. Our battle cry should not be “Reinstate the Constitution” but only “Pull the Plug” on the Beast….

        That idea along with this idea and leadership and organization. Our own secret society of sorts:

    • housemanrob says:

      Vent….I hate racists!

      • lvent says:

        Me too Rob, but, he has some good information…I don’t agree with everything he says but, he is not wrong about everything…There have been books written about what these fabian socialists are planning to do to America and here we are…. Check out this article from Forbes if you think this guy is not right about this Governments plans for America..
        Obama, Hitler, and Exploding The Biggest Lie in History

      • lvent says:

        This link is not working for some reason but google the words…and google the words Fabian Socialist….you will be shocked…!

      • lvent says:

        What lead me to this website, I was looking up info on Ron Paul and I found out he is a Member of the John Birch Society……Google it….These are perilous times for sure…What these people are planning is nothing good, at all…..!

      • lvent says:

        I meant to say there have been books written by Harvard Professors about The John Birch Society and Fabian Socialism…Sometimes we have to look outside the box to get to the truth…He is not calling for revolution against anyone but the financial terrorists….

      • lvent says:

        We have to remember, critical thinking is key here…I don’t agree with much of anything the politicians have to say regardless of race, color or creed…they are all liars..they are the real haters of everyone…! .It is going to take some real out of the box thinking here by everyone….For me and many other Americans, No ideas are off the table..Look at where we are at..I have had it! Esp. after what Obama said yesterday, he is a boldfaced liar! These bastards are ruining this country and I for one, am keeping and open mind.

  5. First they ignore, then ridicule, then fight you – then you win : )

  6. Javagold says:

    the BOA douchebags name is BRIAN moynihan

      • lvent says:

        I like Mandelman but he keeps pushing for loan mods..our homes are paid free and clear by all of us because they never lent us any money, the US TAXPAYER FUNDED THE WHOLE OPERATION, we lent them all of the money….. THEY MADE HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OFF OF ALL OF THEIR FRAUD…ON THE INTEREST FROM THE MORTGAGE PAYMENT MONEY THEY NEVER LENT US….AND SOLD INTERESTS IN THE NOTES UP TO TEN TIMES A PROPERTY, …FORGERIES, SECURITIES FRAUD, DESTRUCTION OF LEGAL DOCUMENTS, UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE LENDING PRACTICES, RECREATING CHAINS OF TITLE BY RECREATING MISSING DOCUMENTS and PHOTOSHOPPING NOTES…. AND ON AND ON…………. AND NOW THEY ARE ALL JUST WHORES…..They don’t have the right paperwork and they never will….there are no assignments and even if they had the original notes, there are NO ASSIGNMENTS…They have no more than 90 days to deliver the loan files with the endorsed notes to the trusts and record an assignment…….There is no legal fix for what they did not do..and dumping unsecuritized loans in a global trust is just more securities fraud……Tell the banks to eat their shit and die…they are all overleveraged by 140 trillion in collateral mortgage fraud…their debt is unsustainable and I am through paying for all of their fraud….FORECLOSURES ARE ILLEGAL…THEY OWE ALL OF US , THE U.S TAXPAYER,…..TRILLIONS…….

  7. Officer of the Law says:

    Excellent list. If a few people take action, we might see some justice for a change.

  8. Ron Moss says:

    Please google the 16th Amendment and show me where the federal IRS gets it authoriey fir it’s jurisdiction over other than fedeeral employees. That should stimulate the nations back to work problem.

  9. Readdocs says:

    Any unknown entity advocating breaking the law is unwise. No, it’s stupid.
    And who is this MAN we’re supposed to be sticking it to? That jargon sounds
    like something out of the ’70s.
    Using community banks, or credit unions (non profits) is good common
    sense. Also before jumping on the bandwagon see who is driving it. Is it
    George Soros behind the curtain, of maybe a new form of ACORN??

  10. Caitlin0 says:

    Defaulting on loans you can’t pay back – and doing it sooner rather than later after you’ve exhausted your savings – is excellent advice.

    But, if you CAN pay them back, and most of us who still have jobs can, pay them back ASAP and promise yourself that you will never ever take out a loan, use a credit card, borrow money again.

    We realized in Sept ’07 that the fit was going to hit the shan. We put ourselves on a budget that made the Bataan Death March look luxurious. Four years later, after extra jobs, deferred vacations and never eating out, we have paid off our car loan, student loan, credit cards and MORTGAGE. We have a 4 month emergency fund sitting at the credit union and are saving money for a vacation home that we will pay for with cash because we will NEVER EVER owe money to a TBTF. There isn’t one cent a year of our money going to the TBTFs and we will keep it that way no mattter what it takes.

    We’re nobody special, boringly smack-dab middle class. If we can surgically remove the banksters from our lives in a few short years via just good planning and some extra work, anybody can.

  11. Randolph (Randy) Frodsham says:

    I was going to post this on my facebook page until I read read one, one, totally nuts, sentence: “We deserve top quality health care and ours is the worst even though it costs the most.” The healthcare system, though maybe not the best in the world, it certainly isn’t the worst. Much of the world has no healthcare system whatsoever. Do you really think that’s better than ours? If so, I encourage you to go to a third world country where they must rely on missionary doctors with their extremely limited provisions, for whatever medicine they can get.

    With all the rules that are in place to “protect” us from quackery combined with our willingness to sue for anything that might go a wee bit wrong, you’d be a fool to think that is going to be inexpensive.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t approve of the seemingly unlimited tests that doctors feel forced to run to protect themselves from our lawsuits, but until we really grasp the fact that all graduates from med school are men and women, and put their underwear on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us, they are not gods with all the answers to everything that ails us – SO WE SUE (and we have the bloodsucking attorneys that are willing to pursue the case in the hopes of making a lot of money from the insurance company), we will continue to be charged astronomical fees and prices for what qualified as merely “good” (not perfect) service.

  12. Sarah Trang says:

    Brilliant, I could not have said it better myself:

    “If you are exasperated, you could say fuck the FICO, that’s their game. Besides, when everyone has bad credit, what does it matter?”

  13. JamesM says:

    There is some rabble rousing and some very bad advice.

    First, DON’T file fraudulent documents in the public records, it is, in most jurisdictions a felony crime. Not paying your payment is a civil issue, not solved by randomly filing fraudulent documents, which is criminal.

    I don’t know anything about he “National Home Owners Cooperative” but it appears to be a vehicle for selling dubious foreclosure defense products, which may have little value in court, and may be redirecting peoples funds, resources and energies from a real solution through a lawyer and the courts.

    (That’s not to say short sale, keys for cash, modifications etc are not good alternatives, but you need a lawyer involved to make sure you are not stuck with a deficiency judgement.)

    On the whole, while there is some political and social advantage to moving to credit unions, the LEGAL advice in the above is completly wrong, and opens a person to more problems than it solves.

    Self professed experts who give bad legal advice should be avoided like the plague. The one thing you should not do is forward this to anyone.

    The best way to stick it to the man would be by WINNING your LEGAL foreclosure case in COURT.

    The worst thing to do would be actions that don’t help your individual case forward but instead make you a target for a slander of title action, (You would be responsible for the drop in their property value) and which put you in jeopardy of going to jail for a year or two. You are bound to lose your home if you spend the next year in jail.

    • leapfrog says:

      Your advice is sound and what you say about winning your legal case is true. But you could pull a #10, IF you were clever, and no one need ever find out who you are.

  14. Please take as many of the mentioned actions as you can; as quickly as you can.

    Together, we CAN make a difference.

  15. Maggie May says:


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