Bankster Lawyer | “I would look forward to kicking their ass (Attorneys General) if they do”

Let’s put aside securities fraud claims the states may have for troubled mortgage-backed securities, since those have nothing to do with the robosigning revelations…


The state AGs could also claim that the behavior of mortgage servicers in the foreclosure process amounts to systemic fraud or racketeering. “I’m sure they could come up with a creative theory,” one bank lawyer told me. “I would look forward to kicking their ass if they do.”


As to the statement that there is no connection between securities fraud and robo-signing, that is just plain wrong.

Robosigning is to Securities Fraud as Disposal of a Dead Body is to Murder…

The reason the servicers needed several million documents – that were eventually created by robo-signers – is that the securities companies who created and sold these trusts failed to get the documents promised in the prospectuses, the PSAs and in their annual certifications to the SEC.

And we all know why they didn’t…

Too bad the tough guy bank attorney wasn’t identified. I’d bet there would be a lot of people who would like to kick his ass…

What a punk…


What happens if AG mortgage deal falls through?

From the report…

With the news Wednesday that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has “lost confidence” in the multistate AG talks with five big banks and is revving up to sue, coupled with last week’s announcement by California AG Kamala Harris that she’s also dropping out of talks and launching her own investigation, I’ve been wondering what shape an AG suit against mortgage lenders would take. I reached out to both the New York and Delaware attorneys general offices, since they were the first to start talking about filing their own cases. They didn’t return my calls. But according to the bank lawyers I talked to (caveat emptor), there’s a huge gap between the wrongs the states will be able to show and the relief for troubled homeowners that they say they want.

My apologies for misconstruing Alison; if you perceive so. But this article really regurgitates Bankster tripe.

“There’s a fundamental disconnect between what they want and they claims they might have,” one bank lawyer said.

Let’s put aside securities fraud claims the states may have for troubled mortgage-backed securities, since those have nothing to do with the robosigning revelations that led all 50 states to enter talks with Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Ally Financial a year ago. The basis of the talks has been deficiencies in the foreclosure process. Mortgage servicers took all sorts of shortcuts as they pushed an unprecedented surge of homeowners into foreclosure beginning in 2008. It’s pretty much undisputed that foreclosure law firms filed untold numbers of false certifications and deficient affidavits with the courts in states that require foreclosures to be approved by a judge.

The reason the servicers needed several million documents – that were eventually created by robo-signers – is that the securities companies who created and sold these trusts failed to get the documents promised in the prospectuses, the PSAs and in their annual certifications to the SEC.

These are not trivial claims. It’s a big deal to submit a false affidavit to a judge. Most states have criminal or civil laws (or both) barring false certification. State AGs could certainly fashion unfair or deceptive acts cases against mortgage servicers, and they could assert big money demands, based on statutory damages for each robosigned document.

So why no prosecutions?

The state AGs could also claim that the behavior of mortgage servicers in the foreclosure process amounts to systemic fraud or racketeering. “I’m sure they could come up with a creative theory,” one bank lawyer told me. “I would look forward to kicking their ass if they do.”

Now that’s classy…

Here is where it really gets good…

The genius of the multistate AG campaign against the banks was that with the help of the Obama Justice Department, the attorneys general were able to leverage technical deficiencies in the foreclosure process into billions of dollars in loan modifications. (I’ve been told that as much as two-thirds of the settlement money would go to helping homeowners in trouble.) That was a masterstroke by regulators. Banks were on the defensive about robosigning, so even though robosigned documents and even false affidavits didn’t really affect homeowners’ ability to pay their mortgages, the DOJ and AGs managed to conflate the issues.

If, on the other hand, AGs are forced to litigate alleged false certifications one mortgage at a time, bank lawyers said, they’ll be able to tell judges that technical problems in loan files have nothing to do with defaults: If a homeowner isn’t paying the mortgage, it doesn’t matter whether a document was robosigned or not. Banks will also argue that until 2010, robosigning was an industrywide practice and judges knew about it, so the AGs can’t show intent. “It’s hard to obtain damages in the form of penalties or criminal convictions for something widely perceived as the industry norm,” said one lawyer.

So uninformed and naive…

These aren’t “technical deficiencies”!  If I lied to a bankruptcy judge I’d be arrested and JAILED.  Why aren’t these lawyers and Wall Streeters being treated likewise?

If I stood in front of my state AG and said, “See ya in court, I am gonna kick your ass!” EVEN METAPHORICALLY …hmmm I wonder the consequences?

WTF is an “industry norm”?  Is it a “judicial norm”  to have one standard for “corporate persons” and another for humans?


You can check out the report in full here…


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  1. Elyse says:

    If I were on the East Coast, I would gather the troops on K STREET in Washington DC….that is where the Lobbyists are and they are funding the congress from the banks…Billions Of Dollars….

    If I was in NYC, I would create a sign reporting the JP MORGAN JUST DONATED 4.6 million dollars to the New York Police Department ….protection for Wall Street??

    Cain say “BLAME YOURSELVES IF YOUR NOT WORKING OR RICH”…what planet does he wake up on?

    MAYBE WE SHOULD CONSIDER BOYCOTTING THE ELECTIONS???? If Millions do not vote and instead picket the voting places, the sheer numbers may be enough to stop to minipulation of the polling machines and their “hanging chads”….we know they are minipulated but we vote anyway???

    We are a small comunity in the desert region of Southern California, very upscale and full of retired Republican’s…MARY BONO MACK is our Congresswoman if you can imagine!! However, we took to the streets the past few days and “feel” the passersby frustration and support…

    Kepp up the pressure!

  2. lvent says:

    Anyone hear about what Bill O’Reilly from FOX said on his show? RT News reporting he said that the Occupy protestors are Anarchists and they are the kind of people who are likely to burn stuff down…What a louse!!!………BOYCOTT THEM AMERICA!!!!

    • housemanrob says:

      Vent….what do you expect from a creepy, lying, narcicist like Bill O reilly…..ever notice when he is running his mouth…..insulting someone………that they edit out the responses to his tirades? He should hang with the banksters, his boss Ruppert Murdoch….and the rest of the lying media…I’m telling you….we are up against it…and it’ not about just foreclosure anymore…they are robbing us of our freedom! Impeach Obama!

      • lvent says:

        Right on Rob….!!! Obama is not doing the peoples work at all!! RT News has been awesome with the coverage of Occupy and there is this new news bit they are doing that is the bomb…..The Juice….This guy is making fun of all of them and Ron Paul too, saying he has a boyfriend named Bruno….RT is all over them like white on rice….I hope America is watching…I tell everyone I know to watch RT and Max Keiser…the only news worth watching right now…they are ripping all of them to shreds!!!!

    • I vent….I happen to have O’Reilly’s book…..” WHO IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU ? “……AND by the looks of that title…not a damn person in Washington DC was looking out for me or anyone else in this country……they were and are all sneaking lying bastards…..I have always liked O’Reilly…at times I did not agree..but I still enjoyed what he had to say….my mind is always open….. But to say the protesters are likely to burn stuff down….. that is his opinion….but it also can give others idea’s….when anger is so deep … we can expect just about anything. Burning compared to what our government has done….9/11….all fake wars…loss of all jobs…working with the enemy to bring America down to ruins…helping with the theft …plain out thievery…..of millions of homes to make everyone homeless….I certainly don’t compare this to burning. I am not for burning…. but let’s put the cards down on the table…let’s show the facts….the facts are all proven… has come down to each man and woman to fight for what we have lost………no one wants to listen to the people…… O’Reilly ….you may be right…..we shall see………..

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, We The People have to bring the change…the politicians are the problem, not solution…We trusted too much and did not verify anything. They counted on what we did not know and used that against us…….It is obvious, they are all trying to undermine and discredit us at every turn..From the politicians, to the banks,to the attorneys, the judges, law enforcement, the media…all traitors….and treasonists..They lie, tell half of half of the truth, deceive, twist and turn everything…Time to take our country back from these assholes…..

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, FOX news has been sly and sneaky, lying and misleading the people for years, the people are catching on…..So now they are just being obnoxious….Glenn Beck got too obnoxious and that was the end for him….O’Reilly might be on his way out next…CNN just ignores us…….and they now report on things that nobody really gives a shit about in this country…..With half of the country living below the poverty line and millions in fraudclosure, CNN talks about crap like the Michael Jackson trial….that is not news….they don’t give the news…..they are a gossip rag…Ever since they canned Elliot Spitzer for telling the truth about Wall Street and replaced him with that NWO, CFR MEMBER, ex-CITI Bank exec…bitch, Erin Burnett….I won’t watch CNN at all……

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, I received an email from newsmax that said that Warren Buffet wants Rupert Murdoch to produce his tax records….They are all fascist pigs…the pot calling the kettle… They all have egg all over their faces and they all smell bad….!!!

      • I vent….This book O’Reilly wrote, I got it in 2003 and it mentions all we are fighting today…Who is looking out for you ? Is: George w. Bush…Senator Hillary Clinton.. Bill Clinton..the Federal Gov’t..the Catholic Church…Big richest corporations…the justice system…….and he goes on…… O’Reilly knew it than…..he had too….Just by naming others and questioning …are they looking out for you? Mentioning the Catholic Church alone tells me he knew. … We need to add a few more to the list since this book went to print….But you say we need to make the change…we know it is the politicans….but how when even the voting is rigged….good heavens..where do we start ? What comes first ? Next ? And so on…You keep saying We the People need to make change but how, when, where do we start? That is what I question…. As you see by the comments..some .people are saying they don’t want to be in protests….so where does it go from there ? Do we go straight to Washing DC ? This is so massive and it goes in all directions…. we need more guidence from those in the ‘ know ‘. This includes a combination of everything…not just one thing over the other. any ideas ?

      • I vent…..It takes time but sooner or later they start going at each other….the ‘ guilt trip ‘starts working in strange ways….behind the scenes… there is shit going on that we have not heard yet…..but we will…give it time….when names start to fly ..and the people speak up……things start to break… know most crooks think they are to smart and will never get caught….never say never. And when greed is involved…the attacks multiply… the saying goes…give them rope and they will hang themselves… they say..handcuff one banker and you will see the rest all run to the restroom….if you know what I mean !!?? And it ain’t no flu bug either…………….

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn…….there is no truth in any fox journalist….and Beck and O’Reilly are the worst…… is not journalism they preach at Fox……….it is tabloid fodder……strictly designed to fool the American people….under iron fist direction of NWO weapon Ruppert Murdoch! Don’t kid yourself…….O’Reilly is lying to you!

  3. Fury says:

    “Creative Theory?”

    how about the plain, cold, law?

    if only the courts and AGs would open a big ol’ can of whoop ass on these banskster criminals…

    i am hopeful about eric shneiderman doing just that in nyc.

    what other AGs will have the guts to protect the deceived homeowners in their states?

    • lvent says:

      Fury, their Creative Theory is, HUH? SAY WHAT? Nobody believes our lies anymore? OK folks,.. now we are going to just deny everything..You call it fraud, . we will call it a new name…… RECKLESSNESS…AND THAT RIGHT THERE, THAT THING CALLED RECKELESSNESS, IS NOT NECCESSARILY ILLEGAL!!!!…..THEY ALL REEK OF CORRUPTION..!!!!!

      • lvent says:


      • I vent… Everyone knows there is no way millions of mortgages were done with ” recklessness “… it was all premediated planned …done deliberate…..if this was not premediated than how did every bank know and do the same fraud on all mortgages….they all followed the blueprints. …they have run out of lies and now are in the elementary stage of failure…..So does that mean Madoff was reckless and all those in prison on fraud charges were just reckless ? Why are they in prison ?

  4. Katheryn says:

    tl – save the dress up for a job interview. You could be dressed in an Armani and if you are not one of the 99% or one of their balcony minions, you are nothing, nadda, worthless. It would be fantastic if dressing up like we work on fraud street and look very professional as we carry our signs, those robbing us would have a change of heart, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Further, the truth is that no matter how professionally you protest, they will flip you off or spit on your nice Armani suit. I look at it from a different perspective…people are more afraid by nature of those who look down and out and/or crazy. My thought is that would draw more attention as well as an uneasiness of what these horrible, jobless, homeless horrible people are capable of. I don’t think that you can dress nice, talk nice and negotiate with them. They don’t negotiate. I, like you, have been fighting the BoA monster. Nice gets you nothing. They are paying 3 firms to hammer me so they are expending lots of money. They would rather spend more than the home is worth to mess with your life. It probably just kicks and grins for them.

  5. Rob Harrington says:

    Protests are fine. Moving your money to small community based banks and shredding the credit cars are better!

    This is here they make their money.

    Starve the mega hydra snake. If it can’t eat, it can’t live.

    Also, give up, finally, on our two party system. The Dems and Repubs are both controlled by WALL STREET MONEY.

  6. The following statements below…

    “Banks were on the defensive about robosigning, so even though robosigned documents and even false affidavits didn’t really affect homeowners’ ability to pay their mortgages, the DOJ and AGs managed to conflate the issues.

    If, on the other hand, AGs are forced to litigate alleged false certifications one mortgage at a time, bank lawyers said, they’ll be able to tell judges that technical problems in loan files have nothing to do with defaults: If a homeowner isn’t paying the mortgage, it doesn’t matter whether a document was robosigned or not.”

    I am saying that…since the robosigners also falsified the amount that people owed, amd the servicers obviously needed them to qualify their inflated incidental charges to the unsuspecting homeowners that caused them to not be able to pay their mortgage, besides the sub prime loan can they make such a statement?

    The same applies to this statement below…and about it being standard practice then for sure two wrongs dont make a right…they judges are not allowed to justify wrong doing/illegal activities…the example of the drug dealer suing another drug dealer for shortchaning him on the sale of his illegal drugs…that cannoit be a bona fide case to bring before a judge….my thoughts on all this…

    “If, on the other hand, AGs are forced to litigate alleged false certifications one mortgage at a time, bank lawyers said, they’ll be able to tell judges that technical problems in loan files have nothing to do with defaults: If a homeowner isn’t paying the mortgage, it doesn’t matter whether a document was robosigned or not. Banks will also argue that until 2010, robosigning was an industrywide practice and judges knew about it, so the AGs can’t show intent. “It’s hard to obtain damages in the form of penalties or criminal convictions for something widely perceived as the industry norm,” said one lawyer If, on the other hand, AGs are forced to litigate alleged false certifications one mortgage at a time, bank lawyers said, they’ll be able to tell judges that technical problems in loan files have nothing to do with defaults: If a homeowner isn’t paying the mortgage, it doesn’t matter whether a document was robosigned or not. Banks will also argue that until 2010, robosigning was an industrywide practice and judges knew about it, so the AGs can’t show intent. “It’s hard to obtain damages in the form of penalties or criminal convictions for something widely perceived as the industry norm,” said one lawyer.”

    So, what would happen if the home owners start to file lawsuits against the banks individually or collectively for the emotional issues, the distraction caused to them for having to take time out to deal with all these falsified docs , etc. amd the effort they put in to ttry to correct the situation but not allowed to do so by the banksters so that they had to foreclosed…and the list goes on of other charges…what would happen?

  7. John Anderson says:

    No need to kick ass’s, just pay the ass’s off. Thats what the state AGs are waiting for! And their Lobster dinner is getting cold, waiting for the drawn butter.
    After Obamas comments yesterday, you can tell that nobody from Wall St is headed to jail.
    Only a full blown revolution will produce the needed results.

  8. elyse says:

    The late nibht shows are laughing and dismissing the. Ridiculous protestors calling it the Pee Party because they are not organized and beating drums and smokinb pot all day and night…no bathrooms, no leader, no direction, hippies without jobs and being funded by George Soros!! We gog the news attention and all they reporg are rainbow wig and flag bellbottoms….dress to impress…nota bad suggestionq

    • housemanrob says:

      Elyse…..the media is run by people like Ruppert Murdoch and others, all NWO. Controlling information… keep the ignorant sleeping……lies and innuendo, is what we get fed. THIS IS A VERY REAL ATTEMPT AT MAKING US ALL SLAVES! THIS IS REAL! We must all grasp and realize the truth! Do people really believe that our Empire, some 240 years old, cannot be destroyed….there have been others, also great, that were around much longer than us! NOW THEY ARE ALL GONE!

    • Elyse says:

      So sorry for the sloppy post from 3am!! I was trying to express what I heard on TV with my cell (Droid) and obviously…could not see the letters…LOL….hope you got the point?

      Just wanted to share a little something from my room mate…(I put an ad on craigslist for help with my mortgage while I am in litigation with the banks that foreclosed on me!)

      She is Russian and here for 4 years…..she put things like this…

      “You American’s are slaves just as we were in Russia…the only difference is your Government gave you credit!! Now they have taken it away!”….

      WIth that said, I am heading to Downtown LA to join my fellow protestors….hopefully no arrests today!
      Over & Out!

  9. elyse says:

    I repeat..there is no common law in California…I live here!
    Google it….seems whatever I say is argued?

    Just watched Inside Washinbton on KCET in LA and the 4 people dismissed the protesters as drum beating hippies without direction….just s I mentioned this morning….
    Unbelievable!! Better signage…

    • Fury says:

      i’m a native californian.

      i am not arguing.
      there is common law in california in terms of palimony.
      that was my point, whether it is called common law or not.

      now i have to see what you are saying about wearing the “right attire” for a protest.
      good grief.

    • The media seems to be focusing on the labour unions and not the homeowners and fraudclosures issues…each message needs to be stated clearly…

      • Fury says:

        i think the media focuses on 2 groups:

        1. the unions…. because they fear them. the union layers can whip any bank lawyer.
        the unions have muscle and can shut down ANY city.

        in nyc, if the MTA ( metropoilitan transportation authority) held a strike or the Teamsters or Teachers,
        the city wou;d come to a complete standstill.

        2. the types that provide fodder for interesting TV — dancing, topless nutjobs.

        the MSM wants the Occupy Together protests to look like they are just a bunch of kooks.
        they hope to trivialize and marginalize the protest.

        sorry , buds.

        the protests are made up of all sorts of people who have been screwed over by the
        criminal activities of the banksters and wall street. we are fed up.

        we are fighting for democracy,

        we are the 99%. we have power. we will be heard.

      • Fury says:

        typo correction:
        union lawyers. they are hard and mighty
        and can crush the wimpy bank attorneys.

  10. Andrea Guice says:

    But, there is ‘one’ case that I know can show banks, (Wells Fargo & HSBC) deliberately lied about owning the ‘mortgage/note’, by their own written admission that they didn’t own it, before they foreclosed. This case is one for the State Attorney, as it proves ‘criminal intent to deceive’ the Court, & me. The fact is: Banks, apparently forgot they filed statements to bankruptcy court that contradict those they filed in State court.
    Specifically, WF states on line#4 that my mortgage note had not ever been transferred (na). The apparent ‘amnesia’ suffered by WF banksters seem to have them committing forgery, using HSBC, who claims my note was transferred to them in 2005; but, during my 2007 & 2008 bankruptcy HSBC, represented by Wells Fargo,did not claim to own my 1st mortgage
    note, even ‘two months’ before they foreclosed!
    Which was in 2008! It seems to be clear that, WF & HSBC banks have knowingly committed ‘fraud’ with criminal intent. Papertrails don’t lie. Banks forgot, …amnesia…what lies they were submitting to Courts to ‘extort’ money. Well, my foreclosure case is still pending, according to the Ohio Common Pleas Court.
    Another issue is, are the banks ‘servicers or consumers’? Banks make all decisions for the mortgage note/loan for the MBS Trust. Therefore, thee must be held accountable fir any action regards to the foreclosure. This reminds me of when men shacked with women before ‘common Law marriage’ became Law. Doesnt matter if you married legally; if you’re ‘doing’ everything as a married man would, ‘you’re married’! If banks are making all the ‘judgements’ about the mortgage loan, they are responsible for it. They have taken on the ‘role’ as the ‘consumer’. They are ‘legally’ bound whether thy posture themselves otherwise or not. Much like the ‘common law marriage scenario’. Truth is known by the distortion of a lie. Banks are good at deception, but truth always reveals it! Andrea Guice

  11. Elyse says:

    Hope this opens…it’s the trailer for a new feature film opening later this month…..
    “MARGIN CALL”….better than TOO BIG TO FAIL……Wear anything you wish!! LOL

  12. Elyse says:

    I am shocked to be speanding so much time on the “what to wear” issue!! Am I talking with all the rainbow wig wearers here?? LOL

    Come on people…we DO care about the Media…some of us are fighting in the courts right now and in hopes some of the Judges will see and understand what is going on…The media are still saying…WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE PROTESTING???? REALLY!! While that is being reported, the camera is on the rainbow wig guy beating a drum???

    I’m in California and these protest in LA are about the banks stealing houses…
    I live close by and do not camp on the streets…I’m a grandmother!!

    Let your concience be your guide on appropriate attire…
    Let this end now!

    • housemanrob says:

      ………and I am a grandfather……

    • lvent says:

      That has nothing to do with our mission statement which is aimed at the ENTIRE NEW WORLD ORDER TYRANNNY..
      STARTING WITH ALL OF THE POLITICIANS, WE WILL WORK OUR WAY UP …, and at the bottom of the heap of steaming b.s…. are the NWO PUPPETS in the media…

    • housemanrob says:

      Elyse….no offense…just think the how you dress issue is…………just no issue! God Bless.

  13. leapfrog says:

    Fine, you kick the ass of the AG and then the AG will wipe the floor with you…gutter slime.

  14. “If a homeowner isn’t paying the mortgage, it doesn’t matter whether a document was robosigned or not.”

    It doesn’t?

    Evidently whomever the moron was that said this, lacks the intelligence (or willfully deflects), to grasp the concept of “standing”

    The precise issue is NOT that a loan was taken out, but RATHER, whether the entity seeking to foreclose has the right to do so.

    This concept has to be STRESSED, as I am confronted with it daily. Their goal is obfuscation..”the borrower is a deadbeat and hasn’t paid in over a year”

    My repsonse? who do they pay again?

    Well Mr banker (servicer) lawyer, my client (for example) took a loan out from New Century Mortgage Corporation. I do not see where NCMC is here today seeking to bodily remove my client from his/her home.


    So your proof is what again?

    Oh a copy of the documents, so like if I gave you a copy of a $100 bill for you to go put gas in your car, how much gas would you be able to put in your tank again?

    Oh yes that would be ZERO, like your evidence of ownership

    • lvent says:

      They don’t give a f— about us….that is the bottom line..they want more for themselves, and nothing for anyone else…At the end of the day, they are fascist commie pigs, all of them! They are all in the Big Club.

      • lvent says:

        I just received a notice of motion for leave to file the second amended complaint from the pretender lender’s attorney Fisher & Shapiro who wants to add a copy of the ‘ORIGINAL NOTE’ to the fraudclosure complaint. I filed a motion to dismiss on all of the foreclosure fraud and mortgage fraud in my loan..I showed clear and obvious proof in my motion. This court date is set for the same day…There has never been an assignment filed by the pretender lender….The original pretender lender typoed over original documents and forged mine and my husbands initials and then they proceeded to stamp over all of the fraud they committed in subsequent filings…The fraud is in plain sight…PHH mortgage has already been fined and 1700 fraudclosure cases filed by Fisher & Shapiro were dismissed by a Judge last March…If they had the Original Note and the right paperwork than why would they have joined us, the defendants trying to fraudclose on MERS?….PHH Mortgage is the pretender lender and were never assigned my mortgage, there is just a bogus allonge which they have removed from the last two filings….The original pretender lender is now a failed bank and claiming to be AMCORE, NA, MERS..So why is PHH joining us, the defendants trying to fraudclose on them? They are a non-record claimant and have no standing obviously…. This is a mess…and there are NO ATTORNEYS….in Chitown…at all…!! I pray the Judge sees what they are doing and rules in my favor…!

      • As long as we are not tring to derail(for want of a better word right now) all those that are rich from their hard work with those who swindle or make a living off ponzi schemes…let us respect one another while voicing our opinions and sharing factual data…
        America was founded on reward for work well done…and that is quickly fading away…also, there are many that lost their jobs that were able to use their creativity to start something for themselves albeit smaller than what they were working for but at least they are trying to do something while expressing their discontent with the state of affairs in the country…many are doing things they never thought they would do which can be a good humbling experience…if more Americans would have accepted the jobs that the alien residents were willing to accept and the illegal aliens…perhaps more companies would still be able to hire more people…think about this…

        We really need to look at the issues as they are and not mix them up with other issues…however, we also must be aware that many other issues npt mentioned here and have been mentioned here off and on do connect to what eqyals the banksters and fraudclosures and robosigners etc…your thoughts…

        I would not appreciate you to dislike me or have resent,ent towards me because I may be rich or can afford to pay my mortgae or can create my own job or willing to create income streams that will help me to hire others…you think?

    • Mrs Doughtfire says:

      Glen, That is so true….I refuse to pay the wrong party and since my servicer cannot prove the trust they say its in actually has the note (cough) they can kiss my butt I will not give another dime. After my last QWR I havnt heard a word………..hmmmmmmm wonder why? I am sure I was placed in the (oh crap, this one will fight us) pile. I am in mass. stand up and fight!

  15. housemanrob says:

    ….same old…same old…

  16. Elyse says:

    Everyone should be hitting the Street NOW….The media is on it and the smallest “other news” will take it away so get out to your local protest location and get the word out!!

    DO NOT DRESS SILLY!! Dress in business attire…carry a brief case…look WALL STREET, not hippies!!

    The Banks are destroying America!
    The banks are not lending money to business so no new hires!
    All this is to make Obama a one term President…

    • PL says:

      You are so right that appearances matter. Protesters in business attire or dress casual will get better press coverage than those sporting hippy-chic. Oh, and please cover up tattoos too because they distract from the issues.

      • lvent says:

        Elyse, I see your point but the media blows…and do we really care what they think? They are not on our side no matter what we wear…Alot of these people are sleeping there…..and not going home…That is a strong statement right there about the determination of the American People…The hippies in the 60’s did not give a damn what the establishment thought….They were just being themselves, and that is what freedom is all about and that is what the establishment hates…..NON CONFORMING PEOPLE………..Free to do what we want and say what we want and wear what we want……..Remember their motto is conform or perish…SCREW THEM…!.

      • leapfrog says:

        That’s for sure lvent. The media is not on our side. They want to portray poor little innocent WS as being taken advantage of by greedy deadbeat borrowers who all woke up suddenly and at one time en mass and decided to defraud Wall Street and collapsed the economy (*rolls eyes*) necessitating bailouts for poor innocent Wall Street or there could be utter chaos and “tanks in the streets” (according to Geithner and Paulson).

      • Elyse says:

        Seems today has been a pretty lively conversation day…It is certainly interesting to hear the many differences in issues but the same frustrations by all….

        I have filed my lawsuit 2 years ago, in pro per, and have experienced the legal system for the first time…I had no idea Lawyers lie and file false statements…I feel as though I am the defendant!!

        Gone through the Mers Assignments, Robo signed by one Defendant to the other, my loan sold many times over with different interest rates and everything everyone else has experienced….This site and Michael have helped me more than I could have imagined, so when Michael mentioned this protest was going to happen October 6th, I was thrilled because taking it to the streets is the only way to get the attention needed to make any changes.

        My comment about dressing properly in order to be taken seriously during these protests was suprising to get such negative feedback from some of you….I certainly realize we are all furious with this Country and the volume of issues we need fixed, however, let’s stay friendly and positive and united we will succeed….SOON!!

        Voting will be a whole other issue!! LOL
        Tomorrow is another day:-)
        Palm Springs, California

      • That is a fact…snobbery will not go away so quickly…and professionalism attracts attention…

      • lvent says:


    • housemanrob says:

      ……and how many suits do I need to camp out…….. for a month or more……. during a demonstration, Elyse? It is not a fashion show for the elite………and little is left of the middle class. It is about FREEDOM…………Viva!

      • Elyse says:

        Hey Housemanrob….

        Hey ROB…YOU MAY WANT TO GET OUT OF THE HO– USE DEAR and see what’s going on!!
        The media will always focus on the weird one’s and then report on CNN that it’s a bunch of old hippies!! Have you not been watching the coverage housemanrob???

        The spotlight is on us and our issues…don’t think this isn’t important enough to dress with some respect other than rainbow wigs and flag bell bottoms!!!

        It may be all about FREEDOM for you…but to those of us on this site….IT’S ABOUT THE FORECLOSURE FRAUD and the Wall STreet Bankers stealing our homes!!

        We fought for FREEDOM in the 60’s….burned our bra’s and draft cards…WE WON!!
        Let’s move forward shall we???

      • housemanrob says:

        I am sorry Elyse….but this revilution is not about how you dress……….and I’ve already spent 2 nights camped out in Freedom (Zuccotti pk). As to your other charges….there is no greater patriot then I……….for I will gladly voluteer MY OWN LIFE to this movement…..if asked pragmatically!

      • Elyse….The protests are in combination of all that has been done to the people…Many are ones who have never had a mortgage…never bought a home…they are speaking for themselves as ones who cannot find work…… can’t pay student loans….can’t find employemnt after graduation…minimum wage does not pay rent and thousands in student loans…and the cost of just living….that is their bitch….Wall Street has caused this…The foreclosures are also part of the protests….the signs we carry tell what we are fighting for….our voice tells it…..that is protesting…not to impress anyone with dress……protesting is for everyone no matter what you are fighting for…some are there for the loss of their pensions…and have never had a mortgage….So the protest is not only about foreclosures…IT’S EVERYTHING THAT INVOLVES MONEY…money lost to the crooked thieves in the financial industry. We need to be one united together…not split….And many even in foreclosure or already lost their homes…have been out of work for years and maybe cannot afford a suit and a brief case….get real Elyse…..Consider the Unions and the 700 pilots who came to the protest…..they are backing up the protesters in New York….not what they look like..but the issues that need to be protested……millions are hurting right now and we all have to have an open mind to help each other.

      • housemanrob says:

        ….add it all up….and it is all about………freedom. It is being stripped away!

      • PL says:

        Let’s be pragmatic. When one has an important message to convey, appearances matter. Looking sloppy, juvenile or freakish detracts from the real issues and makes it easy for the press or others to focus on irrelevant details. Like it or not, that’s the way the world works. As much as I like to wear my comfy clothes and not care what others think, when I have important business I put on clothes convey a serious image. I do know something about this topic. My work involves representing people in foreclosure and I would never go to court with a sloppy appearance for fear that me (and my client) wouldn’t be taken seriously during the brief time we have the court’s attention. Protesters, this is your 15 minutes, dress the part.

      • That’s right Rob…without freedom…we have nothing….that is control under a dictatorship….right where this is all heading if we do not fight the fight……the NWO…one government….we will be owned as slaves..if we live…..Years back I asked a fella from Syria…’ Why does everone want to come to America? Your family has a large house, a car..and TV….what don’t you have there that is here ? ‘ And he said ..” ‘FREEDOM “…AND NOW WE ARE FIGHTING FOR IT….right here in America…the lying bastards are stealing everything…..protesting needs to be at the Federal Reserve and the White House….this is where the enemies are that control the money…that feeds the banks and Wall Street.

      • housemanrob says:

        PL You think a protest……..real protest march is 15 minutes of glory…..afraid not………it takes constant attention 24 hrs….incuding camping out to unify and solidify our countrymen. By the way, I wear a suit to court, myself!

      • leapfrog says:

        I wonder how a nice clean-cut L.L. Bean guy would be taken? Probably would be ignored by the reporters. I saw an article on Mandelman on the topic of propaganda and MSM does indeed judge a book by its cover and select the scruffiest they can find – to give credence to the idea that this is all a bunch of disorganized “nuts” and discredit the protestor’s message. Not fair, but that’s how they spin things. Mandelman said how you never see a picture of the clean-cut Andersons in their Volvo leaving their foreclosed home – you see the ghetto, grafitti ramshackle tenement as the stereotypical foreclosure portrayal.

        I was most pleased with a scruffy guy that my local Ken-doll reporter selected to interview this morning. He held his own, spoke articulately and outwitted Ken-doll. Kind of threw poor old Ken off base. Hilarious! I’ll see if I can dig up that Mandelman if you are interested.

        P.S. Not advocating L.L. Bean (I would not wear – I’m jeans & T-shirt type – lol) but it might throw some judge-a-book-by-its-cover types (like Ken-doll – there I go judging – lol) off.

      • PL…..OH please…..This is a protest…not a business appointment…you are comparing going to court to living on the streets day and night for days at a time? In the same clothes and no bath? Many traveled to get to New York…with no place to stay..little money. Are you comparing making hundreds per hour to those protesting under rough conditions ? If those who want to protest about the foreclosures are free to protest anywhere they want….and dress anyway they want…but I certainly did not see signs being carried by anyone stating the frauds in the financial industry…but I saw 700 pilots protesting and Union members…where were the foreclosure victims? If they had been there the others would have not been that obvious…they would have been filtered in the crowd…..I would love to see what you looked like after weeks of no bath, sleeping in a sleeping bag…no shaving….weathering the rain and cold….would you look like an attorney going to court ? I don’t think so.

      • leapfrog says:

        Ok, found the Mandelman article:

        “Oh my God, I said out loud but to myself… they’re reinforcing the image that the people losing homes shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. Empty homes with trash piled everywhere, graffiti on walls, tiny little box homes… this is supposed to be representative of who’s losing homes today? Like hell it is. Then again… it occurred to me that the Anderson Family so rarely stops to pose for a photo-op in front of their Volvo before driving away from their foreclosed home for the last time.”

      • housemanrob says:

        ….anyone who thinks this movement is just about foreclosure….than they haven’t absorbed or gathered all the information being collected! This is a true FREEDOM movement……….about the elite purposely destroying the freedom of this country in the interest of their pockets…. taking orders from the NWO……..including the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Illumanati, the Free Masons, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Bush crime family……..and a huge laundry list to go with it. Yea……..this is a huge conspiracy to make us all slaves!

      • lvent says:

        Right on Rob…my local media, WGN is usually fair but they are saying tonite that the Wall Street protesters still do not have a clear cut mission…They interviewed a couple banksters who were walking by, one said, we are expressing our views but the answers for this are alot more complicated than the financial sector..True they were put up to this Hitler Plan and the true MASTERMINDS are the NEW WORLD ORDER MEMBERS IN CONGRESS, the politicians, than the GSE’s, THE U.S. TREASURY,THE FEDERAL RESERVE….THE MAIN CULPRIT…THE WORLD BANK/THE IMF…….WHICH IS OWNED BY THE NWO/VATICAN/SMOM JESUITS……Jesse Jackson spoke on our behalf..ABOLISH THE FED…..MAKE THE CRIMINALS PAY US BACK ALL OF OUR STOLEN WEALTH!!! CLEAR TITLE BACK TO ALL HOME OWNERS…..OR ELSE, NATIONWIDE PROPERTY TAX REVOLT…STOP FEEDING THE BEAST!!!

      • housemanrob says:

        We won very little during the 60s movement……….the problem?…..we all quit… question? How many of us from the 60s marches……….are now banksters? What a tragic thought!

      • lvent says:


      • lvent says:

        leapfrog, I really love that Mandelman article…now that is the truth……there are no principle write downs and loan mods because Wall Street debt is 140 trillion dollars….and there is NO COLLATERAL BACKING THAT UP….Putting it simply, the banks are insolvent and no amount of refi’s, loan mods, principle write downs or FEDERAL RESERVE, WARREN BUFFET bailouts are going to save their ship…….Time for the NWO to realize, their evil Hitler Plan has failed miserably,…and NOBODY BELIEVES THIER BIG LIES….THAT THIS IS THE PEOPLES $140 TRILLION DEBT, OR THE PEOPLE CA– USED THIS FINANCIAL MESS…..THIS WAS ALL MANUFACTURED, BY THE RULING ELITE….TO STEAL EVERYTHING FROM THE PEOPLE FOR DEBTS WE DO NOT OWE….THEY WANTED TO MAKE US “THINK” THEY OWN US..THEY INVESTED IN ALOT OF FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED DEBT, THAT IS ALL THEY DID…THEY NEVER LENT US ANY MONEY…PLAIN AND SIMPLE,…THEY ARE ALL LIARS AND THIEVES, THAT IS ALL THEY ARE..FREEDOM STEALERS…WEALTH STEALERS…. HOME STEALERS….NATION STEALERS…..THE NWO, ALL OF THEIR MINIONS AND COHORTS ARE A GIANT CABAL OF DECEIVERS AND PRETENDERS…..

      • PL says:

        Rob: When I wrote 15 minutes, I was speaking metaphorically, as in Andy Warhol’s quote that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes . Of course it’s going to take a lot longer than that to bring about change to a political & economic system.

        Marilyn, sorry but it’s not the best time to wear your freak flag when the world is tuning in. Everybody needs to clean up as much as possible to be taken seriously.

        Ivent, um, yeah, I think I have some idea what homeowners are going through. Doing pro bono foreclosure defense as well as other consumer litigation tends to do that. Take your frustrations on someone else.

      • PL….Living on the streets and in parks sleeping in sleeping. bags…does not mean you get up and take a shower and shave ….those you and others speak about are the brave ones who started the protest….that group is the younger ones who have other issues to protest about….they are mad…mad at what the government has done to this country…ruined it and taken everything down to rock bottom. You say the world is watching and not a time for ME to wear my freak flag…Just so happens I don’t wear a freak flag…I respect our flag….more than this government can say….but if you watched the world in their own protests…you will see they wore flags, they burned flags,..they tore flags up… we should worry what the world thinks? They already have an opinion of this country and the fake wars that killed thousands of people and you are concerned what they think when they see the protests and how the people were dressed? The protests are not just about foreclosures…it involves everything….the take over of our country…Don’t worry about the ones at the protests…make a sign and pick a spot and start walking….cause you too will be a number and a slave…there will be no need for lawyers. .

      • Well, think of a real war…how important it is for the soldiers to wear proper battle attire…even camoflauge suit…you know, trying to look like their surroundings…there are rules of engagement in any sort of warfare…your dress tells othes what you think of yourself and how they should think of you…your call…

      • To Tell the Truth….You speak of war attire….given to the ones fighting the war…of course I agree with you on that…they certainly would not be in classy levi’s and sport shirt….and they don’t go to Joes Surplus to get they camouflage outfits…it is given to them……But I am not walking in the shoes of those at the protest….I only hear they HAVE NO MONEY…NO JOBS, NO PLACE TO STAY…Some may be wearing clothes second hand…worn over and over and never washed. But over and above this….in the videos I saw I did not see any florclosure signs…right from the start or till now. So why are people complaining…..leave the protest to those who are mad at the government for allowing many to struggle with no money….Certainly they would not find jobs dressed as they are…but thousands dressed in suits can’t find work either….and have a degree to back them up. Those in foreclosure or have lost their homes need to start their own protests…protests at the banks..the Federal Reserve…Washington DC….their state government….nothing is saying they must join those at Wall Street….Its the Federal Reserve that feeds Wall Street…..get to the seed.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Marilyn (and everyone else that knows what OWS is REALLY about)….you are wasting your breath trying to explain the concept of OWS to those more concerned with attire when they are more concerned with just ONE issue….fraudclosure! It is obvious that these are working professionals WHO have a good job, with benefits, never have a problem juggling monies nowadays. Well, I used to dress professional every day for 33+ years…so what? That did not stop what was happening on WS nor the foreclosure fraud, nor the reaping of land and gold to NWO. You are talking to a brick wall when trying to explain that OWS is a combination of ALL THINGS WRONG !!! My suits and fine dresses are still hanging in my closet….and my job now calls for me to wear black pants and white tops but it’s a job that is paying the bills. When ‘their’ jobs disappear like 28% of the rest of the country where are the suits going to get them?

        Let’s move on and support those in NY who are there for a REAL purpose.

      • Bobbi….I know it is a waste of time….but I had to tell them to make their signs…pick a spot and starting walking anywhere it suites their fancy. No one has told them they need to join in at Wall Street. In the first place that would not be where I would start if I were in foreclosure….I would be at the Federal Reserve and Washington DC…but that is me doing what I feel is necessary. It is all about freedom…..the freedom we lost…..the conditions this country is in….we have so much to bitch about that one has a problem trying to put it all on one sign. Everything is corrupt right down to the local district courts……..everything needs to be addressed…it is up to everyone to chose what issue they feel is most important to them. But I will not waste my time on this issue of dress any further…….comparing this to war or going to court….is in left field.

      • lvent says:

        PL, You DO NOT KNOW what homeowners in fraudclosure are going through, you ARE NOT walking in our shoes, you do not live in fear of losing the roof over your head……you have not lost your wealth, your business or your job…….You are not BROKE……….It is stressful and degenerative to your health……It is no way to live… The pain and anguish these criminals have caused to millions is immeasurable…, They are putting the American people through a living HELL on a daily basis and it is all because of greed and their owners are control freaks hoarders …What I have a problem with is when people like YOU, come to this website and try to pretend that you know how we feel and state that you know what we have been through and then you have the balls to try and tell us how it is that we should dress for a protest rally…where peaceful and innocent American Citizens are being ARRESTED for exercising their first amendment rights….WHILE THE CRIMINAL POLITICIANS AND THEIR MINIONS AND COHORTS ARE NOT BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY…….THE TRUTH IS, YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW ANYONE FEELS UNTIL YOU HAVE WALKED A MILE IN THEIR SHOES….EMPATHY IS NOT LIVING IT AND SYMPATHY IS NOT FEELING IT…………YOUR ARE CONFUSING FEELINGS WITH REALITY…..YOUR REALITY IS NOT THE SAME AS OURS…AND YOUR OPINIONS ABOUT OUR DRESS CODE FOR PROTEST RALLIES ARE NOT RELEVANT…AT ALL…. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP PEOPLE, SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE.. AND DON’T CRITICIZE PEOPLE WHEN THEY ARE DOWN………

      • lvent says:

        PL….I have a question for you, Would you want to trade places with any one of us in fraudclosure?

  17. Jeffrey Dugan says:

    We know who the terrorists are now. ‘Nuff said.

    • Readdocs says:

      Have any of you asked yourselves who is behind the protests? These protests
      were all planned months ago, in another country. Canada. And for them it’s
      just a campaign effort.

      And who is aiding them? ACORN, once again illicitly using YOUR tax
      dollars to fund it.
      Protesting is a good thing and useful,if you know the intent and who is
      behind the protest.

      • leapfrog says:

        That’s not any worse than fighting Fannie Mae and B of A in court and THEM still having the use of my taxpayer dollars to fund their fight against me. Granted, my taxpayer dollars are a drop in the bucket, but it still irritates me to no end.

        I never wanted the bailouts or the estimated 28 trillion in secret federal loans (we do know about 16 trillion FOR SURE) – but I didn’t get a vote or say on it.

      • Ann Jones says:

        ACORN was largely a helpful organization that tried to PREVENT subprime or predatory lending. My God, the money they received pales to what we routinely pay corporations in this country. The so-called conservatives behind ACORN’s fall were specifically funded by Banksters who knew that efforts by ACORN cut into their profits. Which it did.
        Turn off the FAUX news before you say something incredibly dumb.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Readdocs – I went to the website you indicated. I could not find anywhere that ACORN was funding them or aiding them. They list 4 campaigns they are crediting to themselves; and Occupy Wall Street was not one of them (bottom of the site) however, they do make MENTION of it as a campaign againt government. As I recall, the OWS was predicted a while ago by ANONYMOUS calling for it’s support.

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