Alan Grayson Schools P.J. O’Rourke on #OWS (VIDEO)


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  1. Bloodsoaked says:

    i’ll vote for him as PRESIDENT! Common Allen GO FOR IT!

    • Bloodsoaked….You got that right…He speaks for the people and when he lost I could not believe it…WELL…..In Florida I could believe it….I just didn’t want to…..BUT I think the sun has alot ot do with issues in Florida… bakes the brain….and sorry folks in Florida…I live here too and many others have said the same thing…………..

  2. CaitlinO says:

    Maher’s audiene is reliably progressive but I have NEVER seen them stop the show dead in its tracks. The host and guests look astounded. One mentioned that Grayson got a standing ovation. Things are changing. It’s about time, but things are definitely changing.

  3. And he lost? people vote against their own interest in this country, time to re-vindicate vote for Grayson

  4. housemanrob says:

    Too bad Grayson has his hands tied by the crooked florida govt. and the ruling elite. What a great American………tragic…..especially for us!

  5. Mary Sims says:

    I should have said so called “liberal” – my bad. I am a proud liberal.

  6. Mary Sims says:

    My Sophomore son sent me this first. I liked the show more before than now, – seeing the smug reactions of the 1% host and guests – Funny? Really? How is suffering a joke? Oh well, that is how they try to stay insulated. Clueless. Sad, sad, great example of liberal Americans.

  7. For The People says:

    Thank you Rep. Alan Grayson for representing The People.

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