Fired Bank of America Executives, Joe Price and Sallie Krawcheck, Get $11 MILLION Payout

“In return for the payments, Krawcheck and Price agreed not to compete against the company in their respective areas or lure away clients or employees for a year.”

“They also agreed not to make negative public comments about the bank.

Sounds more like “hush money,” doesn’t it?


BofA to pay $11 million total to Price, Krawcheck

(Reuters) – Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) will pay $11 million to ousted executives Joe Price and Sallie Krawcheck, a large payout at a time when banks face protests over pay but smaller than the eight-figure packages some executives received before the financial crisis.

Krawcheck — a former Citigroup Inc (C.N) executive who came to Bank of America in 2009 and was one of the top-ranking women on Wall Street — will receive a one-time payment of $5.15 million, according to separation agreements filed by the bank on Friday.

Price, a Bank of America veteran, gets $4.15 million. Each will also receive $850,000 over a one-year period.

Price was head of consumer banking and Krawcheck led wealth and investment operations.

The Charlotte, North Carolina, bank last month eliminated their positions as part of a cost-cutting initiative called Project New BAC. Chief Executive Brian Moynihan assigned their duties to two executives promoted to co-chief operating officers.

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From the 8K Filing…



As previously disclosed in a Current Report on Form 8-K dated September 6, 2011, Bank of America Corporation (BAC) (the “Registrant”) announced a management reorganization, including the departures of Sallie L. Krawcheck, former president of Global Wealth and Investment Management, and Joe L. Price, former president of Global Consumer and Small Business Banking, effective the same day.

On October 6, 2011, the Registrant entered into separate General Release and Separation Agreements with each of Ms. Krawcheck and Mr. Price (together, the “Agreements”). Under their respective Agreements, Ms. Krawcheck and Mr. Price each agreed to a general release of claims against the Registrant and its subsidiaries and affiliates, and to one-year covenants not to compete with the Registrant and not to solicit employees or customers of the Registrant. In addition, both former executives agreed to other customary covenants and confidentiality provisions. In consideration of Ms. Krawcheck’s and Mr. Price’s releases of claims and agreements to these restrictive covenants, the Agreements provide that each of Ms. Krawcheck and Mr. Price will receive: installment payments equal to 52 weeks of their regular base salary, or $850,000, in each case, and group health coverage benefits and outplacement services for the period they receive the installment payments. In addition, Ms. Krawcheck’s Agreement provides that she will receive a one-time, supplemental lump sum payment of $5,150,000 and Mr. Price’s Agreement provides that he will receive a one-time, supplemental lump sum payment of $4,150,000, in each case payable by the Registrant one year following Ms. Krawcheck’s and Mr. Price’s separation date. If either Ms. Krawcheck or Mr. Price breaches the terms of their respective Agreements, the Registrant may discontinue any remaining payments or benefits provided by the Agreements and require reimbursement of the value of any payments and benefits previously received by Ms. Krawcheck or Mr. Price under the Agreements. Neither Ms. Krawcheck nor Mr. Price will be eligible to receive any incentive award for the 2011 fiscal year. The Compensation and Benefits Committee of the Registrant’s Board of Directors approved the terms of each Agreement on October 5, 2011.

The above description of the Agreements is qualified in its entirety by reference to the complete terms and conditions of the Agreements, which are attached hereto as Exhibits 10.1 and 10.2 and incorporated herein by reference.


(d) Exhibits.

The following exhibits are filed herewith:

  NO.                               DESCRIPTION OF EXHIBIT

10.1         General Release and Separation Agreement dated October 6, 2011
             between Bank of America Corporation and Sallie L. Krawcheck

10.2         General Release and Separation Agreement dated October 6, 2011
             between Bank of America Corporation and Joe L. Price




 Sallie L. Krawcheck General Release and Separation Agreement

Joe L. Price General Release and Separation Agreement


8 Responses to “Fired Bank of America Executives, Joe Price and Sallie Krawcheck, Get $11 MILLION Payout”
  1. Peter Everts says:

    First on the steps to the guillotine.

  2. housemanrob says:

    Hang em’ both…cut them open and feed their entrails to hogs while they watch…………or how about the fired up iron maiden….that will stop all of these crooks!

  3. Katheryn says:

    That’s a spit in the bucket to the trillions made by BoA.

  4. Readdocs says:

    That was a payout to keep them quiet. With BoA needing to shut down
    Countrywide due to a non sale, which means all those bad sub prime loans
    are back on their books. Letting these two go with a payout was cheap.
    How many mortgages was this payout equal to?
    It would be nice if there was a copy of each ones files stored somewhere.

  5. Bloodsoaked says:

    Well this will shutt them up for a year. I hope they will come out with the truth and spill the beans anyway. Common God infiltrate their corrupt hearts and make them talk, Like Jim Carey in Lier Lier.

  6. lvent says:

    THIS IS THE FACE OF EVIL…… STARING ALL OF US DOWN…….Bloomberg reporting Bove says that BOFA has plenty of capital to handle mortgage fraud lawsuits….Of course they do…..they robbed trillions out of the U.S. ECONOMY to pay for all of their fraud and they still are;……..140 trillion in collateral mortgage fraud is their debt, not ours…make the criminals pay their bills and pay the people back their stolen wealth….The robbery of the American people must stop to pay for the fraud of the World Bank, IMF/FANNIE AND FREDDIES EVIL….Global Hitler Plan…

  7. Ron Moss says:

    Maybe just a portion of that will help pay for my upfront legal fee to start my helping MERS to Ceast and Desist
    Halleluja I’m a bum Hallaluja Bum again Hallaluja I am a Bum Bum revive us again

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