American Hypocrisy: I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street #OWS



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  1. Lauraine says:

    The chickens have come home to roost…All that we, these YET United States of America have perpetuated is a desire to help everyone else obtain civil liberties except at home…It’s like a husband that loves and cares for every other man’s wife except his own. His own family is starving, losing their home and can’t take care of the basic necessities of life because HE’S NOT THERE TO SEE HOW MUCH THEY LACK!!!

  2. Peter Everts says:

    “….and then they came for me”. Revolution – now.

  3. Beth A. says:

    Isn’t it interesting what the current administration chooses to ignore?
    If they don’t acknowledge it – I guess it isn’t “real”, huh?
    This is an adminstration with E. Holder as its “top cop”.

    Evil is as evil does.

  4. Bloodsoaked says:

    Everyone needs to stop paying thier mortgages and taxes =0. Stop investing in wall st. take all your money out of the banks. Buy and store food, fuel,water, amunishion and guns and get ready to fight for your life and freedom. You will have to at some point. Or all you will have is memmories of the freedom that we once had. I will not be thier slave any longer. These two are the two headed snake in the snakepit of terrorism. They are ingineer’s of mass murder. They are the biggest terrorist organization known to man kind.

  5. malco says:

    ” history will not repeat itself ” Does that scare you Obama ?It SHOULD

  6. see says:

    The words spoken by Obama and Hillary were not meant for the American Poeple. You see our government is afraid of the American People because we have caught on to the deceit. Our rights were taken away from us with the passage of the Patriot Act. We are guilty even if we prove we are innocent. Loved the short film, it proves that we the people are no different than the people from the different countries named.

  7. That is a great video….it show how our government speaks with fork-tongue….say’s one thing and yet means another…..If it is good for one country than it is good for another…..Come on. Obama and Ms. Clinton….come to the streets of America and see what is going on….You praise the people of other countries and spit on the citizens of America….WE DARE YOU….TO JOIN IN WITH THE PEOPLE ON THE STREETS….PROVE YOU BELIEVE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTEST FOR THEIR FREEDOM..THEIR COUNTRY…FOR AN HONEST GOVERNMENT……IS THAT WHY YOU DON’T SHOW YOUR FACE AND SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY..? .YOU ALSO HAVE BEEN BOUGHT..BOTH OF YOU . BOUGHT BY THE ENEMIES WE KNOW OWN YOU BOTH….BY THE WAY…THAT IS TREASON…The protests are and were a peaceful protests…but the government has allowed the police to be bought by the criminals in the financial industry and the government to seek trouble to cause anger to build up…SO FAR THE POLICE ARE THE REAL PROBLEM AT THE PROTESTS….NOT THE PEOPLE…….THIS IS SO DISGUSTING….IT IS A WONDER NO ONE HAS BEEN KILLED… BUT……THIS IS GOING TO GET VERY DIRTY AND ROUGH…..FIGHT ON…BE PREPARED……WE ARE STRONG AND GETTING STRONGER EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY….SO FAR THEY ARE THE CHICKEN SHITS WITH THEIR BILLY CLUBS…..HOW WOULD THEY LIKE TO GET WACKED WITH ONE FOR DOING THE DIRTY WORK OF THE ENEMY….AND DRAGGED ON THE CONCRETE…….DOESN’T SOUND SO GOOD DOES IT? THE POLICE NEED TO BE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM..FOR OUR COUNTRY….INSTEAD THEY ARE WORKING FOR THE ENEMY…..

  8. housemanrob says:

    Fantastic video……mirrors the same repression that is prevalent in the middle east……with the real culpable players in our country…….proving what HIPPOCRATES THEY ARE!

  9. Equity Free says:

    Kudo’s to the makers of this , Bravo !

    Both parties are on the take , follow the money …take money out of government , only then will the field
    be fair . This video shows you how rigged the game is .

  10. lvent says:

    Shame on the U.S. Government that is completely corrupt and oppressing its own people by completely ignoring ALL of our Constitutional Rights…all to protect the NWO’s evil keyensian economic system…the NWO order owned credit/debt fiat currency system which only feeds off of the backs of all of us lending them credit backed by all of us, and they get rich by collecting interest, fees and creation of many other frauds like mortgage derivatives fraud, which has become massive collateral fraud which was allowed to go unregulated and therefore the collateral fraud, debt backed by ZERO is exponential…THE PERPS ARE NOW IN DEBT UP TO THEIR EYEBALLS AND WANT ALL OF US TO PAY FOR IT….BULLSHIT!!….The politicians, their minions and cohorts are.treasonists traitors from within…This is why they want to take away our second amendment right…to keep and bear arms….which is our last resort..and they know it. The second amendment is the only thing keeping the NWO from a complete takeover of America…

    • notmyhomeyournot says:

      All your posts and still you don’t really see the main attack? This country has been sold to foreign interests, who do you think the foreign interests are?…….. England……..Rome………maybe all, it does not matter. What matters is the simple questions to be asked, Who?….Foreign interests. When?………..Since 1776. Why?, For control of the worlds masses. What? The federal reserve and all the banks who were shut down several times for the same reasons over the years. Where?, Every continent on this Earth, every damn dictator and President since JF Kennedy has restarted the banking pilfering and the governments are controlled and molded from British Rule and Romes lust for Power of every kind that they can take over. The plan in place from Thomas Jefferson on has been to take the monetary system and control the survival of many, then disrupt the laws of humanity and twist them into man’s laws, then control the family units ability to stay unified, divorce and child abductions by state and Federal government by illegal seizure. Corrupt the children by dumbing them down in the education sector, while maintaining control of the family by taking jobs away from the intelligent people so they can’t fight back because of distractions of their own life’s disasters. Now they are stealing all the homes and then renting them back to people at four times the income of most working class. This is going on in my county of Bradford in Pennsylvania, as the gas industry has abducted Pennsylvania and overloaded the area with gas workers from Texas, Mexico, on the other gas states into an area that could not support the locals before they arrived, and now the homes are rehabbed and put up for rent at $1500 to $6000 per month, with most people who had family’s here for 50 to 90 years were pushed out to make way for the foreigners. Because this area was mostly agricultural, is now being laid to waste by the gas companies drilling and fracking every resource into polluted waste land. The work in this area has been shipped out, leaving the older 40+ with no way to earn above minimum wage. How can anyone live on minimum wage with a family of four surviving barely on food stamps that the government con-cocked to keep the underpaid under government control. Now with people without ways to feed their families, no roof over their head the masses are now at the point of being killed off by starvation and survival of the fittest the only ones to make it.
      Now it is time to rethink what we are as a nation, and we have to first show up by the hundreds of thousands by bus loads into the capital, seize every government building, and politician, and take them out in a public court of the people, and convicted of treason. Overrun the banks and take every mansion they bought with our money they wont have in the bank, because it is Fiat money, not even worth the price of ink they used to print them. They did not have any thing to back the dollar they have been printing by the trillions, and putting up our lives and the lives of our future generations, as collateral to foreign investors, so they wont get found out, but now it all fell down, and soon China and the others will be demanding us poor slobs that were sold as slaves to investor by the TBTF banks and mortgage companies. Let’s just get every single sole who can hold a bat at beat the hell out of every politician they can find and take back the Country that belongs to “THE PEOPLE” If that’s too messy for ya, just hang the bastards, it will keep our bottom line down. We can’t go wasting money on ammo, they are not worth it. This is our right as humanity demands and our constitution Say’s we should do in the event of government TBTF control of the masses.

      • Notmyhome…..Very well said. I know you hold deep anger and you have a right to…..I remember your comment telling of the Gas Co…and the damage done to your state…the conditions that they have done and left it….I wrote a comment tonight about the billy clubs the police are using….and I thought of baseball bats while writing it…..Yes…we need to beat the hell out of alot of people…sad it has come to this….but it has……and they know that we know who they are….but first they are protesting the peaceful way…the police are the problem and seem to be trying to start a riot….to beat someone that is doing a peaceful protests..gets yanked out of the crowd and beaten……nothing but low class rent a cop….disgusting…….

  11. talktotennessee says:

    Very Powerful!
    Excellent way to silence Democratic opposition to demonstrations for and by the People. Democrats do support but they need to put their allegiance to freedom where their mouth is if they want to lead the U.S. of America into recovery and reform! I support the Democratic party as the party of the people but they must change and reject Corporate control, reject Corporate welfare. If any party allows corporate money to replace their values or restructure them to benefit big banking and Wall Street it is time for reform. There is hope for the Democratic party to lead and do it effectively. I doubt the GOP will ever come to that point. They are so bent on oppressing freedom that they fail to even see the people as more than a nuisance to be dealt with at election time. Is there room for a third party? Perhaps, but sometimes it is easier to mold and control what you have than it is to develop something new. Maybe we need to seize the Democratic party as the tea party seized the GOP to do their will?

    • Bloodsoaked says:

      The cancer has spread to far. erase them all and start a new party that cannot be bought and sold. Lets call it the freedomecratic party or freepublicans party. Hey gotta start somewhere.

      • notmyhomeyournot says:

        There should not be any parties. There should be people picked by the people to be nominated, not any party that collects funds for special interest groups, since when did this country become up for sale by the highest bidder?
        Nothing will change, unless we relearn how to do battle with the enemy, like other countries are doing. Why do you think Obama-nation and Hillary hard-ass are talking sh*t about other countries are treating their people, they are putting up another smoke screen. Don’t even think about any wars going on, it’s all a money grab for every war they start. WE THE PEOPLE are not against your people over in Iraq, or Iran, or where ever it may be. If you don’t want the US in your country, just say so and we’ll send all the bankers, polititions, The Federal Reserve, over to you so we wont have to put up with it. We don’t want them here either. You’ll do us people a favor.

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