Linda Green | Robo-signing Signing Scandal Hits Allen County Recorder John McGauley, Thousands of Suspect Documents, Including His Own

Signing scandal hitting home

Dubious names affect verification of deeds

FORT WAYNE – Allen County Recorder John McGauley knew property documents with suspect signatures were prevalent. After all, there were so many that a year ago the nation’s largest banks had to halt foreclosures to deal with the sea of paperwork that could not be trusted.

The problem was so big it spawned a new word to describe it: “robo-signing,” meaning offices filled with low-paid workers signing documents they had never read, documents they were not qualified to sign and often signing someone else’s name.

Still, McGauley was surprised to hear that robo-signing was not limited to foreclosure documents but was being found on thousands of homeownership documents having nothing to do with seized homes.

He was even more surprised when a quick check of Allen County records revealed more than 8,000 suspect documents have been filed here since 2006 – records McGauley’s office is charged with preserving as the final word in property ownership.

“It was just like reaching into a hat where your number was on more slips of paper than it wasn’t on,” McGauley said. “Everything you pulled out was another one.”

But the real surprise was when McGauley looked through the documents for his own home. The mortgage release on the house he and his wife sold in 2005 bears the signature of Linda Green – the most notorious robo-signer in the nation.

“This is the kind of thing that can really upset people because the biggest investment most people will ever make is their home,” McGauley said. “It’s frustrating me.”

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  1. talktotennessee says:

    What is needed is whistleblowers and class action lawsuit(s). Although some suits may not realize much in recovery for individual plaintiffs, the larger picture is to expose the industry for their fraud. I can’t imagine why there isn’t more litigation efforts as it seems there would be return for the legal teams. Perhaps it is the research and lack of knowledge, maybe? The reason this has gone unpunished on the criminal aspect is that despite civil and criminal wrongs, many in the industry and Washington consider this a non-issue or victimless issue. They believe those defaulting are technically ‘wrong’ or basically deadbeats for not paying their mortgages despite the predatory nature of some of the loans, illegal documentation or refusal to modify terms. I fear this has already been swept under the rug by Washington and the AGs (states) as the financial industry has couched the forgery and their illegal activity as a “Victimless” crime to justify their “criminal actions.”

  2. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    Fraudelity National Financial , Lender perjuring services , Mortgage Evasion Records ..
    F U K EM

    • marilyn lane says:



      Fraudelity National Title is at the heart of every illegal foreclosure
      at the courts in all fifty one states.

      Fidelity’s subsidaries LPS Docx produced all the fake documents and the false affidavits.
      Fidelity’s attorneys run their business by lying and bribing the Judge to steal property and then take their illegal title and infilterate our Land Records with their fraudulent papers

      William P Foley CEO of Fraudelity mastermind of this massive heist should be strung up by his grapes.

  3. lvent says:

    The fact that Fannie admitted to multiple pledging of notes and the fact that they are still doing it to this day and that MERS is a fraud should have halted fraudclosures a long time ago….MERS clearly stated at their website that Fannie Mae is an INVESTOR and the date of the note and what servicer placed the NOTE IN MERS……NOTE DATE….such and such date….that is a bold ommission that they only have possession of (copies) of the notes….they could not have the originals…..and what are they doing with these notes? THEY ARE STILL COMMTTING MASSIVE FRAUD BY MULTIPLE PLEDGING NOTES FOR FANNIE/FREDDIE….. At the bottom of my mortgage it clearly states…ILLINOIS – Single Family Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UNIFORM INSTRUMENT WITH MERS……WITH MERS?……….NEITHER OF THEM OWN OUR LOANS….FORECLOSURE IS AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL SHAM AND A FRAUD……THE DAY THE COPIES OF THE NOTES WERE SOLD OR PUT INTO MERS and they violated 17 U.S.C. 1320: US CODE – SECTION 1320: SUBSECTION (d), OWNERSHIP AND TRANSFER, IS THE DAY THEY LOST ANY RIGHT TO FORECLOSE…PERIOD, END OF STORY….WE NEED A MORATORIUM ON FRAUDCLOSURE NOW!….THEY ARE BEING ALLOWED TO STEAL OUR HOMES FOR DEBTS WE DO NOT OWE THEM….THAT IS TREASON BY OUR OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!!!!

  4. marilyn lane says:

    @ readdocs

    Do you have an idea on what post that Nancy Drew bought up Fidlar Technologies.?

    I know there is a sinister connection between
    Fidelity and its associations and the County Land Recorders.

  5. talktotennessee says:

    OCCUPY has gone global! Sympathy and support is growing. They are dealing with the same banking mess we have. Their politicians are baling out the banking industry in Europe. Politicians can say the group is a bunch of hippies without a cause if they wish but truth will set us free. Politicians bought and paid for by the banking industry will not be tolerated.

  6. Bloodsoaked says:

    AMERICAN SPRING? We need a good “ol” fashioned KICK ASS AMERICAN BBQ.! Hear——–r Bill and Hillary …………………….I mean Piggy Piggy Piggy!

  7. talktotennessee says:

    I pray Florida will continue to raise the flag and HELL against robo-signing and fraud! Why? RealtyTrac article in Business section of Memphis Commercial Appeal headline reports Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac’s kid spokesman reports: “Foreclosure activity up again” Speculation is that banks are beginning to move beyond the Robo-signing mess I guess no criminal charges has bolstered their intent to continue their fraud. “The hike suggests banks are more aggressive against delinquent borrowers than they had been since industrywide foreclosure processing problems surfaced last autumn.”
    Blomquist, in the past, urged the industry to clear “shadow inventory.” Translate that: banks need to move forward with foreclosure to get houses on the market so RealtyTrac can make money.
    Slap those REO ‘babies’ on a flat housing market so they can be burned down, per Greenspan or bull-dozed per B of A, depending on your current spokesperson who believes we need to “move on,” get this behind us to stabilize the market.

    FOLKS! It is time to ramp up protest against individuals like Blomquist, etc. etc. ! Target those in the financial and housing industry that make their living off of other people’s misfortune and misery with no remorse. They are out front touting the industry end their hold on foreclosure to rid themselves of justified victimless defaults that have not foreclosed but are sitting in the shadows waiting for AG settlement to give banks immunity against investors. It would be refreshing if some of these people clammering for released inventory really had gray matter between their ears and realized what they are asking will gut the economy and housing market. People can’t refinance now because value has dropped below mortgages. House values will not support in appraisal now. If they think it is bad now they will see bad when the market falls so far that people who have never missed a payment will walk away from mortgages because they are bad investments and they can afford to move on. More people are placing their house in trusts or corporations, making this easier with less effect on their credit.
    Get mad!

  8. Marco Barraza says:


    • marilyn lane says:

      I think you might have hit a jackpot with this question?

      I looked up the History of Fidlar and it states

      with an XML-based multi-tier solution (which provided greater security, less contention between programs, easier upgrades, and better processing). XML has now become an industry standard and plays a vital role in electronic recording.

      Split Screen indexing allows recorders to index data by referring to the document image instead of passing the paper document through the office and indexing from the paper. Fidlar Technologies was the first to successfully incorporate this technology, which increased our clients’ production efficiencies by at least 25%. Another first to the industry was our conceptualization and proof of concept work on the benefits OCR technology could bring to the recording process. After our testing was released, the industry began utilizing this technology to aid in indexing, verification, and the redaction of private information such as social security numbers.

      Additional innovation to the marketplace came from our eRecording solutions, including xPedite, which was the first Model 2 submitter integrated within county remote searching applications. Fidlar now has more that 130 counties running our 32-bit software solution, iDocument XF. This product is our 4th generation document management software system. The program has been utilized in the market for over 5 years, giving its users a functionality they can depend on.
      In 2008 we will release our newest generation of land records software called AVID. This product promises to once again set a new standard for the recording industry, offering a completely new approach to processing documents


      Fidlar Technologies is very involved in many of the national associations which are dedicated toward the development of industry standards and industry education. These associations include the National Association of County Recorders & Clerks, the Property Records Industry Association, the International Association of County Recorders, Elected Officials and Treasurers, and many local county/state organizations.

    • marilyn lane says:

      @ mARCO


      forgot password



      alliance partner

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      Cott Systems Computer Systems Inc.

      Digital Delivery Inc. Document Technology Systems

      E-Closing, LLC Edoc Technologies, Inc.

      eFileCabinet Fidelity National Financial

      Fidlar Technologies Frost Bank

      Greenfolders Helion Software

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      Info Quick Solutions, Inc. Kellpro Inc.

      International Land Systems Inc. LANDBOSS Software

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      RamQuest Software RecordFusion

      Rekon Technologies SIRE Technologies Inc.

      SoftPro Stephenson Computer Consulting, Inc.

      Triadic Enterprises, Inc. TriMin Government Solutions

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      Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

      Advanced Data Systems

      ADS has been in business for 26 years, with primary focus on providing software and support to the governmental offices in Nevada and eastern California rural counties, cities, and school districts. ADS has developed, regularly enhances, and supports most or all of the core software applications for the majority of Nevada counties and school districts.

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      AmCad is a full-service technology service and solutions provider for state and local government agencies. Founded in 1986, AmCad was formed to partner with government in the development and implementation of automating technologies – specifically in the automation of public records. AmCad provides best-of-class integrated solutions for land records management, vital records management, court records management and enterprise content management solutions for state and local government. From our state-of-the-art Technology Center, AmCad also offers a complete set of document services for our clients including conversion, redaction, micrographics, vault and long term storage and conservation and preservation services.

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      CLRIS develops and administers the Iowa Land Records Portal. The Iowa Land Records Portal integrates with local county land records management systems to enable the recording of documents submitted electronically to Iowa counties. CLRIS is sponsored by the Iowa County Recorders Association and the Iowa Land Records Organization.

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      E-Closing, LLC is a leader in innovative software solutions for the Land Title industry. Their flagship title processing system, E-Closing, is a completely web-based title processing suite designed to streamline the workflow of title agents, allowing them to process files more efficiently. E-Closing allows users to prepare all loan and closing documents, fund and disburse files and manage the entire closing process from an easy to use web-based environment. The E-Closing suite includes a robust escrow accounting module, offsite electronic document storage, client-side access and marketing tools, as well as integrations with service providers like FedEx and Ernst Publishing.

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      • Readdocs says:

        You can read a lot of direct information about all the companies listed
        above over at LivingLies. A commenter over there, Nancy Drewe,
        posted several times on this information. Showing all the associations
        and the paths transactions and filings made.

    • marilyn lane says:

      @ mARCO


      Simplifile arose from a workflow challenge in the late 1990s.

      Paul Clifford, Mark Reynolds, and Dan Forward were providing professional consulting services to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The three led a project team tasked with creating an online process that would fully automate the financial and legal document workflow processes—all transactions from order entry to secondary markets—for the mortgage industry.

      When the project stalled at the “last mile”—the eRecording of documents submitted by title companies, lien filers, etc. to county recorders—Paul, Mark, and Dan determined to solve the “last mile” challenge. Together, they began designing a recordation architecture simple and affordable enough for small counties to use, yet flexible, secure, and robust enough for large counties and states. Several months later, in June 2002, they incorporated Simplifile to provide public document eRecording services.

      In January 2003, Simplifile successfully recorded their first land record document in Utah County, which has a population of more than one-half million. Since then, Simplifile has enabled numerous counties and submitters to successfully submit and record hundreds of thousands of documents via Simplifile’s submitter, receiver, and portal solutions. Thanks to Simplifile, simple, secure, affordable electronic recording is now a reality.

      Today, Simplifile is expanding its field and corporate operations to enable e-recording in markets across the United States, and to provide the technology development, product management, customer support, and administrative services required to keep pace with market demand.

  9. Litgant says:

    With this kind of fraud and the Republicans all for it, we wonder what kind of other fraud they will bring in upon America if elected in 2012? Givenor Scott is a joke. I mean Governor Scott is a banker’s fool. With men like this and women who are like him, fraud will continue in Florida. No wonder the Governor is willing to give millions to the courts to continue the fraud. We need a revolution in this country. We need an American Spring.

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