Letter RE Mers and Banks from Kelley Monahan Registrar of Deeds Grafton County New Hampshire to County Papers, Bar Assoc., Real Estate, etc



I write this letter to bring attention to a serious situation that has been developing in our country for over 15 years. During the deregulation of the financial markets in the mid 1990’s an entity was created that was specifically designed to bypass the process of publicly recording assignments of mortgages. Mortgage Electronic Registration System or MERS, as it has become known, was designed to streamline the process of the resale and bundling of mortgage loans into mortgage backed securities, and also cut the cost of recording the assignments of mortgages with the local county land offices. MERS has contributed greatly to the housing crisis that our country has been experiencing and has corrupted a system of recording the ownership of our most valuable asset that has been in place since our county was founded.

On April 3, 2011, 60 Minutes aired an episode that exposed a practice of the giant mortgage mills, called “robosigning.” Basically, people were hired at $10 per hour to forge signatures as bank presidents and notaries thus creating nonexistent assignments to complete the chain of title documentation bringing forth foreclosure proceedings. Grafton County possesses in our data base over 1300 “robo signed” documents from just two of the companies who perpetrated this practice.

There is a tidal wave of judicial action taking place across our country, judges are ruling for the homeowner, declaring that MERS has no standing in these cases. New Hampshire is a non-judicial foreclosure state, meaning that a foreclosure in our state is between the bank or loan processor and the homeowner. Our judges are not seeing this evidence.

A task force of 50 Attorney Generals has been meeting with the implicated parties to come to a settlement in this matter. The settlement that is being pushed absolves the banks and processors of any future civil liability and possibly legitimizes MERS with rapid legislation. This is happening now.  Are you surprised that you are not hearing of this?

The world has changed in terms of how we receive the latest and most accurate news. Below, I list the blogs that I have been following if you choose to be horrified and informed on this matter, as well as the contact information for our New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General assigned to MERS.


In service to the people of Grafton County,

Kelley J. Monahan

Registrar of Deeds

Grafton County, New Hampshire



Abigailcfield.com   Reality check

Mandelman.ml-implode.com Mandelman Matters


Assistant Attorney General David Reinzo Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau

33 Capitol Street Concord, NH 03301


NHdeeds.com will enable you to view your recorded documents online dating back to 1960.

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Kelley Monahan Register of Deeds Grafton County New Hampshire Letter RE Mers and Banks

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  1. Javagold says:

    keep up the great work Kelly and make sure you spread the truth to others in your position

  2. housemanrob says:

    ……..nice play Kelly…..

  3. Alina Virani says:

    Excellent letter. I sure hope this is a sign that public officials nationwide are beginning to wake up from their 20-year slumber and realizing that they’ve been robbed along with the rest of the country.

  4. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    Another enlightened official advocating for the people – her REAL constituents!! Woot Woot!!

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