Infographic | The Higher Education Bubble In America

Below is a follow up infographic to the above video College Conspiracy – The Next Bubble to Burst

Higher Education Tuition Bubble

Higher Education Bubble by Savings


6 Responses to “Infographic | The Higher Education Bubble In America”
  1. see says:

    To help my son get through college, I as a parent took out a student loans through the gov to help with the tuition. Being unemployed I cannot make payments on the loan. So it is not just the students in this trap it is also the parents who helped their children get an education through loans.

    • Javagold says:

      i have read stories where the child has DIED and yet the parents are still held responsible for the student debt…..its slavery !

  2. housemanrob says:

    ……..who believes NOW that this is not a plot to destroy the futures of young Americans……….and if they are going to destroy their futures…..then why would they care about the middle aged and elderly……the past…… is a plot to destroy our country and bring us down…..who doesn’t believe it now………anybody?…….anybody? This is an obvious wake-up call America!

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