Lawmaker Introduces Bill That Requires Politicians & Judges & Banksters To Be Drug Tested (VIDEO)



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  1. Jim Bethea says:

    I am all for this ~~ these guys/gals should be just accountable to us and we are expected to be to them!!

    If a lady should be forced to take her shoes off, have her body xrayed and gropped on her ass; then these crooks should have to undergo the same.

    In any monetary case at bar; I believe the judges and banks attorneys should have to present a financial & social documentation proving they have no interests, investments or accounts with the bank/plaintiff of record.

    I read one court case file where the lady judge had over $400,000.00 in cds, stock and savings in Bank of American which she was about to be ruling on their case????????

  2. John Anderson says:

    I totally agree with this guy, that all public officials & bank officials who got bailout funds, should be drug tested, as they propose for people requesting assistance.
    The drug laws in this country are unconstitutional, as they run afoul of the right to pursue liberty and freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
    As a former deputy sheriff I support & am a member of LEAP, “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” & urge other law enforcement personnel to do the same. 2 Million in Jail? 1/2 of them for drugs alone.
    More people have been killed in Mexico because of OUR drug laws, than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

  3. qny81 says:

    Stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Only vote for people with morals and who truly defend the Constitution. The only one I know of, is Dr. Ron Paul, President 2012. HIs voting record is immaculate, a true defender of liberty and the American people. – check who his donors are not – the banks!

    • usjustice4all says:


    • lvent says:

      Not to many are drinking the Repub/Dem kool aid QNY81. We are all sick and tired of the meet the new boss same as the old boss routine..If Ron Paul is such an American patriot I don’t see how he could he have raised his son to be such a complete and utter asshole. The people are sick and tired of being hoodwinked.

  4. housemanrob says:

    …..what a great idea…..rigged drug testing…selective elimination of qualified homeowners. ” Hey, I want that guy’s house…make sure he fails his drug test.” How about drug testing for Congress and all state representatives…now that might be entertaining…..

    • Rob….The title say’s the Bill would require the Judges, Bankers and Politicians to be drug tested….the video did not play well on my computer…so it may have said homeowners too….but the title doesn’t……

      • housemanrob says:

        …thanx for showing me up Marilyn….I was in a rush and posted my brainstorm before reading the content…….more like a brain fart…….

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn and Vent………I am having a tough time tonight…..I would like to go see my Grandson….who just got a teaching job at a middle school in rural Oregon…..he is 22…….and take him Salmon fishing……but I can’t afford…..the bastards stole my life……..they killed my wife….. and now I can’t go and visit my own Grandson……may all of the ruling elite rot in hell!

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent, Marilyn, Fury, everybody…….check out amped status report by Charles Hugh Smith…..then scroll down to Guy Fawkes, alter ego for an elite that is spilling the beans on D.C……..says everybody and everything is up for sale……no exception…..and it’s driving the ruling elite crazy because OWS won’t be co-opted therefore there is nobody to buy……..amazing article!

      • Fury says:

        that was an interesting blog, housemanrob.
        i’m sorry that you can’t see your grandson.
        how about skype for now?

      • housemanrob says:

        Thanx Fury, he sends me lots of stuff and he is on my cell phone plan…so we talk unlimited free…bur I would have liked to go now….I need a break!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, that is awful…we should all be able to see the ones we love whenever we want to….all of the evil doers will get theirs….it’s coming soon. As God is our witness to what they have done to all of us…..they will all pay.

      • housemanrob says:

        Thanks Vent………that is a few of the reasons I’m here with you guys…….to fight for freedom and change!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, I think I went to the right website….It was an interesting report and I loved how he called all of them the debt cartel! Perfect description. Notice how Chase is reporting profits but Max Keiser said that CHASE is swimming in 90 trillion in derivatives debts?…I love Max Keiser, he is my favorite NWO antagonist…Did you watch todays Keiser Report? was unbelievable…spot on…I am writing in Max Keiser for President! Stacy Herbert for V.P….. #5 on the amped status report…was so revealing…Paulson calling up Obama more than Bush and McCain. Proves one thing to me, Obama was not elected by the people…at all! The only thing I did not agree with was, I hate when people say to rework a mortgage…that ruins it for me…These criminals in these Government(s) do not deserve another thin dime in mortage payments from or any of us…PERIOD…I refuse to pay these criminal bastard blackmailing extortionists, grand theft larcenists any more money…. I will not negotiate with these financial terrorists who robbed us…They make Khadaffi and Bin Laden look like saints!……They are so overleveraged we would all have to pay $10,000 a month in a housepayment for the next 60 years for these crooks to break even and I will not pay for any more of their fraud…An honest attorney told me many months ago, this debt they have created is UNSUSTAINABLE…DON’T RENEGOTIATE WITH THEM…PERIOD!..I believe if I did that would be most unpatriotic of me…for sure. Please watch Max and Stacy….The Latest Keiser Report….

      • lvent says:

        Rob, if you go to Max’s link, and scrolll down to the bottom right of the page… someone is advertising guillotines…..LMAO….! sweet!

      • Rob….I know how it feels to be strapped….torn and angry….been there many times….but somehow I pull thru it….and you will too…..Just a suggestion for the meantime…..Do you have Skype ? It is free and my daughter and I have a small camera that sits on top of computer and we talk on the phone and I can see my grandkids and they see me and you can add a small microphone and talk instead of a phone….but I perfer to use the phone. Not sure, but the camera costs about $40. We use it all over the world to people we know…..and it makes it so much more comforting to see them. It helps when it is impossible to be with them…..just a thought and it is free….mine is used everyday…..and you can take snapshots of them….

      • housemanrob says:

        Thanks Marilyn and Vent…….I don’t have Skype and I watch Max……….every day…….my problem is that I would like to travel freely like I could afford to do just 4 years ago…..I have lost all of my equity gathered in the last 25 years…….can no longer afford to do anything freely………especially things like going across country to go fishing……for salmon……like I could always do before with my Grandson….just a weak moment in time for me feeling sorry for myself…….

      • housemanrob says:

        ….as it is I plan on going to New York next week….to see family who live in the city and spend some time with OWS protesters…..but I am still spending……

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent……a Sokkomb Guillotine…wow…that blade looks sharp! I say “off with their heads”!

      • housemanrob says:

        ….Remember Vent……without your signature they will never clear title……that is the homeowner’s ace in the hole….I have mandatory mediation on Dec 30 coming up…….wait till they get hold of me….not interested in any mods……and they can have my signature for 100k non-negotiable…..I mention that here in case they settle…..then confidentiality may not be able to report on any much…or terms….but 100k is flat…….other than that……I will tell them….even if you win…..I will appeal and the appellate will kick it right back to them….than I am prepared to file bankruptcy…to prevent Palm Beach County circuit court from sticking me with a summary judgement….and I can tranfer ownership through tacit procuration….they are going to have a hell of a time dealing with me……every day I’m getting letters and calls offering relief….short sales, mods etc…….but what they REALLY WANT IS MY SIGNATURE!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, that sounds like EXTORTION! 100K for how many years at what rate? The interest is what they want, and where they make all of their money…They are going down Rob…A really honest attorney told me the banksters debt is unsustainable…..don’t sign or agree to anything there is going to be a killer bubble somewhere hidden in that contract…it is another set up to fail….and this time there will be no fighting it….you will lose your home…be careful Rob…these attorneys are not as honest as you would want to believe…they are hoodwinkers too..Another thing is what if this economy gets any worse and you can’t pay, they will throw you in the street in the blink of an eye…..

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent….. I MEANT 100K FOR ME….NOTHING BUT THE KEYS FOR THEM……….100k for me up front…..then they get my sinature………..Poor RICHARD’S BLOG IS REPORTING THAT GHADDAFI is not DEAD and that when you watch the video slowed down that there are all kinds of Hollywood anomolies. They say he is a 33rd degree free mason and has been moved to Europe to live wealthy and peacefully….also that Bin Laden also is not dead siting no pictures or videos of his demise….compelling stuff!

  5. Hell No - No More Bleeping Bankster Bailouts says:

    Back to the topic of the drug testing: I would be in favor of drug testing for ALL state workers which INCLUDES the judges and the politicians. I would make the testing random but with all judges and all politicians being tested every quarter. Senior staff members would be randomly tested some time every 6 months. Clerical workers would be tested at least once a year. Anyone in a job such as a law enforcement officer would be tested every month. State workers who drive any form of vehicle as part of their job would also be tested every 3 months.

    Roving ‘porta-potty’ crews would provide new job opportunities. Fines paid by drug dealers and users would support the costs in part.

    Now, switching to a different perversity: Force all politicians and judges to divest themselves of investments that their votes or their rulings affect. This would also include family trust holdings and retirement fund holdings.

    For those who do not acknowledge and divest, forfeiture of said ENTIRE investment(s) would be the penalty for failure to comply.

  6. lvent says:

    Anyone catch VP Bidens remark that murder and rape will continue to rise unless the Obama jobs bill gets passed by CONgress..? What a bunch of assholes they all are..time for WE THE PEOPLE to tell all of the traitors to pack it up, they are fired!! It is not the lack of jobs that is the big problem, it is the entire global monetary system that is a complete sham and a complete fraud……!!!! It is a monetary system of debt, murder, mayhem and mass destruction….Watch the latest Keiser Report..Max and Stacey discuss how CHASE BANK has rang themselves up with TRILLIONS IN DEBT FRAUD….THEIR DEBT, NOT OURS….

    • I vent…You got that right…it’s time to get rid of the trash…Is it me or what…but they all seem so simple minded…like Biden’s remark…….if Obama’s job bill doesn’t pass murder and rape will continue….hmmmm the only rape and murders I have heard is what has gone on with Presidents and the NWO….and that has nothing to do with jobs…..they are doing everything possible to ignore the real issues… is so obvious…I am actually sick of hearing all this bullshit….it is all a stall tactic….it’s a mind game and I don’t play those games. but I agree…they are a bunch of assholes……

      • housemanrob says:


      • lvent says:

        They have all shown their true colors and they are not red, white and blue….Where the hell have the traitors in CONgress been? hiding in underground bunkers or something….? I forgot to ask you and Rob this….Did you guys see Obama and Bush on the anniversary of 9/11 giving their speeches from behind bullet proof glass at ground zero?…I have never in my life seen anything like that….Goes to show how hated these traitors are…pretty soon they will all just be reporting from their underground bunkers, their evil lairs….like Dr. Evil…

      • Yes..I watched it on the internet….and I noticed Laura was on the outside and the glass did not cover her very well…just the three had the glass….Just to see them there pissed me off…treason and traitors…..lying bastards….paying tribute to those who died…OMG… don’t get me started….I can still see that guy jumping out of a high window…it’s like a horrible nightmare….Yes…the way I see all this debt …it is their debt so they might as well concede now …cause it will not be paid by the people in this country…they can stick it where the sun don’t shine and waddle like a duck…all the way to Rome…..they played…they pay….it’s that simple. We don’t owe them a shitt’en thing….But we want what they have robbed us of…..every damn dollar…..and more….OK I vent…you got me going again….and it is 4:14AM……….

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent…. I never noticed the bullit proof glass and that would be hilarious……if it wasn’t realistic……..the amount of hate for George W and Obama is sky high….especially after all the “yes we can” changes that Obama lied to us about….

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn and Rob..alot of the evil truth has come out about that day….there must have been alot of threats..I wonder how many 9/11 victims family actually show up for the memorial of that horrible day…? If that were my loved one, I wouldn’t want to go back to that evil place. Those 9/11 memorial pools or whatever they are look like the portals to hell..many have said so..I was glad to see them having to hide behind bulletproof glass because that is what they deserve for being traitors to their country and their people…. I just despise the way they all go on like no one knows the truth..these politicians and the MSM..that is not right at all….They should ALL be held accountable for their treason from the top down…same with the J.F.K assassination, 47 years ago or not, those traitors who are still alive and many of them are, are no better than the Nazi war criminals who are still being sought after to this very day….those involved in the assassination should ALL be brought to trial. The whole plan for what we are living today started right after they assassinated J.F.K… and I was told that by a very reputable source…..Thank God there still are so many freedom loving true American patriots who love this country and hate the NWO and all of their evil plans for Global serfdom and Global Totalitarianism…! Death to the tyranny!

      • housemanrob says:

        Yes Vent…..and the three tramps, with their so-called arrest during the Kennedy assassination…..suggest the truths…..also the Magruder tape and the confession of the man who really shot Kennedy……reveals how deep the conspiracy was and is….and this Texas connection is disturbing L.B.J……the Bush crime family, the approximity to New Orleans and the defense and intel connections revealed by Jim Garrison……..and now Rick Perry……

      • housemanrob says:

        Yes Vent…..and the three tramps, with their so-called arrest during the Kennedy assassination…..suggest the truths…..also the Magruder tape and the confession of the man who really shot Kennedy……reveals how deep the conspiracy was and is….and this Texas connection is disturbing L.B.J……the Bush crime family, the approximity to New Orleans and the defense and intel connections revealed by Jim Garrison……..and now Rick Perry……

      • lvent says:

        Did Rick Perry reveal something about that day Rob? Old man Bush was a big wheel in the CIA at that time…Herbert Hoover was involved…..the treason was beyond belief…despicable!

  7. XXXX says:

    YEP they ALL $uck up yo money
    make all get tested no matter who they are so LEAD by example and then you have the RIGHT to enforce the LAW so at this point you do not have the right!!! dirty scoundrels most all of them
    Yes David Robert..BLAME BLAME so stupid, you will not make us any poorer than we are as we are, in many ways, full of wisdom which is POWER and we will and are USING IT AGAINST YOU THE DIRT BAGS running DOWN our country
    We are paying IDIOTS big $$$$$$

  8. wonton40 says:

    ABsolutely Agree …to make the decisions they have and do what they are doing to this country they also should
    go to therapy IMO

  9. Jeanette says:

    Ya’ mean no more divine right of would be kings?

  10. David Robert says:

    typical moron politician, blame blame blame, divide and concur, the only thing worse than a democrat is a republican, the only thing worse than a republican is a democrat. THEY BOTH SUCK !!! He loses any validity to his cause by blaming the opposite party.

    Life is about choices, Baskin & Robbins paved the way, 51 flavors, stop making us think that we have to choose either Democrat or Republican, until that happens its the same shit different day.

    • lvent says:

      So true…hand write in your choice….and break free of the left/right paradigm…but, don’t forget it is who the president appoints to key positiions as well, the hidden hand, that is where the power structure is hidden..and get the money out of politics…Restore the Constitution back to its Original form and end the FED..CONGRESS MUST ISSUE OUR OWN CURRENCY…U.S. BANK NOTES…The monetary system needs to change NOW before the NWO Globalists fake collapse the whole system and try and restore it with a Global Currrency..That will be the last step before the microchip, paperless electonic currency….We need State Run Banks only. Do not use the Federal Banks…their credit or debit….they are trying to usher in THE MARK OF THE BEAST..FOR THE NWO…..!!!

    • David…..I agree…..they are just different animals…to confuse the people…..makes for conversation….while they are all doing their dirty planning….behind closed doors. We need to fire them all but a few good ones……..and there are a few…….

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