Bank Fraud

Docx, LLC
Law Offices of David Stern
Lender Processing Services
Cheryl Samons

Action Date: October 24, 2011
Location: West Palm Beach, FL


In the six month period from September 1, 2008 through February 28, 2009, 502 mortgage assignments, signed by Cheryl Samons, were filed in the official records of Palm Beach County, FL.

Samons was the office manager for the Law Offices of David J. Stern, but she signed as a MERS officer.

Mortgage-backed trusts were the primary beneficiary of these Samons Assignments.

Mortgage Assignments Signed by Cheryl Samons Filed in Palm Beach County from September, 2008, through February, 2009:

September, 2008: 75
October, 2008: 125
November: 2008: 56
December, 2008: 85
January, 2009: 101
February, 2009: 60

Multiplied by three, in the 18-month period from July 4, 2008 though January 4, 2009, Samons is likely to have signed 1,506 Assignments.

This is the same 18-month period that 1,742 Docx Assignments were being filed in Palm Beach County. These had a stated mortgage value of $560,239,797 or an average mortgage value of $321,607 per assignment.

Samons Palm Beach County assignments filed from July 4, 2008 through January 4, 2009 have an estimated value of $484,340,182, nearly half a billion dollars.

This does not include the assignments signed by other Stern employees, associate Beth Cerni or paralegal Carol Wasserman.

The combined value of mortgages, primarily transferred to mortgage-backed trusts, for one county for one 18-month period: $1,044,579,939.

While Docx Assignments were only filed for 18 months in Palm Beach County, Samons assignments appeared regularly from 2007 through 2010.



  1. Igor says:

    APPARENTLY: The focus on ‘banks’, etc. distracts us from the ‘racket’. An example is the Atlanta VA loan Guarantee office bank fraud debacle. We are told it was ‘Bank fraud’, but the reporting of this fraud appears to point to the appearance of a collusion among insiders. Bank loan officers(not banks/lenders) + loan brokers/originators + VA loan Guarantee officer + lawyers/law firms, (and real estate brokers and real estate attorneys) all colluding to steel money. The bank loan officers appear to conceal from the banks what is occurring, the loan originators/brokers appear to create the documents with the fraudulent legal charges placed in an obvious but other place on the document, the VA loan Guarantee officer (who would be the likely ‘king pin’ of this racket, in this scenario), appears to intentionally not review ANY of the the 10’s of THOUSANDS of SUSPECT loans! The attorneys provide PROTECTION. The bogus ‘legal fees’ are somehow split amongst them, through some type of money laundering apparatus/scheme, The funds sheltered via ID theft or the like, possibly transferred offshore. These are very sophisticated criminals. Well connected in the judicial system, and, in respect to the VA loan guarantee officer, very sophisticated contacts in the banking system. This kind of sophistication buys a LOT of contacts, bribes a lot of lawyers, court officials, silences a lot of INVESTIGATORS, and creates a closed system/loop of self incriminatory silence. The banks wouldn’t commit fraud in VA loans, as that would automatically extinguish the very loan guarantee that they risked their money to lend upon! Thus, the VA loan guarantee officer,and his ‘inside job’ racketeers, further would appear to have created a fraudulent ‘explanation’, blaming the ‘banks’/’lenders’ for demanding fraudulent ‘legal fees’! WHO GOT THESE so called ‘LEGAL FEES’? Where are they and HOW MUCH? Certainly those ‘fees’ were well hidden as to their true route(laundered). The ONLY way to know is to prosecute this case. CRIMINALLY, Not make ridiculous statements about ‘if the banks want to take this to trial, the jury will demand to know how much they got!. DAME RIGHT! AND WHO GOT IT!. WHERE IS THE MONEY?! PROSECUTE THE ATLANTA VA LOAN GUARANTEE OFFICER! Unseal the Original Complaint (2006) and the 1st amended Complaint! Why ‘unseal’ 2nd Amended Complaint (2011)? This is ridiculous!. IMHO

  2. Bloodsoaked says:

    I vent; Can’t agree with you more.

  3. lvent says:

    Like the Great Chicago Fire..Samons destroyed land records too..all of the evils are done by the theives can be allowed to commit and get away with massive frauds in order to steal what they do not own…this is done by diversions, lies and deceptions and they create these……..THE BURNT RECORDS ACT AS A RESULT OF THE CHICAGO FIRE IS ONE GOOD EXAMPLE OF A GIGANTIC DECEPTION ……Occupy protestors needs to make some demands….like..ABOLISH THE FED….We The People want all of the politicians who are aiding and abetting the NWO financial terrorists in bankrupting America for this FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OWNED BANK BALANCE SHEET RECESSION to resign…or we will not participate in this Government any longer…We The People are sick and tired of paying for Wall Streets Massive, UNSUSTAINABLE DERIVATIVES FRAUD DEBTS……CLOSE THE TBTF BANKSTERS DOWN..THEY ARE INSOLVENT…put them in receivership and make them pay back all of the missing money they stole from the U.S. TAXPAYERS….

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