November 5th 2011 Bank Transfer Day | Operation Cash Back 2nd Press Release #OpCashBack

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Greetings to the people of the world, We are Anonymous

In this day, as we speak, there is a revolution brewing. People all over the world have woken up, people all over the world want to take back control of their money and their lives. They are tired of being fed lies and they have called for everyone around the world to join them in occupying the world. Along with the Occupy movement, we, Anonymous have started #OpCashBack, an op fully dedicated to moving your money from big time banks to local credit unions. This is an operation that can be done by everyone, not just fellow anons. Help us restore the power to the people and rid the big banks of their power over us and politicians. As the saying goes “money is the root of all evil” so let us take the money away from the evil. You can start right now, tomorrow or next week, find a local credit union, speak to them about rates and policies, go to your bank, withdraw your money from them and move it to your new Credit Union. Thus, taking away the power that big banks have.

We are Anonymous
we are Legion
we do not Forgive
we do not Forget
Expect Us!

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  1. CaitlinO says:

    I want to support the November 5 bank pull out day and I’ve been thinking of alternatives. We’ve been with the credit union since 1983 so don’t have a bank account to shut down. We got frightened for the economy in 2007 and have paid down almost all our debt. We do, however, have a remaining balance on one of our VISA cards.

    So, to support the protest, we’re going to make an extra payment equal to 5 normal payments on 11-5. Owing less to a TBTF is sort of like removing deposit accounts and it will be our way of showing the banks how disgusted we are with their behavior.

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