Nye Lavalle | Message to 50 Attorneys General – Important Evidence & Affidavit in Foreclosure Law Firm, Robo-Signing, & MBS Investigation

Subject: Important Evidence & Affidavit in Foreclosure Law Firm, Robo-Signing, & MBS Investigation From Nye Lavalle

Dear Attorneys General:

Recently, the Office of Inspector General for the Federal Housing Finance Agency released reports about a special counsel investigation by Fannie Mae and that a shareholder had warned and provided Fannie Mae and others as far back as 2003 about robo-signing and foreclosure abuses.  This story was picked up by the NYTimes’ Gretchen Morgenson and a plethora of other news media.  While Gretchen and the FHFA didn’t name me, I was nonetheless outed since she and many others, including some of you, knew this shareholder was me.

I have been working hard behind the scenes to warn and stop the catastrophic events of the past few years which I first forecast in 1996!  I have spent almost $1 million and spent over 40,000 hours since 1994 investigating, researching, and documenting these frauds.  I have millions of pages of documents and a history like a bear in the woods who has left a trail all the way up to personally warning and communicating to the CEOs of virtually every bank, servicer, and Wall Street firm of these abuses.  I took shares in each of these companies in the late 90s to warn them.  Jaime Dimon, William Harrison, Kerry Killinger, Ace Greenberg, and James Cayne are just a few.  However, the ratings agencies were warned as well as law firms and accounting firms, especially Deloitte!

As the shareholder that in 2003 warned Fannie Mae and worked with the independent counsel they appointed, Mark Cymrot, of Baker Hostetler in Washington DC, I have a unique perspective as well as set of facts that each of you could never obtain due to the cost and time limitations, that I have accumulated since 1993, almost 20-years!

However, as you will see by the attached letter to FHFA and links to reports and warnings I have authored since the mid-nineties, many were warned, including some of your offices since the mid to late nineties.  I am also the individual that first discovered robo-signing and foreclosure fraud in the mid-nineties and authored reports documenting such abuses starting in the mid-nineties, until a “visiting judge” in Dallas, TX gagged me from telling this story.

It wasn’t until 2000, at the National Consumer Law Center conference in Colorado when I released reports on these frauds and abuses.  Some of your lawyers were in attendance and were provided two reports.  Only Max Gardner, a bankruptcy lawyer from North Carolina, took the reports to heart and began a decade-old fight to expose this corruption.

Robo-signing and foreclosure fraud and the intentional fraudulent filing of lawsuit complaints, advertisements of sale, assignments of mortgage, satisfactions of mortgage, and affidavits, as you will see from my well-documented reports, are not a recent phenomon or the result of the securitization craze that swept America and the world from the late nineties to mid-2000s.

They were carefullly planned and orchestrated after the RTC debacle in the late 80s wherein a select group of “special servicers,” commonly referred to in the industry as the industry’s “toxic waste dumps,” were created to push these newly developed and even “patented” foreclosure factory processes that the four major special servicers “tested” and then “perfected” for the rest of the industry.  These special servicers are known to many of you, but their names were EMC Mortgage, SPS f/k/a Conti-Fairbanks Capital, Ocwen, and Litton Loan.

Through “partnerships” with firms like the Barrett Burke operation in Texas, the LOGs group (Shapiro) out of Illinois, the McCalla Raymer group in Georgia and many others, they created an automated foreclosure machine that threw all caution to the wind when it not only came to ethics, but the law.  In a newly expanding “virtual” world, they, along with vendors and third parties such as title insurers Fidelity National and First American created patented and marketable “cradle-to-grave” systems and processes to expand the housing and mortgage markets and cover-up and conceal the known fraud to all of them perpetrated mostly by aggressive loan brokers and occasionally borrowers and factored such losses and circumstances into their system.  I can provide each of you with mens rea and scienter to prosecute for frauds.

As they tested these systems and perfected their fraud via such practices as intentionally concealing the real ownership of a promissory note and first foreclosing in the names of servicers who claimed to “own” the notes and then MERS, they really were double and multi-pledging the promissory notes to themselves and others to obtain servicing advances as well as take gain on sale accounting treatments on the notes they originated with no risk to them, since they had already forward sold the notes to our respective mutual, trust, and pension funds.

As you each take your own collective and individual approaches towards your investigations, I would whole-heartedly agree with Attorneys General Scheiderman, Biden, Harris, and others who want to continue this investigation.  If you don’t continue and right the wrongs, I will boldly predict that each of you will have blood on your hands.  I say this as no threat of any means whatsoever, but as a warning based on my understanding as a social scientist and advocate of the human psyche that for some is weak, but for others is broken.  If you look at my forecasts and predictions over the years, I have one heck of a batting average in getting it right.  As my former partner, Dr. Roy Stout who was featured in the book Blink, would say, I see things and data that others want to ignore.  For the first time in my life, I am scared – – scared, not for me, but for our nation and our nation’s youth and those who might have to endure the consequence of the excesses of my generation.

Today, its mortgages, but when these young students, like an ex-girlfriend who at 22 left school with $150,000 in student debt realize what has occurred, all bets will be off.  Today, they are peaceful – – tomorrow, they may be vengeful!  The Occupy Wall Street movement is only the start.  The American public and world, want to see accountability.  They want to see perp walks.  They want the intentional bankers, hedge funds, and Wall Street executives who intentionally created and manipulated this world-wide financial debacle prosecuted. \

If you don’t do it, I fear as the nation and the world’s economy suffers even more, there will be total anarchy in the streets as well as assaults and even “non-political” assassinations against banking CEOs, Wall St executives, and foreclosure lawyers, by para-military right and left wing extremists that were former Army Rangers and Navy Seals who are not only disenchanted with the current situation, but disenfranchised.  Living in Savannah, GA last year, I met many Rangers each evening who were angry, very angry for fighting a war that they realized was not for Americans, but for other interests.  The discussions I would have in the evenings were illuminating and gave me a great respect for our nation’s military men and women.

However, as they lose more friends, limbs, spouses, their sanity and now their homes, a combustible mixture that is not only flamable, but toxic is spreading.  You can see it in the OWS movement and some of the videos.  I say these things not to scare you, but to warn you once again and most importantly, to EMPOWER EACH OF YOU, collectively or indivudally.

You have each been give a god-given opportunity at a vital point in our nation and the world’s history.  Each of you, if you do your jobs and ignore the politics, political influence, and lobbying from both banks and the federal government, have a special moment in time to leave a mark.  A mark that historians will one day write was the day America and the world decided to be free of political and banking influence and truly helped create a world democracy.

The money now, whether it is $20 billion or $50 billion in the scheme of trillion dollar losses is really not what the people are angry at.  They was to see accountability and those who not only created the situation, but manipulated it or ignored it to their personal gain be prosecuted.  I hear their voices each day and that’s why I am coming out of the closet, so to speak, despite the threats against my family and I to offer my help and assistance in doing what is right for this nation, our people, and those youths protesting for what they know, that many in our generation simply ignored as they drove their BMWs, put dope up their noses, and lived it up at the expense of their children and grand children.

Now is the time.  I can give you the goods on many of these if you want to really follow the patented fraud.  Have you all read the patents as yet of all these so-called “processes?”  The most human element in the entire automated factory were the actual ignorant robo-signers!  In fact, when I discovered and reported on robo-signing, I did so just to give one “minor example of the overall fraudulent scheme that was designed not to defraud borrowers who were only pawns in the “game” as it was called, but our respective pension funds and extraction of our so-called excess wealth.

Think about it, for a moment if you will.  Robo-signing is such an elementary fraud, so simple, so stupid, so petty!  The real fraud and why the banks want to settle with you so quickly is the securization and the fact that none of these deals were “true sales,” but the financing of receivables whereby investors were defrauded and multi-pledging of paid off notes occurred to inflate their earnings, stock prices, and bonuses.

How many of you have had your original wet-ink promissory note returned to you canceled and paid in full upon its payoff or refinancing?  Ask around the office?  Then, check your lien release or satisfaction and see if it was robo-signed?  Who is your real lender?

Open the black pandora’s box of financial alchemy in securitization and you will find the multi-pledging and sale of paid off notes, the same notes, and even “ghost notes” that were created with Photoshop and never even executed by a real live borrower.  I will save the death threats, break-ins, arsons, computer hacks, and millions of dollars of vexatious litigation by the banks and its foreclosure lawyers against my family, myself, our trusts, and the select group of advocates who were the first to take the batton from my hand for another day.  I will even save the bribery of judicial officers, court reporters, and local judges for another day.  All I ask is for each of you to think long and very hard, before letting the banks, their servicers, vendors, and lawyers off the hook.

I’ll come to see any of you and give any of you my deposition as well as access to whatever I possess in terms of evidence.  I would also suggest that you ask each bank you are investigating and law firm to preserve all evidence and provide to you everything they have in their possession that contains my name “Nye Lavalle” or “Aneurin Lavalle” or this email address that I have had since the mid-nineties.  I am also more than willing to take polygraph exams, should you find that necessary.

In essence, all I personally want is the real and true story told by a real and true investigation and the subsequent civil and criminal prosecution of those responsible for this nation’s morass.

I pray some, or all of you, will take me up on my offer.  Please feel free to call or email me at any time if I can be of assistance to you or any of your collective or respective investigations!

Nye Lavalle





16 Responses to “Nye Lavalle | Message to 50 Attorneys General – Important Evidence & Affidavit in Foreclosure Law Firm, Robo-Signing, & MBS Investigation”
  1. usjustice4all says:

    Why can’t it be added up in dollars and compared against the cost of war or any other “natural disaster”?? Bless all those who live in New Orleans, and absolutely no offense, but even as a comparison, that a natural disaster hit in an area that was not really meant to have the infrastructure that it does, we still consider that a disaster worth saving the people, right down to the homeless animals. It did not come together as it was really needed, but none the less attention was brought forth and people reached out and listened and helped. It was declared an issue and fixing it was simple and done. With this financial disaster upon the people, others turn their heads in disbelieve because it does not effect them directly. They think all this is the cost of progress. When it’s simply manipulation of our trust. A good book I read recently and donated to local school is “The Hunger Games”, It reminds me of where we are headed. I almost wonder if the “occupy’ or the hackers are government driven. Why take personal info when the ability to take the companies critical software down instead, making it hard for them to make money, not threaten the people. Little skeptical. But I am sure there is more news out there than I have seen, at least I am hoping it’s really the heart of the American spirit behind it.

  2. housemanrob says:

    Wow!….No wonder that they are afraid of you……Nye!

    • lvent says:

      Right on Rob..!!!!.Nye is waking up the people..and that is what they fear….that we will not play right into their dirty hands so they can keep playing dirty with some stupid fixes and fines for the biggest robbery of our wealth in the history of the world..They want no accountability for these crimes….that is why I love Elliot Spitzer who said that if the DOJ does not prosecute Goldman Sachs…then Holder should resign…..And I love Matt Taibi….THEY MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE OR THE TRUTH WILL NEVER BE REVEALED…THIS WAS A NWO HITLER PLAN AND OUR OWN GOVERNMENT WAS ALL IN ON IT….JUST LIKE ALL OF THE COVER UPS…….. 9/11, THE J.F.K ASSASSINATION…THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING TYRANNY..WATERGATE FORECLOSUREGATE…A COVER UP FOR THE..TRAITORS FROM WITHIN..Theives, that is all they are….sneaky criminals….

  3. Ron Moss says:

    My comments seem useless after reading Nye Lavalle,s work of art, and it just that an art form from the holy spirit. I have felt the same in my effort to clarify the name of Israel from the confusion of today, There are two Israels. One is the name of the people led ny Moses out of Egypt recorded in the Bible, twelve tribes, Judah, the tribe of the Septer, the Royal tribe as found in the England Royal lineage if King David, to King Richard on down to Jing James and King George the 6th the Father of our present Queen Elizabeth. Only to be confused with The name of a land in the middle east that has had that name since 1948. mention is found in the bible, and Martin Luther, writing in 1st John 2, 22 about the Jews, the Antichrist.

    • lvent says:

      The antichrist is in Rome…he is the anti-pope…Britain is just another puppet show..the British Monarchy are not running the world…Rome is…via many proxies.including the U.S. GOVERNMENT who are THE BIGGEST PLAYER HERE…..Know your enemies…they are hiding in plain sight.

      • lvent says:

        The 13 Illuminati bloodlines believe they are of alien origin and that is why they have a superiority complex..They think they are Gods…they think they are better than everyone else…

      • lvent says:

        Nye you are a true American Patriot! We cannot let these criminals be held unaccountable..That is what they want…Some fines and regs and business as usual…They think they are above the law and that no laws apply to them…Why? because these orders are coming from Sovereign Vatican City and they are conducting business under Roman Canon Law..Under the TEMPORAL POWER of the Pope….Not the U.S. CONSTITUTION and not the laws of this land….Who allows them to have that power…the traitors from within…WHY? The NEW WORLD ORDER has infiltrated and hijacked America and the world….Actions speak louder than words….Time to revolt on everything they are doing….Protesting is what they want…they want to crack skulls and cause a tipping point in order to declare Marshall Law….Stop cooperating people…Revolt on the mortgage, the property tax…the credit card bills, the credit and debit….All the precursor to the MARK OF THE BEAST…..THE MICROCHIP in the hand or forehead..During the last Great Depression our ancestors DEED THEIR HOMES TO EACH OTHER…SAY THEIR COUSIN….AND THEY REVOLTED ON THE PROPERTY TAXES IN COOK COUNTY…STOP FEEDING THE BEAST PEOPLE..STOP PLAYING INTO THEIR HANDS…ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS…..!

  4. woodknotgo says:

    Nye Lavalle-thank you-God Bless you-praying for your family-
    Can we all forward a copy of your letter to others ?
    Will it help if Pam Bondi gets thousands of copies of your letter ?
    Gov. RIck Scott should receive thousands of copies too !
    I will also send a copy to my local newspaper Editor-County Deed Recorder-everyone I can think of.
    President Obama -FAX 202-456-2461

  5. PJ says:

    I think the AGs should take him up on his offer because unless you have many years of research under your belt, there is no way that the AGs can even begin to uncover or even understand the magnitude of this crisis. I am a mustard seed here in North Carolina who put the truth before the honorable court here in Mecklenburg County and I have experienced first-hand what the writer of this letter is saying. All of the abuses, I believe bribes ect, of judges, lawyers threatened, computer hacked – has occured in my case when the truth of such fraudulent practices were exposed in my briefs in defense of foreclosure back in 2005- 2008 (illegal lis pendens) and is continuing. Now one judge has resigned. Lawyers like Max Gardner of Shelby NC, unfortunately only train other lawyers on how to defend their client’s rights. Training is one thing, but will lthey actually litigate for the little guy is another. This corruption is so bad that lawyers are afraid to practice for fear of the the banks even though the laws already exist for them to prosecute. I have been a lone ranger in North Carolina — asserting these same offenses — and no one seems to know what to do — I mean lawyers say to me — “you’re doing a good job” or “I don’t know of any lawyer who could have helped you more”. Those are nice words, but the lawyers I have spoken with never offer help or support because most of the ones who understand the problem do not want to jeapardize their relationships with the bank or because they are afraid of the bank or they are just plain ignorant. At least their was good news this week as it concerns the eligibility of 4.5 million homeowners having the chanse to have their fraudclosures reviewed by independent consultants, but be ware of the OCC who may have a hand in selecting these consultants. Thank you and keep the faith everybody.

  6. foreclosureweary says:

    WOW! GO NYE!

    Many of us have been sending the fraud to the attorney generals. Here’s how Dustin McDaniel, attorney general in Arkansas answered my letter showing 7 fraudulent documents and BOA lying on the deed. “BOA won’t agree to mediation, so there’s nothing to do and the case is closed”–That’s what the attorney generals are doing–NOTHING!


  7. COCO says:

    What a brave person you are for writing this article. I believe that every word that you have written is the truth abiut the fraud and criminal intent. I agree with you that there will be a civil uprising. It will be violent. People are tired of being duped. They have worked hard all of their lives and have had everything taken for them. I will be contacting you. I have a robo signer on my paperwork, a false loan modification and a bank that has no standing to foreclose as a result of the false assignment, The assignment was done months after the LIS PENDENS was issued. I also have a PSA that I am researching. I appreciate you.


    • lies is all they tell says:

      his letter is great but what is going to be done for the homeowners we are out her, we cant find jobs, we have the banks lieing to us stealing our homes. yet the fruad is known and out there nad nothing is being done??? wake up the judges . this is atricity after atrosicty

      • lvent says:

        lies, they want nothing to be done….they never want their perps to be held accountable because if they are held accountable criminally, that means that the truth will have to come out about ALL of the traitor politicians from within who are ALL IN with the NWO evil plans for a ONE WORLD FASCIST GLOBAL TYRANNY….The majority of the POLITICIANS, THE SUPREME COURT JUDGES…THE JUDGES, THE ATTORNEYS, THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM….. are hand in hand with Rome..The Vatican owns and are the World Bank, the Central Banks, the Federal Reserve and the Big Banks….they have hijacked the U.S. TREASURY and FORT KNOXX….ALL OF OUR GOLD….they are the U.N., the CFR, THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION, THE WTO, NAFTA, NATO AND ARE HIDDEN IN THE HIERARCHY OF EVERY NATION…… and it is the traitors in the U.S. GOVENMENT who helped institute this entire scam/scheme along side of them……this entire Hitler Planwas intended to steal everything from the people and then later when the people woke up and realized, we got robbed…they would offer STUPID… “fixes”for the problems they created which will allow more treason and fraud…..to continue the robbery of AMERICA…

      • lvent says:


  8. lies is all they tell says:

    ok then????????????

  9. pendinglawsuit says:



    Your email to the Attorney General states:

    This is a Consumer complaint against the business/company named below

    First Name: Barry
    Middle Initial: S
    Last Name: Fagan
    City: Malibu
    State: CA
    Zip: 90265

    Company Name: Wells Fargo Bank NA
    Company Address Line: 420 Montgomery Street
    Company Address Line 2:
    Company City: San Francisco
    Company State: CA
    Company Zip: 94104

    Comment Or Question Message: Please find links to my October 25, 2011 Second Supplemental Objection with supporting Expert Opinion Exhibits as filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. SC112044 concerning Document Fraud, Perjury, Loan Application Fraud by Wells Fargo Bank.







    Contained within those exhibits, are 3 different versions of an ORIGINAL Deed of Trust, along with multiple fraudulent loan applications.

    Exhibit A is the Deed of Trust as filed with the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorders Office, while Exhibit B and Exhibit C were provided by Wells Fargo Bank as alleged original documents. The magnified version of page 4 all clearly show variations of the same hand written number and is an indication that the original Exhibit A as recorded in the Los Angeles County Recorders Office has been altered since it was originally recorded.

    Page 4 has been altered and it does not take a document expert to see that the magnified version of these pages show completely different versions of the hand written number 4.

    Kindly review the additional exhibits to see that Wells Fargo Bank’s entire loan file is wrought with errors and inconsistencies and quite frankly fraud!

    The Law Offices of KUTAK ROCK LLP in Irvine California currently has possession of this altered document and I ask that your agency issue a subpoena for this document so that you can prove that it is indeed different from the original that was recorded and copied in the Los Angeles County Registrar Office.

    This is blatant fraud and our National banks are acting as if they are above the law and this case gives our law enforcement agencies an opportunity to prove just how much harm these banks are causing our economy.

    Thank you.

    Barry S. Fagan Esq.

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