Rachel Maddow | Beau Biden on MERS and Accountability of Mortgage Malfeasance



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  1. skyglazer says:

    Is anyone watching all of the lawsuits against the banks by the government now? They are always for the benefits of the govt and the investors, but they could not be filed, heard or won without the predatory false mortgages given to unsuspecting Americans who are not being even considered. We have to keep on truckin’ with this unconscionable govt. but they are moving in a direction to take all of the banks “gathered” monies from the homeowners. Perhaps it is like our courts now….just a game to them to take away everything from the low and middle class….again. Court cases certainly often have nothing to do with justice or law anymore.

  2. lvent says:

    Please read my comment above and please, don’t believe a word any of these politicians or so called law enforcement puppets do and say…They have no plans to hold any of these criminals accountable…What they want is a Global Governance of debt slaves..They expected the protests, everything that happens is part of their game plan…They know full well what they did was intentional and everything they do and say is planned that way..They want to declare a Global Marshall law as the next part of their plan and the Tobin Tax is part of their plan….The Tobin Tax is just another part of the plan to make it look like these crooks are being reigned in but it is all a puppet show…A way for the crooks to steal the wealth out of this country and send it to other countries….The best line of defense I believe is to revolt on everything…Mortgages, Property tax bills, stop paying and feeding this tyranny….Stop using their credit and debit…this has to be done indivisbly….All they want to do is crack skulls down at Occupy so they can piss off people and declare Marshall Law..RT news is reporting that now the soldiers are pissed….. Why not start making dates for revolts…? Why play into their hands….Our money talks…if they can’t steal it, they can’t do business…I give all of the protesters all of the credit but we are playing into their hands people….this is what they want…We want to do the opposite of what they want…..We want all of the traitor bastards held accountable…that is what we want..The next thing they will do is send the U.N. in here and then we will be under Marshall Law…WE NEED TO DO THIS QUIETLY AND STRATEGICALLY, LIKE WHAT THEY DID TO ALL OF US…..!

    • lvent says:

      I am sorry my comment ended up here, the next phase of their evil plan is four paragraphs down…Please spread this to everyone….They want debt slaves and no ownership by the people of anything of value…These people are evil, dirty crooks with a mission to destroy all personal wealth or the 99% and our National Sovereignty…

  3. lvent says:

    The Politicians will never admit to the massive fraud because to admit what WALL STREET did was a crime would be criminalizing the BIG PLAYERS and all of their minions and cohorts, who are the traitor politicians.. in this Globalist Hitler Plan….as Professor Manfred B. Steger of University of Illinois, explains in his book, Globalization……The World Bank and the IMF instituted this policy of integration and deregulation of their financial institutions way back in the early 1970’s, but it really went into full swing after the fall of the Soviet Union…This has little to do with supplying capital for productive investments. Most of the financial growth has occurred in the form of high risk hedge funds and other purely money-dealing currency and securities markets that trade claims to draw profits from future production…. This massive scheme has caused a massive derivatives black hole of debt by these financial institutions with nothing to back that up… A GLOBAL DEBT BOMB…WHY?… Because it was ALLOWED…INSTITUTED, IT WAS A PLAN…they were intentionally not controlled by regulation, in other words, allowed… these financial institutions owned by the World Bank, have created massive collateral fraud and a massive debt for these institutions and the World Bank TYRANNY fully intended to pawn it off on all of us…to level all nations into a one world global debt slave tyranny…….THIS WAS THE ENRON BUSINESS MODEL on STEROIDS…. Investors are being sold and betting on things that do not exist…..these WORLD BANK owned financial institutions have all been creating investments out of thin air, selling those investments around the Globe and GAMBLING OUT OF CONTROL..and getting filthy rich off of all of their fraud..and this has been going on for decades and it is still going on….This was never about greed…this was about the WORLD BANK using their financial institutions to create unsustainable debt for the 99%, in order to steal everything from the 99% and cause chaos and offer a fix for the problems they themselves have created allwith one main objective…. to usher in a NWO GLOBAL TOTALITARIAN TYRANNY and to destroy National Sovereignty…there weapon of choice THEIR MASSIVE DEBT BOMB…AND BIG LIES SUCH AS, AMERICA IS BROKE…THE PEOPLE BOUGHT HOMES THEY COULD NOT AFFORD…and they are also using strategic class warfare to bankrupt nations..all to force the 99% to pay off their UNSUSTAINABLE COLLATERAL DEBT FRAUD… That is why ALL of the politicians are saying basically the same thing, this was not neccessarily criminal…Just because a crime is allowed does not make the crime any less of a crime…BOTTOM LINE..This was a very evil plan…and they all new it was wrong and they all knew what they were doing and are all guilty….from the World Bank/U.N./VATICAN/NEW WORLD ORDER to their perps in the financial industry to the regulators and ratings agencies, but I still put the majority of the blame on… the traitor Politicians…

    • CaitlinO. says:

      I’m an Illini alum and had never heard of Steger so I looked him up. From Wikipedia:

      Manfred B. Steger is Professor of Global Studies and Director of the Globalism Research Centre at RMIT University in Australia. Steger’s research and teaching spans globalization, ideology, and non-violence.

      Steger’s won the 2003 Michael Harrington Award with his study on Globalism: The New Market Ideology (Rowman & Littelfield, 2002)

      • lvent says:


      • lvent says:

        Caitlin O. you should really get a copy of the book…it talks all about the NEW WORLD ORDER and all of their evil plans..It talks about how the U.S. GOVERNMENT is a key player in the NWO’s plans for global domination.HERE IS A VERY INTERESTING EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK: Unleashed on developing countries in the 1990’s, there was a set of NEOLIBERAL POLICIES often referred to as the “Washington Concensus” It was devised and codified by John Williamson, who was an IMF advisor in the 1970’s.The official purpose of the document was to reform the internal economic mechanisms of debtor countries in the developing world so that they would be in a better position to pay back debts they had incurred on them. In practice, however, the terms of the program spelled out a new form of colonialism.There are ten points to the Washington Consensus, as defined by Williamson,which required Governments to implement 10 structural adjustments. It is no coinicidence that this program is called the “Washington Consensus” for, from the outset, the United States has been the dominant power in the IMF and the World Bank…..their policies cause GREATER POVERTY FOR THE MASS MAJORITY OF PEOPLE….
        Now they are set to implement the next phase of what they describe as justice globalism. Justice Globalism entails both critical and constructive idealogical claims. At the core of its extensive critique of the five claims of market globalism one can find counterclaims alleging that the liberalization and global integration of free markets leads to greater social inequalities, environmental destruction, the escalation of global conflicts and violence, the weakening of participatory forms of democracy, the proliferation of self-interest and consumerism, and the further marginalization of the powerless around the world. Justice globalism translates the global imaginary into a concrete political program reflected in the following nine demands:
        1.) A global “Marshall Plan”
        2.) Levying of the so-called Tobin Tax; a tax on international financial transactions that would benfit the global South
        3.) Abolition of offshore financial centers that offer tax havens for wealthy individuals and corporations.
        4.) Implementation of stringent global environmental agreements.
        5.) Implementation of a more equitable global development agenda
        6.) Establishment of a new world development insitution financed largely by the global North through such measures as a financial transaction tax and administered largely by the global South.
        7.) Establishment of international labor protection standards, perhaps as clauses of a profoundly reformed WTO.
        8,) Greater transparency and accountability provided to citizens by national governments and international institutions.
        9.) Making all governance of globalization explicitly gender sensitive..

        Does not sound like America under the U.S. CONSTITUTION to me..it sounds like just what it is… TREASON…..WTF? WHO SAID WE THE PEOPLE WANTED ANY PART OF THIS BULLSHIT..? THROW THE TRAITOR POLITICIANS OUT AMERICA!!

      • lvent says:

        This is what they want…and this is why all of the UNIONS ARE DISAPEARING…F–K the NEW WORLD ORDER and their GLOBAL FASCIST TYRANNY!!!!

    • debi p says:

      Thanks for the rant it is about time. I am very thank full that others see the depth and dire situation we r facing. No one seems to get it or DO any thing about it. They r stealing homes and the homeowners LET them with the aid of a corrupt legal system. It is systemic and will only spread if not stopped. Are u going
      To sue anyone.?? I believe we have to come together and sue like bring the real theft and criminal fraud counts out by the masses. The true investors are the people not some fake trust they set up to rape with. And u r right– They will arrest us that’s the goal and detain us and take our information and freedom and money away. U have to sleigh it like a dragon and chop off the head. Then when u know its dead you go after the smaller dragons one by one. But at this pace we will all be living together with bars in between. Its time to take a stance and the biggest ones must go first. Congress is crooked to the core. They have a seperate oath for Gods sake! If fraud is okay we are all in serious trouble. To say the very least. They r posturing themselves now and making huge changes on every level — they r doctoring the property tax records now and making certain (fed up transactions) hidden from view. That’s interesting because they recently did this. Many times they are double paid and ultimately dbl sold.. Anyway Thanks for your depth of under standing and home work. I just pray u r utilizing all the knowledge. They can’t keep criminal fraud under wraps. It will all ways come back to haunt. It will breed more fraud and thieves and devil children from their spawning. It is sick and wrong and God must help us now. Greed kills in every instance. Well, Thanks again I vent. Hang in there and dig deep. The roots are forever growing. Debi. 5613899339.

  4. Wayne says:

    The State of Arizona isn’t doing a damn thing …. Bank of America has bailed the State out on their budget crisis and in return the State has not, will not do a damn thing. We the homeowners who “get it” know this and hope other States will bring all this out and eventually help the homeowners in this country as a whole not just in the State where they live. There are some states that take the blind eye to all of this and do nothing and the State of Arizona is one of them.

  5. housemanrob says:

    ………Tom Miller is working on it….hand to glove….wow, we are safe now. Bullshit!……Tom Miller sold us out…that’s a fact!

    • CaitlinO. says:

      Is AG Biden not aware that Tom Miller has failed to issue a single deposition in his ‘investigation’ and has not done any discovery at all in a year? Is he just trying to play nice with the other AGs?

      This confuses me.

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