Bob Vila | 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Foreclosed Home (HAHA)

Oh, Bob…

You left out sooooo many things…

Let’s chalk this one up to Saturday night humor, kinda, cause it really isn’t funny, but hey, how else do we cope…

His list, with my comments and links…

Be sure to check out the relevant link in each of the top ten “considerations.”

1. Invest in a home inspection

To look for any dead bodies…

2. Seek out information on the house’s history

He is not talking about a toxic title history, he is talking about the house history…

“The SPDS typically reveals any known material defects related to the property and provides the buyer with a historical perspective of the home, its maintenance, as well as any repairs or additions performed under the previous ownership,”

3. De-winterize the home

After the Jackbooted thugs trashed it out from the previous owners…

4. Check for plumbing problems

Or how about Sewer Service? Especially if you are DEAD…

5. Investigate mechanical, water-heating, and electrical systems

Cause there might some fish in the freezer…

6. Look for signs of deferred maintenance

Good one… Why? Well,  here we have a House Full of Rats & Bank Don’t Care…

7. Check for foundation cracks, roof, leaks and other exterior damage

Might want to look out for Bulldozers too…

8. Conduct a sewer scope

More sewer service… This time it was on a service member…

9. Resolve any liens

Now that’s funny…

10. Re-key all the locks

Cause if you don’t, they will…

And make sure you hire some high level security…

Welcome to (bank of) America

“They wore black shirts with images of handguns on the front and the word “Agent” emblazoned on the back, Kacie Justice said. Their truck was black with tinted windows. “It was just scary,” Justice said.”


You can check out Bob’s details here…

But I think I covered it the way it should of been…


7 Responses to “Bob Vila | 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Foreclosed Home (HAHA)”
  1. adownriverdiva says:

    We have been sold out in so many ways by so many who were supposed to be helping us.
    The biggest failure is our govt, HUD was supposed to be the watch dog, the protector of the homeowners.
    What happened?
    How is it that the banks managed to pull a fast one over on HUD?
    What am I talking about?
    When you get a FHA or VA loan, that loan is guaranteed by the govt, if you fail to pay up, the Feds pay the banks.
    When HUD or the VA pays the bank loan off, who now owns the house?
    HUD and the VA, right?
    So how is it that after getting the payment, HUD and the VA allows the banks to continue with the foreclosure and EVICTION!
    ONLY THE OWNER CAN EVICT, and the owner is now the govt! Not the banks!
    The next thing the bank does is list the house with a real estate broker and sell the house, THAT THEY NO LONGER OWN!
    And allow them to do this repeatedly with the same houses,over and over again.
    Is HUD and the VA complicit with the banks? Are they the silent partners in the destruction of our nation by allowing the banks to run amok?
    It’s bad enough that the govt lets the banks set the rules for foreclosures, turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to all the illegal actions by the banks and lenders.
    HUD and the VA sit back like cowards before a bully and do nothing.
    The same govt that could round up tens of thousands of Japanese Americans and send them all to concentration camps. The govt took their homes, their lands, their businesses, and their freedom away without trial or any evidence of any kind of wrong doing?
    The same govt that had no problem issuing demands of Eminent Domain and taking over whatever land for whatever purpose they had in mind! Same govt that gave away land that belonged to the American Indians by treaty, same govt that grabbed most of the land west of the Mississippi to hold in trust and refuse to allow anyone without some cash to buy a leasehold for oil drilling or mining, to live on that land.
    Since when do bank rules and regulations surpass govt law and legislation?
    President Obama let his advisors force the HAMP program on the people and still allowed the banks to screw over the people with the very program that was supposed to help!
    How could the best minds in govt not see that everything the banks were doing was illegal and unjust.
    When the banks say jump, the govt says how high?
    It’s all so wrong on so many levels!
    Massive fraud and theft is rampant and the only one who gets caught is Bernie Maddoff?
    And he’s not even a banker!
    Troops can be rallied to go overseas to stop injustice and tyranny but can’t gather two national guardsmen to stop bank thugs from breaking into homes and illegally evicting innocent citizens of our own nation?

    It ain’t over, wait until Occupy Wall st. grabs hold of the foreclosure fiasco and starts demanding that all foreclosed homes be returned to the rightful owners!

  2. Alina Virani says:

    Bob Vila is such a joke. I can’t believe anyone would take him seriously anymore. This is plain hilarious.

  3. Fury says:

    his jeans could be considered a crime…

  4. Fury says:

    pretty ballsy of bob vila to be doing a show about fraudclosure.

    i believe he had some lawsuits filed against him for some shoddy work.

  5. Beth A. says:

    He also forgot: Watch out for the real homeowner = who may win the home back because the bankster entity that foreclosed did not do so legally.

  6. talktotennessee says:

    He forgot: Check for concrete poured in plumbing, commodes. Copper wiring stripped from walls, ACs. etc. etc. Have seen it all appraising liquidated foreclosures. One house sprayed with graffiti on the brick with a few obscenities about the bank, light fixtures, fans, appliances, all stripped. .

  7. housemanrob says:

    Michael…….You left one out. If you smell smoke…….rrrruuuun!! Hilarious.

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