Dylan Ratigan | Delaware AG Beau Biden: Fighting Fraudclosure



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  1. For some reason A.G Rob McKenna filing the Washington V. RECONTRUST( WHICH IS BOA0 is not in the public eye at all. Washington State media was invited to a press conference of the A.G. and non showed up, the only video is private vodeo taken by mortgage protestors. Washington State is so corrupt. We have a real fight here like so many states. Rob McKenna void to be filing more complaints against more of the big banks, however I have not seen any more. It would be great support to have the media support our AG. This lack of media support is outragious and shows who owns our media in Washington state. Look up Washington State V. RECONTRUST(WHICH IS SOLEY OWNED BY BOA) Filed by AG Rob McKenna on the web. Bank of America’s RECONTRUST IS NOT IN COMPLIANCE WITH STATE LAW IN ANY STATE. Not a registered corp. with a local address nor phone for contact agent that is designated to accept legal process, , not licensed and owned by BOA, which it is not legal to be a foreclosing entity owned by the bank supposedly foreclosing. This is the same in every state, and the same goes for Chase Deutsche Bank Nat’ l Trust except it has an office on 60 Wall Street , New York, NY and no where-else in the U. S. Not in complaince with any of the 50 states law or the 53 President O’bama claims we have. HE HE! Did everyone see the Chase brief filed in the court that by Chase attorneys representing Chase., claims Chase “NEVER” assumed the mortgage, just servicing rights and is not a party of interest.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of caught this, however I am finding a bunch just finding this ourt.

    • Beth A. says:

      Missed the Chase filing — will have to look at that. About 1.5 years ago Chase filed foreclosure paperwork on us…wasn’t owner (slander of title) – just servicer. They went away. Even responded to QWR – with some really interesting results (even telling me that if I wanted to know who they assigned it to – I should check w/the county registrar). Seriously? Really? Yep, I’m sure because they don’t have a clue / record of this data. They securitized it – signed on as contracted servicer and then the file went where?

  2. Beth A. says:

    The MI AG sits on his hands.
    Someone buried a complaint against Trott & Trott (a seemlingly Teflon law firm with political ties).

    Finally, a citizen collected upwards of 40-50 robosigned documents and sent them to the AG’s office. A staff attorney was trying to figure out why a prior complaint file was closed.

    We suspect because the AG buried it. The AG’s office in MI has thus far ignored complaints about Trott & Trott and has thus far only started to investigate one other firm with a similar practice…..oh yeah, but that firm just had a huge fundraiser for the Secretary of State (at the law firm owner’s home). Can we get any slimier?

    The level of corruption in our state and federal government absolutely astounds.

  3. Ron Moss says:

    Dyland Ratigan with his heart in the right place lacks the knoweledge of the bankers setting people up with their preditory lending practices. While most borrowers trusted the bankers and got sucked in to a trap others os were just duped into thing we could afford the loan when in reality we were just being laughed at, so they could bid on our failure.

  4. indio007 says:

    This is not about registry fees. MERS is about bilking the IRS. The transfer of a capital asset is transferred/sold but never reported. No income tax is paid on this sale because it is MERS’s property.

  5. Karen Strugon says:

    I will email my AG in a state nearby DE. However, my AG is owned by the mobster rentiers of TBTF banks. My, what’s a citizen to do? Hand wring in the gutter, a path well traveled.

  6. XXXX says:

    Bravo Beau Biden may the AG follow quickly!!!
    I will be email my AG now

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