Happy Halloween | The Bail Out Thriller Video – It’s Midnight this Late October Night and Central Banksta Zombies Lurking in the Dark


(Michael Jackson’s Thriller)


It’s Midnight this late October night and

Central Banksta Zombies Lurking in the Dark.

Under The Moonlight,

You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart.

You Try To Scream,

But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It.

Markets Start To Freeze,

As Horror Looks You Right Between Your Day Trader Eyes,

Your Paralyzed

You Hear The Door Slam,

And Realize There’s Nowhere Left To Run.

You Feel The Cold Take Hold,

And Wonder If You’ll Ever See another Market Run

You Close Your Eyes,

And Hope That This Is Just Imagination,

But All The While,

You Hear The Grim Market Reaper

Creepin’ Up Behind

You’re Out Of Trading Time

They’re Out to Get You,

There’s Robot Trading Demons Closing In On Every Side.

They Will Possess You,

Unless You Change The Number On Your Skype.

Now Is the Time for You and Your Trading Bros to huddle Close Together

All Thru The Night,

It’ll Save You From The Terror On The Bloomberg Screen,

It’ll Make You See:

(narrated by Vincent Price)

Darkness Falls Across Obanksta Land,

The Asian Trading Day Is Close At Hand.

Bottom Feeders Crawl In Search Of Blood…

To Fraudclose on Your Neighborhood

And Whosoever Shall Be Found Without

The Soul For Economic Bust

Must Stand And Face The Hounds Of Subprime Hell,

And Rot Inside Lehman’s Bankrupt Shell.

The Foulest Stench Is In The Air

The Funk Of One Gazillion Bailout Bucks

And Short Selling Ghouls From Every Trading Room

Are Closing In To Seal Your Doom

And Though You Fight To Stay Alive

Your P&L Starts To Shiver

For No Banksta Schtupster Can Resist

The Evil Of The Bailout Thriller

‘Cause this Is Thriller,

TARP Bailout Thriller Night

and No-ones Gonna Save You from the Beast about to Strike.

You Know its Thriller,

TARP Bailout Thriller Night

You’re fighting for Your Monetary Life inside a Killer, Thriller.

Thriller, TARP Bailout Night

It can thrill you More Than Any Keynesian Ghoul Could ever try.

(Thriller, Bailout Night)

So Let Me Hold You Tight And Share A Killer, Chiller, Mega Fiscal Massacre
Thriller Here Tonight.

‘Cause this Is Thriller ,TARP Bailout Thriller night

It Will Thrill You More Than Any Kenynesian Ghoul Could ever dare try
Any Ghoul could ever Dare…




4 Responses to “Happy Halloween | The Bail Out Thriller Video – It’s Midnight this Late October Night and Central Banksta Zombies Lurking in the Dark”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    There is a paralell story to your creative holloween story. It is a similar lie we are confronted with today. especially in our government and double witness in Texas and maybe Madoff of New York City. And, that is the confusion between the two names of Israel. One is the people of the bible brought out of Egypt led by Moses a few years back, twelve tribes, and the other the land of the Israeli’s that has had that name since 1948. filled with Jews presently led by Netanyahu. Maybe it’s time to use our GPS and apply some DNA to see who really is behind the masks. When our Federal Government was established the signers did it on what was called the Article of Ratification, which said, something like.Done in convevtion this 1779 Year of our Lord and of the Independence the Twelfth. That seems to have dissapeared. So the Antichrist can swear to uphold that and defend it to some degree. There is in England and it’s neighbors the history of Israel especially the Royal tribe of Judah ans Joseph The kings of David, Richard, and King James on down to King George the 6th who was the father of the present Queen Elizabeth. While the other is mentioned in the Bible at 1st John 2, 22 The Antichrist. While a trip to Glastonbury reveals the history recorded of the twelve tribes thaat were led by Moses
    The people like Madoff. Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg, Pollard, etc can find justification in Matthew 27, 25 His blood be our hands, and our children. Those Jews ordained the lineage for years to come. Is the Mask off?

  2. lvent says:

    Oh yeah!..This is a brilliant piece of work.. They should all see this. They all do really take themselves way to seriously…. They should realize that no one believes any of them at all..!

  3. housemanrob says:

    ..a far greater nightmare than the regular Halloween stuff….

  4. XXXX says:

    great vid!!!! will have to watch again ( numerous times) after I send it to everybody I know and post on FB
    GREAT JOB!! Love the warren pic but she probably needs a bigger tool to work with :0)))
    on the mark top to bottom!!!! GREAT JOB!! So much truth here!!!

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