Trending Now | “Worlds Most Inappropriate Halloween Party” Steven J. Baum

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Twitter is calling it “the world’s most inappropriate Halloween party.” It’s the annual office party for a Buffalo, New

York-based law firm. The Steven J. Baum firm processes so many foreclosures that it’s nicknamed “the foreclosure factory.” Pictures that recently surfaced from last year’s Halloween party show the firm’s staffers dressed up as homeless people. One employee had a costume holding up a sign that read “3rd party squatter. I lost my home and I was never served.” The law firm doesn’t have the best record, either. It’s being investigated by the Justice Department and is the defendant in two class-action lawsuits. When contacted by the New York Times, the firm called the photos “another attempt by the New York Times to attack our firm and our work.” It did however apologize for the pictures. In a statement to Buffalo News, Steven J. Baum, the head of the firm said, “On behalf of the firm, I sincerely apologize for what happened last year at our Halloween party.” Still, on social media people are furious. One person said, “SCREW THESE 2 companies. Banks throw homeless themed costume party.” Others have called the photos “pathological,” “disgusting,” and “unbelievable.” One man simply tweeted, “Oh man, seriously???” But one comment under the New York Times article about the event tried to defend the firm, saying, “the photos are in bad taste but, as it was intended … as an inside joke, i think we need to keep things in context.” Do you think these Halloween costumes went too far, even though they were meant to be private? Tell us by “liking” our Facebook page and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.



4 Responses to “Trending Now | “Worlds Most Inappropriate Halloween Party” Steven J. Baum”
  1. Fury says:

    i hear that one of these heartless sub-human f/c mill workers has been outed on her facebook page as being one of the baum halloween ghouls..


    people must have accountability for their actions.

  2. Fury says:

    steven j. baum makes $200 million a year defrauding innocent families and stealing their homes.

    he needs to end up in prison like madoff. a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to sort out his mess and pay back his victims.

  3. chunga says:

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    I wish I had a better email aggress for Judge Schack.

    • Fury says:

      AG Schenneiderman can bring down steven j, baum, roskicki & rosicki and other bottom-feeder
      f/c mill attorneys.

      forget gov. cuomo. he is spineless.

      schneiderman has to even battle gov, cuomo who is buds w/ the creepazoid Fed
      public rep, Kathryn S. Wylde.

      cuomo also kiss-assed the f/c scum law firm/wiinemakers rosickis to get their campaign dollars.
      does it feel good , andy?
      i will NEVER vote for you again.

      utterly revolting.

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