Unemployed | Marshall Watson Law Office Cuts Staff, 20 to 30 Positions Eliminated

Marshall Watson law office cutting staff, focusing on compliance

The Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson, a Florida-based foreclosure law firm that paid $2 million to settle an attorney general investigation into the firm’s operational processes earlier this year, is laying off staff members and hiring new employees for its compliance division.

“To streamline our processes and minimize inefficiencies, the firm has had to eliminate temporary and overlapping positions,” according to a spokesperson for the firm. “We are, however, adding positions to our compliance department as part of our continuing commitment to providing quality service to our clients.”

Marshall Watson would not elaborate on how many positions were cut from the firm’s payroll. However, sources put the number somewhere around 20 to 30 positions.

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If any of you former employees want to chat about the inner workings of the firm, you can hit me up at michael@4closureFraud.org



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  1. J Alonzo says:

    No one charged criminally? Not one! The US is becoming a dictatorship. Picking cherries and prosecuting only the People or should I say the SHEEPLE! Give me a break both Democrats and Republicans are the same. Nothing will change until we make it change. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT! AUDIT THE FED!

  2. Readdocs says:

    Are the ones who jumped ship on the prosecutorial side to the Watson firm among
    the let go?

  3. DIANE says:

    Is Fannie Mae still using them????? When they fired Stern it cost the tax payers @ $5.5 Mil to transfer the files.
    Maybe they should check who they are hiring in the first place. Why are they willing to cut their fees?? Because they “get it done”.

  4. housemanrob says:

    They are probably preparing for the dark days and darker times ahead…..strangd how the market drops 300 pts…the day after Halloween…..Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm!

  5. …I have no involvment with this Watson…but it is stated that ‘ As part of the deal with the AG …Watson agreed to ensure the case file always has the original note OR a lost-note affidavit – as well as original mortgage OR a copy of recorded mortgage. ‘ ” OR is the key word “…..
    In otherwords…they don’t have shit to prove anything..so they covered their rear-ends by saying ” OR “….anyone can write up an affidavit and make copies of the recorded mortgage….of course they would not have the original note…it was destroyed….and any one can get a copy of the recorded mortgage…Pam Bondi only proves she is a traitor…and certainly not qualified to be an AG…..if she fell for this than she needs to be gone…out…unemployed…..If they don’t have the original note….and they don’t…..it was destroyed …the note was ‘ cashed ‘ ….another fraud. If she agreed to this deal…than she only proves she is a fraud also…..she wears a mask…….I really never read the whole issue with this Watson but today I read this……is she, Bondi , dumb or a sham….I say a sham. I know the rest on Bondi and the games she plays with the banksters….and so far I have seen no good…..What does it take to get rid of this dead weight…..it is no value to the people……..

    • see says:

      Marilyn, you have stated it correctly, the key word “OR”. Nothing will change at Watson because how easy is it to make up a lost-note affidavit? Business as usual.

      Also would like to state that Watson wants a “continuting commitment to provide quality service to their clients”. Translation: ” We are commited to continuing our quality service of stealing homes. Because without these fraudulent documents we would be screwed.”

      • SEE….Yes….they are getting rich off the affidavit of the lost note…..exactly….years back the bank held all notes in a very safe place…the vault….the banks ran business according to the rules and laws….this crime scene is a whole different ball game….a deliberate premediated crime to bring America down into ruins….they don’t have the notes…they destroyed them..to hide the fraud….so Bondi agrees that as long as an affidavit for the ‘ lost note ‘ is in file…that is ok…..WTF???
        It is NOT OK…..Florida law states this fact…..those affidavits are a complete fraud in itself….Bondi does not know the laws or Statues…..like I said…she is a fake sitting in Tallahassee….along with the rest of the fakes….birds of feathers flock together….

  6. Jen King says:

    While one door closes, another opens. Now is the time to come to the aid of the Foreclosure Fighters. Now hiring!

  7. Bobbi Swann says:

    Michael – I would not hold my breath waiting for the x-employees to toot their horn. They have probably been made to sign some sort of agreement or paid a hefty sum when they left to keep their mouths closed.

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