“Worst Person of the Week” | Keith Olbermann Wears Guy Fawkes Mask While Giving Out Steven J. Baum’s Address (MUST VIEW VIDEO)

Olbermann wears Guy Fawkes mask to report on foreclosure mill

Be sure to watch the entire video…

“Steven J. Baum of Buffalo, NY is the state’s largest foreclosure mill,”

“It represents banks and mortgage servicers in their efforts to foreclose on homeowners and throw them out. It has been accused of trickery to try to evict people with steady incomes who were up to date on their mortgages. So naturally for Halloween, Steven J. Baum encouraged its employees — all of whom, I assume live in terror of becoming the next victims of their scumbag bosses — to dress up for homeless people, carrying bottles of booze, wearing signs that mock the excuse of those that have been unfairly evicted.”

Olbermann asked as the camera revealed him a Guy Fawkes mask.

“So this is what they dress up as for Halloween? We’re going to play that game, are we?”

Fawkes is a historical figure that has been adopted as a symbol of the hacker activist group “Anonymous.” The mask has recently been a favorite of protesters across the world.

And just like Anonymous might do, Olbermann disclosed the physical addresses of Steven J. Baum offices in Amherst and Long Island.

“It’s a long game, Steven J. Baum, and there are many costumes to be worn,”

“Being a foreclosure mill law firm is bad enough, adding visual abuse of your victims on Halloween, poor choice.”



5 Responses to ““Worst Person of the Week” | Keith Olbermann Wears Guy Fawkes Mask While Giving Out Steven J. Baum’s Address (MUST VIEW VIDEO)”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    From so far away I do have some history in The Baum neighborhood. When my two boys that now skate for Disney on Ice were competing the year was 2000 we were sent to Arnstead ir something like that a few miles out of Bufaloe a four sheet ice arena my older son and his dance partner took 11th nationally out of 26 pairs. Today he is in Hershey Pennsylvania, with Disney.

  2. This video is great and we need more of them to continue exposing the crap of the Mills owners and the rest of the scumbags that think this is a fuuny criminal game to gain wealth…..they need to understand we don’t think there is any thing funny in their sick sense of humor….the game is over…done…..and now these bastards will walk in fear 24/7…..they also have put their employees in great danger …..served them the kool-aid to frazzle their minds all for the buck of a wage…to see families suffer for a crime they never did….we need to feel greatful for whoever gave the photos…it opened millions of eyes…so this Baum character now knows he may have to walk in fear and sleep with one eye open…not that anything will happen…but than again……we know who he is and where his offices are…..and no one knows what the other guy is thinking…..

  3. Fury says:

    steven j. baum=fraudster scumbag.


    eric schneiderman, please arrest this man and his employees.
    please stop all evictions and foreclosures that were procured by fraud by steven j. baum.

  4. Jen Quinn Realtor says:

    As a Realtor watching all these home owners illegally thrown out on the streets for the past 4 years, while the banksters and servicing companies lied to these home owners saying “Oh yea your good just keep sending in this $ amount per month and your going to be fine, long enough to collect from these home owners as much in pocket then pull the rug from under them and foreclose, while the courts allow this is a shock to what I once knew… These poor people /families /kids /animals thrown out of their home and lied to by these bastards!
    Their have been families who killed their entire family thinking their was no other way out, their were people who hung themselves or put the gun against their head and pulled the trigger!! THIS IS MURDER ON THE BANKSTERS AND ALL INVOLVED. They made these people feel worthless, as i said these BAstards.

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