Spooky Letter | Rep. Elijah Cummings Seeks Records and Documents Relating to Steven J. Baum’s Foreclosure Practices AND its Halloween Party


Cummings Requests Documents from Law Firm after Allegations of Foreclosure Abuse

Document Request Follows Disclosure of Foreclosure Party Photos

Washington, DC (Nov. 4, 2011) – Today, Ranking Member Elijah E. Cummings sent a letter to the law firm of Steven J. Baum requesting records, documents, and communications relating to allegations of improper and potentially illegal actions in the processing of foreclosures.

“Given that your firm represents some of the nation’s largest mortgage servicers,” Cummings wrote, “these revelations are disturbing.  If true, they demonstrate a culture of disdain for families suffering foreclosure and a disregard for the rule of law.”

Cummings has been investigating allegations of the firm’s misconduct since February.  His latest request follows a New York Times column revealing photographs from a Halloween party in 2010 during which employees dressed as homeless people.  According to a former employee, the photographs “showed an appalling lack of compassion toward the homeowners” and “are an accurate representation of the firm’s mind-set.”

The column also reported that the firm is “under investigation by the New York State Attorney General,” is a defendant in a class action suit claiming that the firm “consistently failed to file certain papers that are necessary to allow for a state-mandated settlement conference that can lead to modification,” and has been described by a New York State Supreme Court Judge as “operating in a parallel universe, unrelated to the real universe.”

On February 25, 2011, Cummings launched a major investigation of mortgage servicer abuses that included a request to the Inspector General of the Federal Housing Finance Agency to investigate allegations against this firm and others.

In his letter today, Cummings requested that the firm provide all documents relating to:

·    false or misleading foreclosure documents, “robo-signed” documents, or improper mortgage assignments;

·    attempts by the firm to foreclose on borrowers who were attempting to obtain, or who had obtained, loan modifications;

·    instances in which the firm illegally or improperly charged for foreclosure settlement conferences, overcharged on foreclosure fees, or attempted to persuade foreclosure defendants to waive their legal rights;

·    preparing for, carrying out, or communicating about the firm’s 2010 Halloween party; and

·    instances in which the firm compensated Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or a client for improper foreclosure practices.

SOURCE: http://democrats.oversight.house.gov/

Copy of letter below…





Cummings Requests Documents from Law Firm after Allegations of Foreclosure Abuse

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32 Responses to “Spooky Letter | Rep. Elijah Cummings Seeks Records and Documents Relating to Steven J. Baum’s Foreclosure Practices AND its Halloween Party”
  1. marilyn lane says:

    if you all wonder why food is getting so expensive I came across this.

    George Soros among others is buying up farm land that was selling for 1 or 2 thousand an acre
    for $6000. an acre.

    Why is this man being allowed to buy up our land? Ask Obama,, congress, and the legislators.
    Shouldn’t they be doing something about this?

  2. marilyn lane says:

    @ Ivent

    When you look at all the acquisitions of Chicago Title as well as Fidelitiy and all their
    entrys into all mortgage processing and propertys recording and then their merger ,
    prehaps we had a false sense of security for too many years about how Title Companies
    were protrecting our property rights.

    Just because they didn’t get caught before doesn’t mean they were doing fraudulent things.

  3. marilyn lane says:

    @ Ivent
    pull up Chicago Title and Trust history and see how they merged
    in 2000 with Fidelity National Title.

  4. marilyn lane says:

    @ Ivent

    I had posted before that I wrote a simple letter to William P Foley
    what went wrong at Fidelity that your NY attorney finds himself fighting for a forged deed?

    Fidelitys answer to me was “it is proper to fight”

    I knew then Foley had the qualities of a snake and that was before it was discovered that
    LPS Docx was producing all the forged and fraudulent documents. So anything they forge
    or alter doesn’t surprise me.

    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane, They were ALL in on the fraud otherwise they could have never pulled off the biggest Ponzi Scheme swindle and heist in history…The GSE’s used the banks to make the fraudulent inducements, A/K/A the mortgage contract and the title companies covered up the fraud that the banks were committing for the GSE’s…. to commit the Origination Fraud and cover that all up they needed the cooperation of the TITLE COMPANIES…….This all could have never been accomplished without the GOVERNMENT(S) and the POLITICIANS COLLUSION and many other agencies such as the REGULATORS and the SEC..as well as the RATINGS AGENCIES…The GSE’s and Wall Street were given an UNLIMITED U.S. taxpayer credit card to ring THEMSELVES UP exponentionally with MASSIVE debt….backed by ZERO and they made TRILLIONS off of this PONZI SCHEME….The removal of the protections that were put in place after the last Great Depression like Glass Steagall by THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION allowed WALL STREET to operate like a CASINO with our signatures.. The SEC removed the UPTICK RULE IN 2007 and that act allowed the INSIDER TRADING THAT INTENTIONALLY CRASHED THE STOCK MARKET IN 2008…THEY KNEW THIS HAD TO OCCUR WHEN WALL STREET AND THE GSE’S COULD NO LONGER PAY THEIR OVERLEVERAGED AND OVERSPECULATED DEBTS TO INVESTORS….THAT IS WHEN THEY STOLE EVERYTHING FROM ALL OF US..AND THAT ROBERRY CONTINUES……and then they turned around and blamed what they did on all of us..I blame the title companies the most….they actually are who recorded that altered and forged mortgage document and many other documents in my public records….and I believe they are who committed the forgeries after the closing…and if not, the alterations were apparent on the face of the recorded document…I showed the clerk at the recorders office the typos on the mortgage and he said sarcastically…OH, THAT’S NICE….The thing is, no matter who we pin the fraud on, and decide to sue for fraud and forgery, which is a CLASS 3 FELONY, PUNISHABLE UP TO 3-7 YEARS IN PRISON…..We are really sueing ALL OF THEM….I found out that CHASE owns CHICAGO T&T via proxy…they are all owned by one entity, THE WORLD BANK…so if we sue one, we sue the WORLD BANK and the IMF who are the biggest shareholders in the GSE’s…..and that is what needs to be done in order to punish this beast…This was a Hitler Plan to steal everything from all of us…these people are all evil to the core and need to be held accountable by WE THE PEOPLE…STARTING WITH THE TRAITOR POLITICIANS…THAT IS THE PERP WALK THAT I WANT TO SEE…

      • lvent says:


    • lvent says:


  5. lvent says:

    My local news reporting Ron Pauls wins the Straw Poll in Illinois…Time to request that amendment be passed into law by CONgress… that whoever wins the nomination…has to sign a contract with all of us…to uphold the .U.,S. Constiitution..and if Obama thinks he has a chance, he has to sign one too..We have all had enough ot being hoodwinked by all of these dirty bastards..They have ALL proved one thing, their word means nothing…

    • marilyn lane says:

      this info put out by Fidelity I had saved on my computer
      The Life of an Escrow
      The Buyer(s)
      Submit a written offer to purchase (or
      accepts the Seller’s counter-offer)
      accompanied by a good faith deposit
      Applies for a new loan, completing all
      required forms and often prepaying
      certain fees such as credit report and
      appraisal costs.
      Approves the preliminary report
      and any property disclosure, or
      inspection reports called for by the
      purchase and sale agreement (Deposit
      Approves and signs the escrow instructions,
      new loan documents and
      other related instruments, required to
      complete the transaction.
      Fulfills any remaining conditions
      specified in the contract, lender’s
      instructions and/or the escrow instructions.
      Approves any final changes by
      signing amendments to the escrow
      instructions or contract.
      The Lender
      Accepts the new loan application and
      other related documents from the
      borrower and begins the qualification
      Orders and reviews the property appraisal,
      credit report, verification of
      employment, verification of deposit,
      preliminary report and other related
      Submits the entire package to the
      loan committee and/or underwriters
      for approval. When approved,
      loan conditions and title insurance
      requirements are established.
      Informs borrower’s of loan approval,
      terms and commitment, expiration
      date, and provides a good faith estimate
      of the closing costs.
      Deposits the new loan documents and
      instructions with the escrow holder for
      borrower’s approval and signature.
      Reviews and approves the executed
      loan package and coordinates
      the loan funding with the Escrow
      Deposits sufficient funds in the
      escrow to pay the remaining down
      payment and closing costs.
      Fidelity National Title
      Examines the title to the real property
      and issues a preliminary title report.
      Determines the requirements and
      documents needed to complete the
      transaction and advises the Escrow
      Officer and/or agents.
      Reviews and approves the signed
      documents, releases and the order
      for title insurance, prior to the closing
      When authorized by the Escrow Officer,
      records the signed documents
      with the County Recorder’s office
      and prepares to issue the title insurance
      Fidelity National Title
      Receives an order for the title and
      escrow services for Fidelity National
      Orders the title search and examination
      on the subject property. Acts as
      the impartial “stakeholder” or depository,
      in fiduciary capacity, for all
      documents and monies required to
      complete the transaction, per written
      instructions from the principals.
      With authorization from the lender,
      agent or principal, orders demands
      on existing deeds of trust and liens
      or judgements, if any. For an assumption
      or subject to loan, orders
      the beneficiary’s statement or the
      formal assumption package.
      Reviews documents received in the
      escrow: Preliminary Title Report, payoff
      of assumption statements, new loan
      package, and other related instruments.
      Reviews the condition in the lender’s instructions,
      including the hazard and title
      insurance requirements.
      Prepares the escrow instruction and
      required documents, together with
      a preliminary estimate of settlement
      charges for the borrower in accordance
      with the terms of the sale.
      Presents the instructions, documents,
      statements, loan package
      and other related documents to the
      principal for approval.
      Reviews the signed instructions and
      documents, returns the loan package,
      and requests the lender’s funds.
      Receives the balance of funds required
      from the borrower and/or the
      proceeds of the loan from the lender.
      Determines when the transaction
      will be in the position to close and
      advises the parties involved.
      Assisted by title personnel, records
      the deed of trust and other documents
      required to complete the transaction
      with the County Recorder and
      orders the title insurance policies.
      Closes the escrow by preparing the final
      settlement statements, disbursing the
      proceeds to the seller, paying off the existing
      encumbrances and other obligations.
      Delivers the appropriate statements, funds
      and remaining documents to the principals
      and/or the lenders.
      The Escrow Officer
      The Seller(s)
      Accepts Buyer’s offer to purchase
      and initial good faith deposit to open
      Submits documents and information
      to the escrow holder, such as: addresses
      of lien holders, tax receipts,
      equipment warranties, home warranty
      contracts, any leases and/or
      rental agreements, etc.
      Orders inspections, receives clearances
      and approves final reports
      and/or repairs to the property as
      required by the terms of the purchase
      and sale agreement (Deposit
      Approves and signs the escrow
      instructions, payoff demands, grant
      deed and other related documents required
      to complete the transactions.
      Approves any final changes by signing
      amendments to the escrow instructions
      or contracts.
      The Life of an Escrow
      Buyer’s Guide
      Your Guide to Purchasing your Dream Home Title Insurance
      What is Title Insurance?
      Title insurance is a contract of indemnity which guarantees that the title to the property is as reported.
      If its not as reported, we will reimburse the buyers for actual loss or damage under the condition specified
      in the policy. The title policy covers the insured for their loss up the amount of the policy.
      Title insurance assures owners that they are acquiring marketable title. Title insurance is designed to
      eliminate risk or loss caused by defects in title from the past. Title insurance provides coverage only
      for title problems which were already in existence at the time the policy was issued.
      Title Search
      Fidelity National Title works to eliminate risks by performing a search of the public records or through
      our own title plant. The search consists of public records, laws and court decisions pertaining to the
      property to determine the current recorded ownership, any recorded liens or encumbrances or any
      other matters of record which could affect the title to the property. When a title search is complete,
      Fidelity National Title issues a preliminary title report detailing the current status of title.
      A preliminary report contains vital information which can affect the close of escrow: ownership of the
      subject property, how the current owners hold title, matters of record that specifically affect the subject
      property or the owners of the property, a legal description of the property and an informational plat
      What Does a Title Policy Cover?
      Not all risks can be determined by a title search, since certain things such as forgeries, identity of
      persons, incompetency, failure to comply with the law, or incapacity cannot be disclosed by an examination
      of the public records.
      The preliminary title report is an offer to insure under certain situations, the title policy is a contract that
      gives coverage against such problems.

      • marilyn lane says:

        I vent

        except Fidelity does not say how they add to the forged and fraudulent documents
        and how they file their fraudulent documents with the land registrys.

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane, they commit the fraud and the forgeries after the closing….I don’t know if you read my post…an attorney gave me a hint a while ago…he asked me, Who do you think altered this document? and I said I don’t know, he said….it wouldn’t be the title co? BINGO….he couldn’t come right out an tell me but I know it was them….my husband talked to the loan officer from our closing ;last nite who told him that there was NO NOTARY at the closing…the the ILLINOIS NOTARY who claims to have witnessed our signing is also the ESCROWEE from Chicago T&T….That is prohibited…and she has been the ESCROWEE since the ORIGINATION in 1992…her name is PATRICIA PICARD and she is on the HUD 1 settlement statement on )& refi and the day we closed on our home in 1992…I have proof she is the escrowee…I think this person could be a rob-signer….The escrowee is who records the mortgage at the recorders office and all of the important docs..I have a record of payment to two banks in 2007 when we refied… recorded by Patricia Picard ESCROWEE from Chicago Title…and a release to Public..who were the same parties as on the record of payment..CITI and Interstate Bank…We paid off that Interstate Bank loan in 2004…it was a $20,000 dollar business line of credit…they sold that off to WALL STREET TOO and did not release it until 2007!! I know I probably make this sound confusing but If Chicago T&T did not commit the fraud…the escrowee recorded an altered document that was clearly altered on its face…and if she was at the closing as she claims…and witnessed the signing..she knows it…And she cannot be an ESCROWEE for the title co. and an Illinois Notary…and Illinois Notary cannot be a party to a transaction….that is a criminal act…among many!

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane…BINGO!!

  6. marilyn lane says:

    I don’t even think Foley is living on his Grape Vineland in California
    I think he lives or moves around from unknown hideways

    As all of us and the occupiers get smarter and more insistent that swindlers get caught
    Foley does not have the security of knowing that he won’t eventually get arrested.

  7. marilyn lane says:

    You can’t tell me that only Massachusetts have Judges and Land Registrars
    that have common sense and understand the law.

    Something fraudulent has gone on all over the country
    all connected to Foley his frauds, his connection to the courts the land registrys
    and money.

    Get Foley investigated and indicted and it will all become clear what happened
    to our Nation. From his bio it looks like he started out a decent man but greed and
    power went to his head and pushed him downhill.

  8. marilyn lane says:

    Even Foley got scared about the noose getting closer and retired from all his positions at Fidelity
    and is trying to pursue his great interest in grapes .on his vinelands.

  9. marilyn lane says:

    You are right I vent William Foley should be in prison.

    He, his agents, his network of attorneys led to destroying this nation.
    with lies, phoney and forged documents.

    One of the places I looked up his bio is a NNDB map site and he
    contects himself well . He goes both ways. He connects to the Democratic Senate
    and the Republician camp, Bush Cheney, Romney etc. A lot of the above got
    money from him, that is why he is not in jail YET.

    While this country didn’t realize what fraud was going on money was changing hands
    Now that it has been exposed even those that want to come forward are afraid.

    Just like the Court are dealing with Judges that are thugs, those that can do something want to hide under a pillow. I really think that Chief NY Judge Jonathan Lippman is embarrassed by all the known fraud at the NY courts but he is afraid.

    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane…they are all dirty crooks…My husband just spoke with the loan officer who used to work for Amcore Bank who was at the closing…he told my husband, there was NO NOTARY THERE….and that he will swear to that under oath and he will also swear under oath that my husband signed his name in BLUE INK at the closing. They tried to enter the “origina”l note as evidence in the Plaintiff’s second amended complaint….Now I have proof of FORGERY….!

      • lvent says:

        May I add, the “original” note is in black ink…and my husband actually smudged his forged signature right in front of the bank attorney outside of the court room…..The bank attorney would not let us touch that note in front of the Judge…

  10. marilyn lane says:

    @ all
    The Title companies know how good title is when they do a title search.

    Title companies ask for a Statement of Information which includes a copy of your drivers license, passport social security etc , they look at all the Court Records so that the Title companies can put in their execptions in the Policy.

    So if fraud exists Mers, Nemo dat etc, the title companies are definitely a partner to it.

    To get this information they pay the courts. Definately a bias relationship when title attorneys are in the courts they pay. fighting against the true homeowners in all the cases of fraud going thru the courts.

    Money under the table steals possession of the properties very easily whether it be in NYSC with a corrupt judge or even in Housing Court now that we know money is paid to the court for information.


    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane. The title and trust companies know the title to the pretender lender is only good as long as they do not get caught aiding and abetting the banking drug cartel from committing massive fraud in our names…There needs to be criminal indictments dropped on the title and trust companies…..The ESCROWEE is who recorded fraudulent docs at my county recorders office…….. I have very strong reason to believe they altered and forged docs after the closing…..and therefore they are who is to blame for cloud on my title….Whose duty is it to perform the fiduiary duties for the Trust? In my case it is the ESCROWEE for Chicago Title and Trust….who also claims to be an Illinois Notary….It is a prohibited act…to witness loan docs if you are a party to a transaction…..Someone altered the mortgage and forged our names next to the alterations…THAT IS A FELONY…!…and I have very good reason to believe it was the title and trust company…and if it was not…the ESCROWEE had a duty to disclose that fraud to us and all parties to the transaction…..before recording that altered mortgage doc at the recorder of deeds office as a true document..if not that proves even if they did nothing else, they are complicate in the cover up….and are equally guilty of massive fraud and forgery and the destruction of the title to my home…..!

      • marilyn lane says:

        I am all for going after the Title Companies. They have instigated and produced all the fraudulent documents that the Banks and the Courts use to achieve the fraudulent foreclosures

        i too had Chicago Title. They are now a part of Fidelity National Title. So whatever fraud Chicago might have produced or missed producing, Fidelity will do.

        Asd far as I am concerned William P Foley CEO of Fidelity, chairman of LPS Docx has ruined more lives and stolen more properties anyone else.

        The more you look the more you see he has orchestrated this whole massive fraud..

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane, that Foley guy should be in prison by now…I agree, the title companies are filthy.. I was reading an article entitled the Principles of Escrow which states, …the escrowee for the title companies fiduciary duty consists of (1) the duty of loyalty, (2) the duty to make full disclosure, and (3) the duty to exercise a high deree of care to conserve the money and pay it only to those persons entitled to receive it. A fiduciary must act with utmost good faith and avoid any act of self-dealing that places his personal interest in conflict with his obligations to the beneficiaries… The title companies rely on the old principle that an escrow agent which fails to follow the escrow instructions breaches its contract, and the parties to the escrow may recover “all damages resulting from any deviation from the escrow instructions….The escrow agent has no fiduciary duties to third parties…An escrow agent must disclose changes to documents made by one of the parties, but does not have the duty to explain or provide legal advice as to the consequences of those changes. An escrow agent has a duty to make full disclosure. An escrow agent has a duty to disclose fraud committed by another party to the escrow “if the facts actually known to the escrow agent present substantial evidence of fraud. An escrow agent must not close its eyes in the face of known facts and console itself wtith the thought that no one has yet confessed fraud. Although not required to investigate, when the agent is aware of acts and circumstances that a reasonable escrow agent would perceive as evidence of fraud, then there is a duty to disclose.(Burkins v. Ticor Title Insurance Company of California)..We cannot condone an escrow agent’s silence when the agent is aware of facts indicating that fraud is being perpertrated on a party with whom the agent has and escrow relationship. When the escrow agent performs the escrow with such an awareness, the agent becomes, in effect, a participant in the fraud, and should, therefore, be liable to the defrauded party if the fraud is not disclosed…..An escrow agent owes a duty to disclose fraud only to parties to tho escrow relationship. Fiduciary duties arise as a matter of law, not contract.

  11. Ron Moss says:

    If this nation is to ever get back to trusting the bnkers it will tak someone like Ron Paul who you know will make the necessar changes to bring this about GMAC ceo says he won’t settle with the AGs if they want too much money. Where didhe get the money he is talking about. but if he wants to spend the rest of his life in jail where he brlongs. SO BE IT. In my own personel case where MortgageIT which was owned by GMAC committed fraud, preditory lending , lied on my application, changeing my pension from $935 a month to $6,900 a month after I had signed a blank IRS form to authorize them to check my former forms for where each year showed $935 a month pension since 1995. He, by association has become a criminal.

  12. marilyn lane says:

    @ all

    There is a new lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court 11112376 Whelan v. (chief Judge) Lippman.

    It is a landlord/tenant dispute BUT in that suit you find out CoreLogic, SafeRent etc pays $20,000 plus
    $350 a week to NY State Court for information about appearances in Housing Court. And that this type of deal
    going on in 30 other states.

    Apparently Judge Lippman doesn’t want to open up a can of worms of how the NY courts are really run.

    Follow the dots there is a nexus between CoreLogis, SafeRent , Fidelity National Title,
    Fidelity Info Services , the credit bureaus and the banks and courts.

    They are all trying their best not to upset the apple cart nor the hands that feed them.


  13. Hannah says:


  14. see says:

    My theory is that these big-time, low-life scumbag attorneys may never get what they deserve (on earth that is). Because if they were brought up on charges for their illegal foreclosures, then all the foreclosures that their grubby little hands touch would have to be void. These mills got a lot of money to get these foreclosures through. Can you imagine the cost of undoing what Stern, Baum and the others have done? Think about all the TBTF banks and what that would cause. It is much CHEAPER to protect the banks, their attorneys, foreclosure mills, than to do what is right. So they will screw the deadbeat homeowner because after all they lived rent free for many months in the homes they would not afford in the first place. As long as they can get poeple to believe this crap then all is well.

  15. Fury says:

    who on earth can stop this evil fraudster, steven j. baum????!!

    he breaks laws right and left, families are being thrown out of their homes due to his crimes and no one will stop the crook!



    • marilyn lane says:

      @ Fury

      Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman has the power to demand that the lower court judges obey Federal law and the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution and that the Judges protect our rights given to us in the 5th and 14th amendments.

      In Astoria Federal S & L Successor in Interest to Fidelity NY FSB v. Marilyn Lane, Judge Lippman had the perfect case to stop the fraud going on in the courts by issuing Notice to the Lower Courts ,that New York Court must abide by Federal Law and that the Judges uphold their oath to the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution .

      Even though Astoria Federal’s attorney admitted in NYSC that they auctioned off my two NYC condos without ever owning them, Judge Lippman ruled the lower court ruling was unconstitutional but then Judge Lippman would not hear the Judicial Review. A catch 22 situation.

      You would think Judge Lippman would say New York Court must obey the Nemo Dat rule as they have ruled in Massachusetts.

      So you wonder why the Banks , the Courts , and the Title Companies are stealing possession of our properties no one is stopping the fraud at the highest levels.

      Lippman has an office in NYC on Park Avenue – time tto Occupy.

  16. unclean hands says:

    is it just me, or does it seem like any questionable activity around wall st. or inside the beltway is ” Under Investigation”??

    $600M to $1.5B missing from MF Global?? Chump change I guess, hopefully someone will launch an investigation & get to the bottom of this..

    we are living in a disgusting period of history..

  17. Tbar says:

    Subject: Your Attorney General may be selling you out right now and giving the Banks Amnesty for their FRAUD. This one is important to sign and then to tweet and put up on your facebook…….read on…. BTW: Our Southern California Quiet Title attorney just won 2 quiet title cases by default and yesterday we pimp slapped Deutsche Banks attorneys in Fulton County Georgia into dismissing a foreclosure case on the day of the foreclosure by filing a TRO with a complete chain of title analysis showing that Deutsche DID NOT own the note…


    Reports are circulating that a settlement of the robo-signing case between the big Wall Street banks and the 50 state attorneys general will be announced as soon as NEXT WEEK. Early indications are that the settlement will amount to yet another UNCONSCIONABLE GIVEAWAY TO THE BANKS.

    The settlement will provide too little money to home owners, will require only trivial financial penalties for the banks, will not have sufficient enforcement mechanisms to ensure that the money banks ARE supposed to pay actually gets paid, and will distribute huge amounts of money to home owners who were NOT fraudulently foreclosed on, while falling far short of compensating victims for the actual losses they wrongly sustained.

    Worst, early reports indicate that the settlement will grant civil and/or criminal IMMUNITY to the Wall Street banks and their executives.

    So I signed a petition to Jack Conway, Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which says:

    “OPPOSE any settlement of the robo-signing case that provides civil or criminal immunity to banks or their executives AND create a program to help Kentucky home owners damaged by fraudulent bank processes to sue banks for full recovery of damages and punitive awards.”

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:



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