McDonald’s Job Applications Dumped On ‘Occupy’ Protesters By Chicago’s “We are the 1%”

These boys are gonna get themselves killed if they keep this up. Not by me, but by someone who has nothing else to lose…


McDonald’s Job Applications Dumped On ‘Occupy’ Protesters By Chicago Board Of Trade

On top of cold weather and logistical pains, “Occupy” protesters in Chicago last week dealt with an embarrassing stunt.

Dozens of photocopied McDonald’s job applications were reportedly thrown from the Chicago Board of Trade building and onto Occupy Chicago protestors earlier this week, according to Chicagoist (h/t Mediaite).

In April, McDonald’s announced plans to hire 50,000 new employees in a single day. The fast food giant was subsequently flooded with more than one million applications, a McDonald’s spokeswoman told HuffPost in April. As of October, there are officially 13.9 million unemployed people in America today.

Indeed, the incident isn’t the first conflict near the Chicago Board of Trade building since the beginning of the protests. Last month, the same floor’s windows had signs reading “WE ARE THE 1%” taped to them, a prelude to photocopies thrown from the same windows readingWE ARE THE 1% PAYING FOR THIS,” Chicagoist reports.


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13 Responses to “McDonald’s Job Applications Dumped On ‘Occupy’ Protesters By Chicago’s “We are the 1%””
  1. banksterslayer#301 says:

    Had so many suggest that these high school type j.o.b.s would solve the Problem(s0.Not above any type of work;just unrealistic to work 4 FT minimum wage positions IF I could get them.When it’s all said and done,it costs an inflated fortune to have even part of the basics now.Heat set@55.No money coming in meaning apply for gov assistance…aren’t they broke?Don’t have any resources left…scary times.


  2. talktotennessee says:

    Marilyn, Everywhere young people are moving ‘home.’ They can’t get and/or keep jobs. Not just teens or college age but married with their kids. Also the elderly are slipping into poverty in higher numbers too. Scary times and look to get worse before better.

    • lvent says:

      talktotennessee,Yes that is true…if the kids can land a job, they still cannot afford to live in the real world on what these jobs pay, it is too expensive… 2 of my adult sons had to move back home, one because we lost our family business, the other one had to quit college because we lost our family business..I have another 20 year old son at home who can not afford to go to college on a part time job, and a 16 yr old daughter still in high school…and we are fighting 2 fraudclosures, our home and our commercial property, which was our future retirement money…all of this happened because WELLS FARGO pulled our business line of credit and put us out of business in the fall of 08, and we could not pay the house mortgage ….and Cook County then doubled our property taxes on our commercial property…so even after we rented the property out, we could not afford the $2000.00 more a month out of nowhere increase in the property taxes…That is a clear cut explanation of how fascism destroyed us…

      • lvent says:

        I would like to add that they only destroyed us in that time frame…. we are Americans and we are fighting back..and we will never give up the fight to get back what they have stolen from us..!

  3. Renoira says:

    They should fill out the applications and go for interviews…what they will hear is “you are over qualified” (especially if you are older.) Call their bluff, these out-of-touch 1%. Fill out the apps and when you’re turned down for jobs (and you will be), go back to the 1% and tell them to hire you!

    • lvent says:

      Renoira, this is not a bluff…THIS IS A SLAP IN OUR FACES……in the REAL WORLD under these manufactured horrible economic conditions it would take 4 of these low paying jobs at full time and you probably would not even break even with paying the bills….When you have utility bills, insurance bills, car payments, doctor bills, a cell phone bill, property taxes, gas in the cars, rent, or a mortgage and mouths to feed this does not cut all..In this lousy economy, this job with the funny hat will buy you transportation to this shit job, a tent if you do not have a car to sleep in, and some food off of the dollar menu…

  4. CaitlinO says:

    ““Occupy” protesters in Chicago last week dealt with an embarrassing stunt.”

    Not embarrassing to the Occupiers; embarrassing to the out-of-touch, kleptocratic, criminal 1%ers who pulled the stunt.

    • CaitlinO…..What stunt happened in Chicago last week ? Somehow I never saw anything on it….course at times I am not home to check on the news and things slip by.

      • CaitlinO…I read your comment first and than went to read the article…and saw where they dropped the applications down on the people….rather gutsy I must say….karma may pay a visit to them….they may be acting brave …but they walk in fear….Occupy is not what they wanted…….

  5. talktotennessee says:

    This is good really! It angers and strengthens the intent of those protesting! Split-shift fast food jobs are more of a nuisance than an income, good only for high school students who can work 2-3 hours during the peak meal hours to have a little spending money and only then if folks drop them off at work. These days you can’t drive a car to a job for 3-4 hours and make it worthwhile unless it is near by.

    • talktotennessee says:

      McDonalds is hiring because people are eating off the $1 menu in desperation. It is cheaper than going to the grocery. The $ and thrift stores are thriving as long as the rich can buy and discard their clothes. The uptick in jobs with unemployment dip is seasonal. FedEx and many employers hire for the holiday mailing season. January everyone is laid off. I expect the first quarter to be particularly bad. Housing is so bad now that Realtors and appraisers are getting out. Self-employed we aren’t counted in unemployment figures anyway. With privilege tax, MLS, membership fees and insurances it cost more to stay in business than we are earning. Housing isn’t going to recover. Even the rental market is softening. People can’t afford to rent so they are doubling up everywhere. It will worsen when banks dump their shadow inventory on the market. In the end rioting may be the only answer.

      • talktotennessee…..That is exactly the way it is happening today….and come the first of the year it will get worse….anf the self-employed are hit really hard and yet it is not mentioned often enough. I am already focused on the doubling up…just in case it comes to that….I already have a daughter and grandaughter living with me and I will find room for the others…my home is not to is for shelter……and like you say..rioting may be the only answer. Hate to see it come to that….but when is enough enough…and the anger will be at it’s peak…

  6. lvent says:

    Unfortunately, the pay from McDonald’s jobs are not going to save us…

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