Faceoff: Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party Movement (Infographic)

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  1. CaitlinO says:

    Thankyou pccampbell for a thoughtful and well-reasond response. I agree with so much of what you are saying. I too saw a sea-change in moral norms in corporate America before I retired. Lack of full honesty to customers followed by betrayal of long-term commitments to employees which leads to eventual damage to investors and communities. It’s a slippery slope.

    I’ve seen posters, blog posts and interviews of OWS members trying to reach out to Tea Party and other groups. The original founder of the Tea Party wrote an editorial in praise of Occupy but, what remains of the original TP has now been so bought and sold by the Koch brothers and others that it’s completely co-opted. And, lets face it, the Koch bros will never support a group that wants to end corruption. Their business model depends on corruption.

  2. pcampbell says:

    Correction on my last paragraph: ” – the core is a morale issue dealing with our preoccupation with profit and the loss of caring for people.”

  3. pcampbell says:

    I agree; better to look at similarities rather than stereotype those different than ourselves.

    I consider myself conservative, very capitalistic, and have had four businesses. I’m 52, Christian, married 29 years and have two of three kids in college. I recently lost everything. We worked hard; gave it our all and lost….businesses, home, and then bankruptcy. I am the 99%.

    This moment has put its finger on the morally bankrupt corporate and commercial mindset of our country at large – those who value profit over people. Yes, we need to seek justice, yes we need end corruption, we need to establish transparency, and yes everyone needs to pay their fair-share. And, we need to humble the arrogant by moving our money and our buying power where it hurts those who refuse to do what’s in the best interest of their fellow man. Fight fire with fire.

    I believe Occupy Wall Street has cracked opened a tightly locked door of entitlement to those who arrogantly think they are better than everyone else solely and blindly based on profit and money alone. I believe the movement will eventually capture the hearts and minds of those afflicted Americans and peal back the rhetoric of our political “talking heads” so we can talk respectfully to those who think different than we do thus finding common ground for our common good.

    The greatest value of a corporation should be the customer, the worker, and the investor. I’ve been in corporate America all my working career and have watched the trends of greed, short-sighted and self-serving CEO’s (or shareholders), and a complete loss of focus on serving the best interest of the customer while pillaging profiting off the backs of the laborers. This economic tragedy has been coming for at least a couple decades, but it’s time to get a handle on it before we spin out of control and loose the power of the regular citizen and succumb to a new society of corporate slavery based on the benefit of a few elite…sending us back to the Middle Ages of Feudal Lords.

    This moment has absolutely touched the nerve of what’s wrong with our system as a whole – the core is a morale issue, our preoccupation with the loss of caring for people. The correction is justice with a moral imperative of people over profit, transparency, accountability, and renewed trust.

  4. better to focus on the similarities of the movements than their differences.

    • For Real says:

      Thank You Arek- Why does one group always have to distance themselves from the other ? Have they never heard of divide and conquer ? If things are as portrayed in the graphics , maybe the younger more educated can learn from the retiree’s real life experiences ? Just a thought …… Save your hatred for our common enemy , this is war and if we stick together we shall prevail . My $ .02 worth, but w/ QE 1 and 2 its only worth $ .01 now . Good Day

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Arek – I tried to communicate with the Tea Party on the similarities between Occupy and the Tea Party movements and ideals. Basically, I was told that Occupy was a bunch of immoral, hippies who wants a free ticket. And this was to the President of the Tea Party. I did send the email(s) to Lisa but for now I have given up on a tie between the two. I found in his reply to me to be totally out of context and in favor of the banks who in fact fund them for the most part.

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