C-SPAN | DE AG Beau Biden on Mortgage Crisis Investigation (VIDEO)



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  1. George Hoch says:

    The thing everyone in missing is THE BANKS R MERS & MERS IS THE BANK’S ……

    • talktotennessee says:

      George I don’t think it is being missed. MERS is a Trojan horse or shield with banks hiding inside.. Originally the servicer foreclosed at default but MERS was named as the foreclosing entity or at least the nominee of the initial originator assigning trustee status to the foreclosing agent/mill. This to legitimize MERS and allow them to front the foreclosure process as an independent entity with standing even though MERS never initiates the process. The servicer bank calls the shots. Neither really owns a piece of the pie. MERS as a shell may be funded, under the direction of a collective banking board. However, I read today that MERS now says it OWNs the promissory notes. If that is true, what does the investor own? If securitized, is the property just collateral to back the asset? If MERS is not an independent entity or construct they make a case for it. It seems judgment of some Courts is that taking down MERS for not complying with property law is chaos. So, by default MERS has become a monster, too big to fail. Courts, judges, no one wants to be a hero. To dismantle MERS could pull down the mortgage industry just on a point of law. So, hang the law, MERS is too big to fail?
      My two cents worth. . . .

  2. JS says:

    Beau is our hero !

    I do however have a couple of questions.

    First, why did he defend Eric Holder who has done ZERO to address massive bank fraud?

    Second, doesn’t Beau have any influence in Washington to muster up some support at a Federal level? He must know someone in Washington… perhaps someone in the Whitehouse.. where the Chief of Staff came directly from one of the most crooked banks in history, JPMorgan Chase, where he was the senior executive in charge of lobbying.

    Beau Biden and Eric Schneiderman SEEM to the only ones seriously standing up to this massive fraud, but we must keep their feet to the fire to insure their efforts don’t end up being much ado about nothing…except good politics.

    (Yes, after all thats happened in our once-great country, I am a skeptic! I can only hope that Beau Biden and Eric Schneiderman are still our heros at the end of the day.)

  3. kenneth council says:

    Biden is the next great American President.
    He is right on with the information.
    However, the judicial branch is the bank bones of big business—
    how in the hell is he going to break the Back?

    • talktotennessee says:

      It is hoped Biden is a true Hero intent on upholding the law and helping people in the process. So much corruption, self-serving agendas it seems we are lost in a maze of deception. I have become a skeptic. Biden’s dad may have influence in the quest. It would not be the first time strings were pulled behind the scenes would it? Of course Beau could find his way into the high office but he needs to earn his stripes to retain credibility. We all need a hero right now. I thought we had one in the White House but the bid to stay on board changes one’s focus it seems.

  4. indio007 says:

    It’s not property law they are trying to get around it is taxes.

    Are sales of property taxed? YES.

    If they are hidden within the MERS system and it appears on the record that no sale ever happened because MERS retains legal title , what you have are BILLIONS in property sales that go under he radar.

    Example, When a mortgage goes in to a MBS First there is a currency exchange of ready money (cash) for (time-money promissory note), then the Note is sold to the Depositor , then the Depositor sells the mortgages to the Trust in exchange for Certificates, then the Depositor sells the Certificates.

    Right there are 4 taxable transactions that the IRS doesn’t see. Now when you drag in MERS and you have sales of notes all over but the “owner” doesn’t change in any record you have more tax evasion.

    This was only a ridiculous tax evasion scheme.

    I have a work group report from the Clinton Era about the hazards of running a gov’t surplus. Te gov’t would no longer have to issue T-BONDS and would have to by hard assets or other countried debt in order to fund future pension/ssi and other payments.


    • talktotennessee says:

      Of course, you are correct, it is tax evasion on a grand scale! What I meant and did not express well is that law requires taxes on property title transfers and anything that circumvents that process is illegal. You called it like it is, tax evasion. However, if banks are liable for tax evasion and criminally charged it may still not invalidate an entity like MERS. MERS must be found to be an illegal construct designed to evade taxes in order to break the stranglehold banks have on homeowners and investors. Essential that MERS be discredited for what it is, a method of laundering their illegal activities.

  5. talktotennessee says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the NY Times article they talk about in the beginning? I could not locate in their online version.

  6. talktotennessee says:

    He is so correct! MERS is being fraudulently used by the banking industry to circumvent property law and is getting by with breaking the law and the courts are condoning it! The courts who have endorsed this deceptive practice that is illegal, criminally illegal. It is time to support Beaut Biden with this effort and hold up his arms to continue because he has the credentials, clout and potential support for his endeavors! He is so right! They KEY is to defeat and deconstruct MERS as the actual remedy for both homeowners and investors! MERS is the target folks! The general public does not KNOW any of this information about MERS unless personally involved.
    His description of modification practices by banks is absolutely correct!
    Honesty, this is what we need!!!!! Write him in support. He totally GETS IT!!

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