Elijah Cummings, the Homeowner Crusader

Elijah Cummings, the Homeowner Crusader

For President Barack Obama, fixing the collapsed housing market may be a part of political calculus, a key factor in winning a second term. For Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the fight to keep people in their homes and out of foreclosure is a personal mission.

“I feel it just sitting here and talking to you — it’s emotion,” Cummings told POLITICO in an interview last week. “When I walk out of my door every morning, five of 15 homes on the other side of the street are in foreclosure. … I see the devastation it brings on people every day.”

And it’s pain he knows first-hand. In 1997, just after Baltimore voters swept him into Congress, Cummings fell six months behind on his mortgage payments. Unless he came up with nearly $6,000 — and fast — the bank would take his home and kick him to the street.

Cummings made his payments and kept his home, and 14 years later, he was reluctant to talk with POLITICO about his brush with foreclosure. Yet, it’s clear the experience fuels his drive as ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to prevent others from experiencing the same fate, or worse — even if it means criticizing Obama, who, Cummings says, hasn’t attacked the problem with a sense of urgency.

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  1. Beth A. says:

    Several months ago I sent his office an email out of my appreciation for him. We need to stick together and let others know that we’re “with them”. He may be getting grief from those not so keen on dealing with these matters. So, important to give him some “props’.

  2. Fury says:

    i remember listening to rep. cummings during a press conference where he was talking about the foreclosure crisis.
    he struck me as being very real. he said that because he goes home every night to baltimore, his continuents approach him all of the time and ask for help. everywhere he goes— grocery shopping, etc— people
    tell him how much they are hurting.

    i am glad that he is working w/ susan chana lask to take down the f/c criminal, steven j. baum.


    • Fury says:

      typo corrected: constituents.

      there was another person from baltimore, a woman who was standing w/ him.
      i liked her as well. i think that when you grow up in tough areas, you are more apt
      to know when you are being conned. you also have compassion for people who are really trying hard to rise above poverty and the hard luck hand they have been dealt.

  3. Debbie says:

    Jack Kane,

    You have gotten to a part of the problem in Maryland, our Attorney General is extremely silent. However, when its election time he comes out and campaigns like there is no tomorrow. Another problem in Maryland are the judges who just refuse for the most part to apply the law. I love Maryland but I hate the way this problem has been handled. Cummings and O’Malley have worked on the problem. Our AG can forget about being reelected.

  4. lvent says:

    I am going to try and post a you tube video from another Homeowner Crusader, David Icke, who is telling people DO NOT COMPLY….Share and spread this with everyone that you can..People who are not in fraudclosure should see this video too, no one is safe! Many are just one job loss or paycheck away from all of us……This was a massive crime by Wall Street and there is still a massive cover-up going on by the POLITICIANS and LAW ENFORCEMENT…it is called FORECLOSUREGATE…THIS IS AN EVIL HITLER PLAN TO STEAL EVERYTHING..ALL OF THE ASSETS FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…..We need to rally the troops and call for a moratorium on foreclosures…If there are NO jobs, there should be NO foreclosures! Throw the WALL STREET crooks in prison…!
    David Icke Talks About Housing Foreclosures and What To Do About It:

  5. Igor says:

    If you think there is NO connection whatsoever between the bazaar and seemingly disconnected lack of interest in MERS, and mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud, etc on the part of certain officials (in the Southeast region serviced by the Atlanta Office of Loan guarantee) that should be the most ‘interested’ AND the case of the Atlanta VA Loan Guarantee office bank fraud, THINK AGAIN. The word ‘INTEREST’ is operative. IMHO

  6. Jack Kane says:

    Maryland is a state hard hit by financial terrorists, particularly in Cummings’ district. In wealthier areas of Maryland the so-called representatives are way too close to Banksters to even give a thought to fraud, criminality,
    and predatory lending. They should be thrown out of office. Speaking of the free state , wonder where the AG is?

  7. Ron Moss says:

    If he just lives up to his name. He is truthful and reliable Now if he can persuade Obama to be the same

  8. papergate says:

    Now this is a good man – someone to keep an eye on and when he needs our votes – he definitely has mine – too bad he’s not running. I hope he moves up in ranks and soon and takes his drive against this issue with him!

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