1. david says:

    You sir are AWESOME.Now lets all us homeowners and fraud era refi victims come together and change these scenarios from negative to positive by pure numbers and mass and let these public officials know that they work for us the people and we pay there salaries.

  2. Ron Moss says:

    Matt; You are very rare. Remember Randy Weaver and his treatment by the FBI? They took his wife out with a sniper while she was holding a baby in her arms. They still have their snipers available. The story about the big banks getting a bye for criminal fraud even when they stand convicted they will get out of Jail free with this card, they own the legislature. Christ is near, Matt. 15, 24, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel. ” There seems to be two Israel One led by Moses out of Egypt, while the present Israel is led by Netanyahu , the land of the Jews ,having that name since 1948,

  3. Paul Trinh says:

    I applause for your courage to stand up and speak out the truth about the frauds from these big banks and corporation that have been going on everyday of our life including the foreclosure fraud that need to be stop. We need more people like you to run for government office that would make this country a better place. Your story need to be heard and I want to make sure that more people will get a chance to listen to your story. We need you to do the same by letting all your associate attorneys to stand up and help our American citizen to keep fighting for our right.

    God bless you.

  4. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Spread this too…

    Matt You Rock!

  5. talktotennessee says:

    Posted on facebook! Put your opinion out there folks! Lets circle the wagons!

  6. talktotennessee says:

    Weidner is so on target. It is a ‘sham.’ Banks are operating illegally but there are no teeth in our laws. The idea that those unfortunate people in financial trouble are ‘fair game’ for banks or those in authority. We are helpless to counter bank actions. Fraud is everywhere! This is rampant in Memphis and many other places. As long as politicians are touting “reduce government” what is really being said is “:allow the banks and corporations to have absolute authority.
    Local Example: Memphis Chancery Court clerks are under indictment for skimming thousands/millions through real estate tax sales. They sold the properties of elderly and poor who could not pay property taxes, which are exorbitant anyway. (market value has dropped but assessed value has not followed) in a tax sale and the Clerks kept the money from the difference between property tax and what should go to the homeowner. I imagine when they look into the sales, which are selective, meaning from an value viewpoint, these sales were targeted to buyers who could make a profit off resale! The Court clerks were stealing the money that rightly should have gone to homeowners, after a tax bill was satisfied.. There is no public outcry at taking advantage of these poor people, sometimes elderly who had no mortgages on the properties so the tax bill may have been more than they could pay annually. Reassessment of taxes two years ago was based on normal sales of properties sold in the previous two years. You can figure out what the Assessor did here! Values were highly inflated and people had to go before the board of equalization to seriously challenge and then had to prove their claim based on ‘normal’ sales prices.

    I helped some challenge their tax assessed value as an appraiser. I did an appraisal yesterday with one normal sale of $50,000 on a zero-lot line house but there were 15 REO cash sales that ranged from single digits up to a high of $24,000. So what was the market here? There are not enough normal sales for a standard appraisal value based on normal arms-length sales, industry standard. Yet current ‘market value’ is predominantly the value r ange based on REO cash sales. Investors who are buying REO sales for cash, some in good condition, are cleaning up and remarketing to foreign buyers for cash or holding for the Section 8 rental subsidy program, which is rift with abuse. Investors also use them as collateral for more loans.

    Stop and think about this situation people, we are being scammed over and over again and most are unaware of it except banks and investors! I keep telling people that we in the industry KNOW what is going to happen when banks holding millions of houses in shadow inventory drop them on the market as REOs to liquidate to investors, foreign buyers. etc.

    NO ONE is paying attention in government to know what is happening now and what will happen. Frankly, my dear, they don’t give a – – – -!

    When we are helpless to get help, as Mr. Weidner, is saying, the banks, courts, corporations (EVERYONE) sees the homeowner as FAIR GAME! Afterall homeowners that have fallen on hardtimes, lost jobs, medical bills, deaths, are ALL DEADBEATS! RIGHT! You will hear that from the wealthy who are feeding off the scam!

    He is right about how to counter this. We have to get our message out on blogs, facebook, to friends, in media letters. Gather real stories about real people and tell them to anyone, everyone! The media loves the sob stories of injustice. There is little sympathy for those of us who “should have known better.”

    • lvent says:

      talktotennessee: I agree about the ongoing cover up for all of the fraud and criminal activity..I feel the reason why the U.S. Government is stymied is because they are all in on this…this is a vast conspiracy, no doubt the biggest in history…I do not believe for a minute that ANY, NOT ONE of these Politicians are in the dark about ANYTHING…THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT AND — USELESS…THAT IS THE PROBLEM…..The cover-up for all of this began on 9/11…The U.S. Government should walk away from the fraudclosures and give back the stolen homes or there is going to be a bloody revolution in this country….the likes of which have never been seen before in this country…The ruling elite declared this war on the American people on 9/11 in order to cover up for this Hitler Plan…There is clear and undeniable proof that this financial crisis was no accident…the real players here did not institute this plan because of monetary all…this was about NWO World Domination….and the traitors from within our own Government, THE POLITICIANS not only instituted this evil plan but allowed this..they real players are seeking first GLOBAL COMMUNISM and then GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM The US. GOVERNMENT is NEVER going to “fix” this as long as so many Americans are still complying and drinking the NWO kool-aid…..The American people have to unite nationwide and stop complying……..INDIVISIBLY….We need a nationwide mortgage revolt and property tax revolt…People really need to stop listening to the MSM media telling us who to vote for and what to believe….we need to stop voting for these crooked politicians who don’t give a F–K about us…at all. One nation under God…Indivisible _until there is_ Libery and Justice for ALL..

      • lvent says:

        I would just like to add that the reason the NWO got away with this evil plan in the first place was in part because of monetary greed by TRAITORS FROM WITHIN..and they are still getting away with it partly because of CORRUPTION: monetary greed by TRAITORS FROM WITHIN..HUSH MIONEY or other tricks…like they earn positions of high power at the AG’s and States Attorneys offices in exchange for the cover-up…..THEY ARE HIDDEN EVERYWHERE….THROUGHOUT OUR JUDICIAL AND GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES..The real players hiding behind the scenes…know the weakest link is usually always monetary gain and if that does not work….they blacmail you to destroy you in other ways…

  7. Jim Bethea says:

    This “Fictional Money” has only existed since the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve System…….The IRS was suspicously created in 1914 at the same time as the Fed Res….along wih personal income tax ~ There is no real money period ~~ The Fed Res has transerred and leased all of the American’s Gold and have always promoted their fiat money and fractioal lending scams to appease the people’s confidence in this worthless green stuff we use a money……..THE FEDAL RESERVE MUST BE ABOLISHED AND THE ROTHSCHILD ONWERSHIP IN THE US GOVERNMENT BE VOIDED ……………

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