Robo-Liking | BofA turns to Facebook to win back “Friends”

BofA turns to Facebook to win back public

COMMENTARY Bank of America has a reputation problem the way Bernie Madoff does, in the sense that the injury was entirely self-inflicted. Whether robosigning illegal or questionable mortgage foreclosures, performing so poorly that Warren Buffett dumped his holdings in the company in February (before recently investing $5 billion againin a deal too good to pass up), charging consumers a $5 monthly fee to use their debit cards, or turning to a hefty federal bailout to get themselves out of the trouble they themselves created, BofA should have found it difficult to make itself look worse.

However, difficult is not the same as impossible. BofA has decided to redeem itself through the power of Facebook. It has been running ads asking people to agree that “community is important in America.” However, the ads don’t show the name of the company, even though clicking like supports “an official Bank of America Facebook page.” Yup, BofA has just invented robo-liking.

Cause we said so

A blogger on Open Salon who calls himself tr ig noticed the ads last week. (Note, his post is not safe for work computer filters.) He doesn’t like BofA, calling the organization “notorious community killers themselves.

Notice that there’s no mention of Bank of America in the ad. Just a request to “like” the idea of community being important in this country. An action that translates into a like for the BofA Building Opportunity Facebook fan page. Not only is the bank trying to change public opinion, but it’s also trying to gain support for its marketing efforts without actually mentioning its own name. Maybe it’s afraid that a lot of people might not click like if they knew who was really behind it.

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  1. There is nothing these banks or Mit Romney can do to undo what they have done. Romney says let the deck of cards fall and go on with our lives. Is he kidding? And he wants to be president? He will find Americans count. He obviously does not think so and Americans will remember these words and he will be embarrassed by the votes he doe and does not recieve. Let the deck fall! Let the criminals do there thing and go on with life. Spread this word. all over facebook.

  2. Wondering says:

    I noticed all the ” feel good” TV commercials they have been flooding the airwaves with – makes me throw-up in my mouth a little -LOL . At least they have the money for that , that is probably why they laid off 30,000 people recently , so they could blitz the media and maybe a little extra for a Christmas bonus for the exec’s !!!

    • Fury says:

      when i see the BofA commercials for NYC, i feel like barfing too.

      sorry, BofA hucksters…
      pretty images cut to folk music can’t undo all the damage you have caused w/ your fraudclosure crimes.

    • This is Good! The bank is showing signs of distress and crying out for help! We should help them “[RIGHT OUT OF BUSINESS]” Then and only then will our neighborhoods be good and safe. Have a little community spirit and tell them to go to HE double L……..because we really do believe in our communties! I think we should all answer their cries for help. And send them thick heavy rocks in the postage free return mail, so they can pay a good price for our advertising ” Go to Hell Big Banks!!” They only have to pay the postage if the letters are returned and if they are thick and heavy they pay out more. Have a Great Day my American Brothers and Sisters (which do not include the banksters and their little grimlin helper elfs or is that ROBO’s!”

  3. lvent says:

    They buy their friends..

  4. Randolph (Randy) Frodsham says:

    How can we just Dislike?

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