MERS | Mortgage Registry Accused of Owing El Paso County Millions; Will County Sue? (VIDEO)

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Mortgage Registry Accused of Owing EP County Millions; Will County Sue?

EL PASO – Between record home foreclosures and devastating budget cuts, El Paso County has seen a rough couple of years recently. We usually think of these crises as separate, but some argue there’s a common link between these challenges, that lies with a company known as Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, or MERS.

El Paso County is in a foreclosure crisis. According to the real estate information company, CoreLogic, more than 5,000 homes have gone into foreclosure since the recession began in late 2007.

Attorney Richard Roman has represented dozens of homeowners in foreclosure cases; he argues the real problem is MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems).

“MERS has…single-handedly taken the American dream of home ownership and turned it into a nightmare,” said Roman.

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5 Responses to “MERS | Mortgage Registry Accused of Owing El Paso County Millions; Will County Sue? (VIDEO)”
  1. Readdocs says:

    A class action suit involving all Texas couties was filed several weeks ago against MERS.

  2. Biden is doing something, but the states should also sue Banks and MERS for Tax Evasion

  3. talktotennessee says:

    Public opinion against MERS is shaping and the name of the game is tax evasion. It just needs courage, talking up and pursuit. Biden is doing his part on TV, at least. Do municipalities have the courage to pursue what is legally due the cities, counties, states or will they just cave to the banks? Unusual that in the FL case, MERS postures that they “own” the note!
    You know it looks like a bandwagon is gathering steam and steamrollers are awfully hard to stop once they get rolling.
    Talk it up. .
    It could be our answer. . . .

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