Philly | $56 Million in “Misplaced” Funds from Sheriff Sales Legally Belong to Victimized Property Owners

“Misplaced” Funds From Sheriff’s Office Legally Belong to Victimized Property Owners

The mayor, sheriff and city controller have no right to give this money to the government

The news that nearly $56 million had been recovered from the bowels of the sheriff’s office’s sloppy bookkeeping was welcomed by government officials. However, the former owners of properties sold at sheriff sale—who are due much of that money—continue to be victimized by government ineptitude. City officials announced that the funds–including unclaimed proceeds of sheriff sales over the last dozen years when property sales generated more than the amounts owed for past-due mortgages, taxes, and utilities–would be transferred to the City’s General Fund and State Treasury.  But, that money was not just misplaced, it was misappropriated; taken from those who were lawfully due the funds.  Unless they act deliberately and quickly to return the money to the rightful recipients, the sheriff, controller and the mayor are working to benefit government balance sheets instead of helpless property owners.

State law governs what is to happen when properties are sold at sheriff sale to enforce judgments against property owners who owe back mortgage, tax, and utility payments. According to the law, after the sale the Sheriff is responsible to prepare a schedule of proposed distribution of the proceeds of the sale, which is to be kept on file and be available for inspection.  The sheriff is also legally required to distribute sale proceeds pursuant to the schedule of distribution to pay judgment debtors as well as sheriff’s costs. Proceeds of the sale in excess of those debts and administrative costs must legally be distributed to the former property owners.

Much of the $56 million in funds that are being transferred to the city and the state are actually owed to the former owners of properties that were lost in foreclosure or tax sales. While some property owners are undoubtedly hard to track down, many have been working for years to recover their money and should absolutely receive their payments before their money is given over to the government.

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  1. talktotennessee says:

    Not unique to Philly, this is going on in other places. Just hasn’t been caught. They caught the court clerk in Chancery Court in Memphis pocketing money from tax sales instead of satisfying the overdue tax and refunding the money to the homeowner who properly should have the overage, if any, from a tax sale. Not happening. Court employees keeping the money.
    Corruption is epidemic!

  2. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    sounds like TREASON to me!!!

  3. indio007 says:

    Welcome to the Kleptocracy

  4. lvent says:

    Lousy corrupt crooks…Corruption=Poverty for the 99%.

  5. The courts local government and all employees, volunteers, and contracted parties, all foreclosure attorneys,and all parties lacking standing and their employees, volunteers and contracted parties and all goverment officials, that do not up hold Constitutional law and deprive us all of our substantive due process and Constitutional law, and do not do their mandatory duties, and fudiciary duties and their honest service to protect us are all liable for wrongful foreclosures, police force abuse, and lost income, and equity and lost monies like this. The law suits will be on going for years. The public must make sure our Constitutional Rights are not taken from us. Please read the Constitution and substantive due process and due process and the Bill of rights and the Federalist. Inform yourself of your rights. And policy the government and the banks. Look up 18 USC 2,3, &4 and see the mandatory statutes for all the above officers of the court that include judges attorneys and police and that they are not immune to this, including our mayors, and city adn state government are not immune to liablity for allowing this and not protecting our rights.

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