Elizabeth Warren | Our First TV Ad Runs Tomorrow “Who I Am” (Sneak Peak Here)


Our television advertising starts tomorrow!

Since news of Karl Rove’s negative attacks hit last Wednesday, your fellow supporters across Massachusetts and across the country have already helped us raise more than $300,000 to fight back. But the anonymous Wall Street tycoons behind Rove’s ad buy have committed $600,000 to their attacks, and they’ll easily spend more.

With the help of friends like you, we can match them, dollar-for-dollar. With your help, we can set the record straight — and show Rove and his buddies that we’re not going to get pushed around.

As I’ve been traveling all across the commonwealth, I’ve been meeting people, introducing myself, and letting them know I understand the pressures on middle class families. Our first ad does the same. It tells my story of coming up the hard way in a middle class family that, like so many others, struggled to get by. I put my values right upfront and explain why I’m in this race.

With Karl Rove and his Wall Street buddies bankrolling ridiculous attack ads, it’s more important than ever that the people of Massachusetts know the facts about me and my fight for middle class families.

Together we can stand up to Karl Rove, the big banks, and the Wall Street lobbyists.

Thank you for being a part of this,

Elizabeth Warren

P.S. After you’ve watched the sneak preview of our new ad, please forward this email to all your friends & family so they can see our new ad too. I’m really proud of it, and I hope you like it too.




2 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren | Our First TV Ad Runs Tomorrow “Who I Am” (Sneak Peak Here)”
  1. Fury says:

    i feel bad for saying that warren was “too nice” when facing adversaries in washington.

    you know what? why shouldn’t people nice?
    why should we expect our elected officials to be a-holes!!!!???

    we should have a return to decency and morals.

    i admire eliz. warren. she surely made many people afraid in washington. even the idea that she wore a backpack to work made many jerks tremble.

    i hope she gets elected. i hope good people all across the nation displace the career politicians who
    serve the banks.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Agree and well said Fury. Too bad I don’t live in Mass or that we (Flori-duh) don’t have a gal like her running for election. Nope, all we have is a corrupt Governor, a paid-off AG and countless and worthless court personnel like judges, etc. that work hand in hand with police departments to further the corruption.


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