Newly Released Photo | Steven J. Baum Fraudclosure Factory “Will Work for Food! …Or a Pardon!!”

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“This looks like the beginning of a well-deserved end for Baum.  I’m pleased to have been the first attorney to file a federal action against him in 2010 spotlighting his foreclosure mill for a DOJ $2 Million Dollar fine and the AG continuing his investigation.   I am also proud to be cooperating with Representative Elijah Cummings to end a crisis that only bad attorneys perpetuate by doing bad things to people and in the courts with improper filings.

As for his demonic Halloween pictures, here’s a recent picture of me—I’m not dead yet, Baum.”

Susan Chana Lask Esq.


6 Responses to “Newly Released Photo | Steven J. Baum Fraudclosure Factory “Will Work for Food! …Or a Pardon!!””
  1. abs says:

    He doesn’t derserve to be buried. Alligators by the swamp will be a good idea.

  2. see says:

    Wonder if Baum, poor baby, has started to move his money and assets off shore? Life can’t be so rosy now that Freddie decided to drop of him. Susan we are ready for you to finish him off and bury him eyes and all.

  3. mario kenny says:

    “I’m not dead yet, Baum.” priceless

  4. Fury says:

    as they say, susan, i hope you dance on his grave…
    the death of his despicable lawless practice of throwing innocent, defrauded families out onto the street.

  5. XXXX says:

    Yes nice JOB and you did not cut his eyes out, how very gracious!! and might I say …very classy, Great job.

  6. David Robert says:

    Susan you are my kind of people. Makes ya wonder who they will make fun of next Hallowsween.

    NICE JOB !!!


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