Occupy Steven J. Baum | Occupy Buffalo is Taking its Show on the Road Today to Baum’s Amherst Offices

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Most recently, it’s been denounced for making fun of foreclosure victims, after photos emerged from the firm’s Halloween party last year, showing staff dressed up in costumes as debtors and, in one case, mocking a New York City attorney. The attorney, Susan Chana Lask, sued the firm in 2010 on behalf of a client, and then fought off a defamation suit from Baum.

“This looks like the beginning of a well-deserved end for Baum,” Lask said.

Meanwhile, local demonstrators want to turn up the heat on Baum. Occupy Buffalo is taking its show on the road Tuesday to Baum’s Amherst offices.The protest movement that has been holding court in a virtual tent city on Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo said it will bring its vigil to Baum’s doorstep, demanding accountability from the law firm and an investigation into the firm’s practices.

The group plans to demand that Baum write and publish a letter of apology in The Buffalo News, send a letter of apology to all foreclosure victims in 2010 and 2011, and impose a moratorium on all foreclosures, according to a press release announcing its plans.

It’s also calling on the New York State Bar Association, the trade group and standards-setting organization for attorneys, to conduct a “full investigation” into Baum.

The protest will be held at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Organizers are arranging a car pool for the 15 to 20 demonstrators that are expected to participate in the sidewalk protest on Sweet Home Road, near Baum’s Northpointe Parkway office.

“Stephen Baum’s unscrupulous business practices have caused unnecessary homelessness,” the group said in its release.

WHEN: 4PM Tuesday November 15th

WHERE: Sweet Home Road, near Baum’s Northpointe Parkway office.

Steven J. Baum, P.C.
Attn: Steven J. Baum P.C.
220 Northpointe Parkway
Suite G
Amherst, NY 14228

Tel: (716) 204–2400
Fax: (716) 204–4600

E-mail: Sbaum@mbaum.com or ccascino@mbaum.com



10 Responses to “Occupy Steven J. Baum | Occupy Buffalo is Taking its Show on the Road Today to Baum’s Amherst Offices”
  1. You're the problem says:

    Whats wrong with you people? What’s wrong with America that you no longer hold belief that if one works hard you can have anything? you’re not entitled to healthcare- work for it, you’re not entitled to have a job, a house, a car or even a license! – work for it! Why do you people constantly attack this employer. Have any of you any damn idea how many people he employes, Single moms, husbands, wives, college students, grandmas? Any idea how your selfish entitlist ramblings affect these people? No of course you don’t, because you don’t know the facts. Baum is a fair and good employer employing hundreds of people, not to mention all the vendors he uses to maintain his business. You self righteous small minded people want him shut down when it’s the banks and the government that are the real perpetrator of this whole mess the nation is in! Go after them don’t threaten or act against the people just doing their jobs per clients instructions. Baum nor any of his employees personally goes to remove people from their homes. With most laws now homeowners are given plenty opportunity to work out a modification to a home loan, most never ever bother to even send the initial paperwork, not to mention there are plenty of government organizations and other groups there to help also. So back off this employer and get a life and focus your “concernable anger” on the government from wence this all originated. Back off from the folks just trying to earn a paycheck, end your witch hunt. You people want jobs? – well that will be great when there’s 700 more people out of work!

    • Ulla Mae says:

      Are YOU kidding? Seriously..are you KIDDING? Your argument to lay off Baum and give his firm a free pass bc he employs people is warped, your logic is off the mark. Khadaffi employed people too….shold we have given him a free pass and ignore the lives he destroyed? The people employed by Baum were depicted in the pictures posted in the NYTimes and as the saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words. i am in the trenches day in and day out. I reported fraud committed by Baum employees in hundreds of cases you want to allow this fraud machine to continue to operate? To what end? And as for his so called Vendors..are you talking about LPS? Hello…the largest manufacturer of bogus robosigned documents was just indicted in NV. Baum is a LPS network firm. Baum needs to be dismantled and have no fear, there are many Baum wannabes in NY cirling like vultures to pick up where he left off….

  2. fury says:

    i hope someone posts a video link of the protest.

    a huge THANK YOU to Occupy Buffalo for protesting in front of this scumbag’s office.

  3. WakeUpAmerica! says:

    Ohhh, the irony of meeting on “Sweet Home Road” to protest against Steven J. Baum and his fraudclosure factory.

  4. Still there as of about two minutes ago, as my bus passed by. They look like they are going strong.

    • leapfrog says:

      I thought Fannie was kicking them to the curb too…Naked Capitalism has an article out about it. Hope they go the way of David J. Sterns.

      • Caroline Swanson says:

        I’m pretty sure Fannie is walking to help the homeless people, that they’ve helped create- this weekend, the 17th, in DC. So let’s go over some facts: Fannie/Treasury eject homeowners through robosigning, fraud, predatory lending, et al, confirming their participation in the greatest US fraud ever from start to finish.
        I suppose if I was looking for good paying work, I would probably help Fannie make people homeless, destroy peoples lives, destroy communities, lie, cheat, steal on a 24/7 basis, have politicians cover me, have the press confuse me, and keep the whole scam on the down low. But I’m not looking for this kind of work, I’ll leave it to hoods like Baum.

  5. Ron Moss says:

    Eric Scneiderman and Susan Lask have my congratulations for their dogged work on this issue. Unfortunately, My history in this neighbarhood goes back to 2000 when my son was a competitor at national level ice skating pairs which was held at Amerst Ice Arena He came out 11th from 26. He now skates for Disney on Ice.

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