OpEd | Steven J. Baum Weighs in After Uproar “There is blood on your hands for this one… I will never, ever forgive you for this.”

Baum Weighs In After Uproar


“Mr. Nocera — You have destroyed everything and everyone related to Steven J. Baum PC. It took 40 years to build this firm and three weeks to tear down.”

Thus began a lengthy e-mail that I received, on Thursday evening, from Steven J. Baum, the owner of his eponymous law firm, the largest “foreclosure mill” in New York State. Foreclosure mills, of course, are firms that represent banks and servicers trying to foreclose on the millions of homeowners who have defaulted since the housing bubble burst.

Baum was referring to a column I had written in late October after a former employee had sent me some photographs of the firm’s 2010 Halloween party. They showed employees wearing costumes that mocked people who had lost their homes; the ex-employee who forwarded the pictures had described them as “appalling.”

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Cry baby Baum…



23 Responses to “OpEd | Steven J. Baum Weighs in After Uproar “There is blood on your hands for this one… I will never, ever forgive you for this.””
  1. CaitlinOcgom says:

    Baum committed fraud and perjury to an unprecedented degree. He destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of his fellow Americans. It shouldn’t cost him his firm, it should cost him the rest of his life in a penitentiary.

  2. Fury says:

    steven j. baum and his hired lackey “attorneys du jour” did not operate in a vacuum.
    steven j. baum worked for the major banks. both he, his firm, his satellite companies and the plaintiffs which he represented committed massive fraud against homeowners.

    all of them must be held accountable and must pay back FULL RESTITUTION to their victims.

  3. Willam Mullen says:

    Baum really sounds angry, almost threatening, anyone notice? I mean listen to how he is snarling “There is blood on your hands writer!” Replace ‘writer’ with other words. If Baum had said “You’re dead to me Nocera!” it would have been a bit less subtle. But think for a minute ,this is the agressive/thug scumbag that Fanny decided to hire. What’s that say about Fanny?

  4. Ron Moss says:

    There seems to be some confusion with understanding the term, “Israel” the one is the name of the man Jacob after he toiled with Almighty God and his name was changed to Israel. And the people of Israel, 13 tribes were led by Moses out of the land of Egypt a few thousand years ago, Then there is the land of the Jews that has had that name since 1948 led by Netanyahu pretending to be remenant of that other Israel but are in fact mostly Kazar Jews from Russia but not blood relatives of Jacob, Maybe some DNA testing will become available to prove my point. But the Septer lineage of Judah is measurewd down through King David who’s throne is to be a perpetual throne and never want for a Royal decendant untill the return Of our King Jesus.
    which may not be too far away. But that lineage can be traced down through King Arthur and the round table, King Solomon, King James. King George the 6th and his daughter the present Queen Elizabeth.

  5. The average homeowner might as well pack it up, first the bank wins! even if you get a modification, God help you if another disaster happens. Most modifications will put it all at the back(that is at the highest rate of payment, includes all months that you have been late(of coarse you owe them, however if you look at how low the interest rates have been, had they given you an adjustment when needed, you most likely wouldn’t be in default, our poor payment status would not be reported consistently since you fell from their good graces? Trying to get a modification and then a shortsale, so far 2+ years waiting for short sell on current residence, they foreclosed on original residence, and third rental is in foreclosure; can;t keep up with all of this on reduction in income; a friend of mine intereviewed for a job, declined due to his late mortgage payment, didn;’t matter that he had 40 yrs of excellent credit and job history, all done by another lp firm, number ” we are just a number to those in charge of our lives; first the corporations that hire you, and now the banks?? and everyone wants to blame the banks?? who in the world approved splitting off our home loans and selling them for top dollar and then when everything went south, who got dumped on, they have ruined most persons life forever, if you are a senior who has acquired anything, their job is now too just take it away, and the lp servicers some are so incredibly rude, and the court sessions and lawsuits against the lp servicers, banks or whoever, is for show, so they get sued, big deal, have you seen any of that money come in from Countrywide?? and they are going after the little agent that followed their corporate order?? There has been some major crooks in this situation, but so far I haven;t seen anything being done, the innocent candidates seem to be the ones they continue to harass, no one said life was fair, guess it clearly isn’t. If you can afford to sue them God Bless you and I hope you win!

    • lvent says:

      ruth, they are all in the same cabal…the banks, the GSE’s and WALL STREET were their perps…they are all part of the evil empire including the politicians…it is called FASCISM…If you believe their lies, they have you…SCREW THE BANKS AND WALL STREET….AND THE POLITICIANS…THEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US…PEOPLE POWER…!.

  6. Angelo says:

    Somebody now needs to go and depose Elipniki Bechakas, she is the lawyer who work’s for Baum that signs all the assignments of mortgages for MERS. I think the AG and all the district attorney’s need to charge her with filing false and fraudulent documents with the courts.

    Maybe Baum and Stern can start new business.

  7. lvent says:

    These scum bum traitors to America don’t give a shit about us or their country….the country that their kids and grandkids are going to have to live in is no more than a WALL STREET SLAVE PLANTATION…THESE ATTORNEYS ARE NO MORE THAN SLAVES TO WALL STREET AND THEREFORE SLAVES TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER…INCLUDING THE TRAITOR POLITICIANS,……CNN today still insisting that WALL STREET debt is our responsibility……I saw Obamas comment at APAC about how Americans have gotten lazy over the last two decades in selling ourselves to the foreigners..SCREW OBAMA…CREATE BUSINESSES IN THIS COUNTRY FIRST, DON’T SEND OUR JOBS OVERSEAS…OBAMA IS A TRAITOR TO AMERICA!!..The ex- IMF jerk off with ears that was on the show suggested that WE THE PEOPLE should consider becoming SLAVES TO WALL STREETS DEBT AND WORK LONGER HOURS FOR SHIT PAY LIKE THEY DO IN CHINA…..HE SAID THE CHINESE PEOPLE ARE PROSPERING BEING SLAVES FOR THEIR FASICIST GOVERNMENT…….THROW ALL OF THE DIRTY BASTARD POLITICIANS OUT AMERICA…!!!!!! .I am going to try and post a very informative Alex Jones show were he interviews Fritz Springmeier who is a NWO whistleblower…No matter what you think of Alex Jones these are their evil plans and we need to just stop participating in this tyranny..CNN REPORTING THAT THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT TO THIS WALL STREET DEBT ENSLAVEMENT THAT THEY ARE SHOVING DOWN OUR THROATS…..BTW….THE EX-IMF JERK OFF SAID THAT IT WOULD BE OK WITH HIM TO EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS TO THE PEASANTS THAT THE CRIMINAL POLITICIANS AND WALL STREET HAVE CREATED…….WTF?

    • lvent says:

      Gotta watch this 3 part video interview folks…these dirty bastards need to be brought down….throw all of the politicians out…! Don’t vote the party line….

    • lies is all they tell says:

      @ i vent i am going to watch it thank you. it sad to have taken the “red or blu pill from the matrix??) on cspan the other night they were grilling the fannie mae and freeddie mac guys about bonuses. liars complete liars. my husband watched it with me can you beleive it!!! i think he is waking up.
      have you watched the zeigiseist addenedum yet?

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EewGMBOB4Gg long but worth it

      and google birth certificate/ federal reserve bank

      • lvent says:

        How about it marilyn!…these sickos are way out of control…The worst thing we can do is keep playing their game…Fear, deception, lies and mind control is the name of their game.

  8. Beth A. says:

    He is a corrupt S.O.B., to be sure – but he’s also nuttier than the fruitcake I hope not to receive this year.

    Happy early Thanksgiving to all!


  9. Whats with these cry babie. Boo hoo! They are stealing the wealth and our homes and they are accountable for what they have done and this outragious party displaying they have disregard for humanity and blame others for exposing them. They are accountable for what they have been caught at . No body is responsible for his companies demise except him. Bravo for the just exposure! No body is ready to console this advocate of the devi. He is gettting what he deserves and not enough of it yet as far as I am concerned, and every employee whom thought this was something to dispay in a party should look at 42USC1983; you are all liable even to possible individual claimes for this unconscionalbe act. May your homes and incomes are next. Then the party will be on us and not your party.

    • How can this man not see blood all over his hands? It is beside me. I now narcistic people only think of themselves, but this is shocking as well. Suicides, families living in cars and on the streets and in family and friends garages and he has no concions of accountability for this, puts on a party and dispays his damable disregard for American families. And Look a BOA adds they are so friendly, like the Big Bad Wolff trying to lure the wakened back into their den. America is waking up and their invisible cloak is no longer invisible and we the 99% and proud of it , will prevail. Only a fool would trust them ever again.

  10. Fury says:

    baum is such a dope that he doesn’t even realize the irony of his statement about the writer destroying what baum had spent 40 years building.

    doesn’t baum understand that HE has destroyed everything that the homeowners he has defrauded worked for their whole lives?

    blood on the writer’s hands?
    no. the writer deserves praise for exposing the baum blood money fraudclosure factory


  11. Franz Gerting says:

    sorry Bum, there is blood on your hands. You think homeowners are going to ever forgive your efforts? If the fight were fair, you’d be the one on the street.

  12. Ron Moss says:

    So Joe is bad fore turning in Jesse James after the Train robbery. James killed how many homeowners who had worked for their homes but got caught in a banking economy thoughtout and executed by Mafia style theives who had invaded our nation back in 1913, (Read The Creature from Jekyll Island by Griffin). and Report by McFarland and Andrew Jackson’s premonition for the banks, If the American people extenduate the present system or ever consider establishing another like it, back in 1835 when he paid off the national debt, Sorry about that Joe. Vote Ron Paul he knows where James was buried.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      @ron also see the zeigiest addendum on you tube and also google birthcertificates/federal reserve this will make you vomit and please pass it on the revolution has begu i found out from a aushvist survivor the reason my people the jews didnt fight back hitler was because most were religious and they prayed. we are slave/indentured servants of the usa . it is our working life contribution that funds the federal reserve

  13. julio antonio garcia says:

    steven j. baum p.c. what a corporate example you are to my grandchildren you belong in a third wold contry and its jails.may god forgive you and your company . we wont.

  14. Franz Gerting says:

    Oh wait, he’s probably sure he’s doing God’s work.

    • see says:

      Yes, I believe that he thinks he is doing God’s work in a sick, perverse way. He is now in the denial stage that the firm of 40 years will soon see its demise. He will never forgive Mr. Norcera. What the hell is that all about? He’s getting a taste of what it is like to see your whole world fall apart, and he can’t deal with it. The firm must not have been that solid if in 3 weeks they were taken down after 40 years. Could it be the greed that caused his own self-destruction of his father’s firm? This man is sick sick sick and thinking he has done nothing wrong and blaming others will only make him sicker. Steve Baum this could not have happened to a nicer person than you. Don’t expect tears from me.

  15. Franz Gerting says:

    Baum is just regretting his choice of being a big corporate douche bag. Too bad, it’s never too late to start over, clean slate, fresh start..kinda like bankruptcy.

    • Fury says:

      baum could start by stopping all foreclosures, evictions, and pay back the money he has stolen from
      the homeowners he ripped off w/ his false court filings.

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