UPDATE | Miriam Mendieta of Foreclosure Review Services (FRS) is NOT Leading the Review of 4.5 Million Fraudclosures

As promised to Jonathan Broder, founder of Foreclosure Review Services (FRS), MyMotionCalendar.com, a coverage and contract attorney company that cover hearings, mediations, depositions, and provide substantive legal work to law firms, Strategic Professional Staffing, a staffing and recruiting firm and StatewideMediations.com which provides mediators and facilities nationwide, I wanted to let everyone know he sent me an email last night with a message to convey.

The email was in response to my posting of OUTRAGEOUS | Miriam Mendieta, Esq., Former Managing Partner of David J. Stern’s Fraud Factory to Lead Review of 4.5 Million Foreclosure Cases…


Foreclosure Review Services (FRS), Industry Veterans to Lead Review of 4.5 Million Foreclosure Cases

FRS’s Director of Operations and Training, Miriam Mendieta, Esq.,is a nationally recognized industry expert with over 15 years of hands-on experience. Miriam served as the managing attorney for one of the largest creditor’s rights firms in the country where she was responsible for the oversight of all the aspects of foreclosure and bankruptcy related services.

His email and my response…

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 6:01 PM
To: Michael@4closureFraud.org
Subject: Miriam Mendieta

Please note Miriam Mendieta is NOT leading the review of 4.5 million review cases. The headline was not crafted as it should be. The press release was an accouncement for the company offering its services. I’m sure your readers will appreciate the distinction.


Jonathan Broder
20900 NE 30th Avenue, 8th Floor
Miami, FL  33180

My Response…

—–Original Message—–
From: Michael Redman [mailto:michael@4closurefraud.org] Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 6:39 PM
Subject: RE: Miriam Mendieta

Thanks for the info Jonathan. I will update my post to let my readers know your press release headline was not crafted as it should have been and was misleading, “Industry Veterans to Lead Review of 4.5 Million Foreclosure Cases.”  Regardless, I and my readers believe it is a conflict of interest to be using a former Stern executive as FRS’ Director of Operations and Training in a process that reviews fraud perpetrated by the banks and their attorney’s.

If and when your company does contract to review fraudclosure files, we will run the story again and share it with our media contacts nationwide to make sure everyone is clear on the matter.

Good luck with your new company.

We will be watching…


 So, as you can see, their press release was only an announcement for the company offering its services and they do not have a contract as of yet…

But when and if they do, we will be on it.

More from the Palm Beach Post…

“Office of the Comptroller of the Currency spokesman Bryan Hubbard confirmed that Foreclosure Review Services had not, as of Monday, been hired as a subcontractor.

“We review law firms and subcontractors to ensure there is not a conflict of interest related to existing tasks or future work.”

Its registered agent and CEO, Jonathan Broder, said Monday he needed to review concerns raised on homeowner advocate blogs before he could comment.”


Former Stern executive oversees South Florida firm looking for foreclosure flaws

by Kim Miller

Foreclosure Review Services, a new company advertising its readiness to search for flaws in foreclosure cases, is being overseen by former Law Offices of David J. Stern executive Miriam Mendieta.

Mendieta, who the Florida Bar said today is under investigation for at least one foreclosure-related complaint, is named as the director of operations and training in a marketing press release for Foreclosure Rescue Services, or FRS.

The Florida Bar says Mendieta changed her address to Stern’s Plantation-based office in April 2008, indicating that’s when she started there.

She is described in a Forbes online bio as “responsible for the oversight of all aspects of foreclosure and bankruptcy related legal services, and for supervising the lawyers at DJS (David J. Stern) providing foreclosure and bankruptcy legal services.”

Stern’s firm, once considered the largest so-called “foreclosure mill” in the state, closed in March after allegations of document wrongdoing surfaced in an attorney general’s investigation. The Plantation-based firm was fired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac last fall following the robo-signing scandal that brought foreclosure proceedings to a near standstill.

Rest here…

So it appears that this is another attempt of the fox guarding the hen house…

Too bad they wouldn’t let me review the files…

We will keep you posted on this one…



2 Responses to “UPDATE | Miriam Mendieta of Foreclosure Review Services (FRS) is NOT Leading the Review of 4.5 Million Fraudclosures”
  1. Michael Olenick says:

    … leading to the inevitable question of who is reviewing the loan files. Why hasn’t the OCC disclosed every contractor and subcontractor, to make sure people (using the term loosely) like Mendieta aren’t involved?

    Their headline was absolutely misleading; bad on its own, but especially bad for a fraud auditing firm. Further, they’re still obviously trying to drum-up OCC fraud review work by using Mendieta as the lead lawyer. Why didn’t Jon announce he messed-up by even suggesting Mendieta was qualified to review files for fraud, and that she’s left his company?

    Way more disclosure is needed on the part of the OCC regarding this program.

  2. TheHutMaster says:

    FRS sounds like just another scumbag company promising honest help but instead is part of the FRAUD.

    Miriam Mendieta should be taken out with the same trash bag as Stern and Baum.

    “Fight The Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day!

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